Ellie's World 2000


April 2000

The Spaces Between

As we travel together - you and I - through our spiritual journey into awareness - we become more enlightened especially about the heart chakra. "Why the heart chakra?" you ask. The heart chakra is the seat of the soul. To evolve you must move into the heart and see beyond that which is your everday reality. The lessons about healing are only needed to heal the emotional baggage the heart chakra holds onto in its journey in the 3D emotional realms. Once those lessons are released one can move into the heart and higher realities of existence that we all connect to on a mutidimension level.

There are those spaces - between the cracks - in our daily lives - that are realities in and by themselves - that wait for you to see them with clarity and understanding. Though some of us have a long journey to see between the cracks of reality - many of us find our answers at a young age.

Sunday night's journey on the 'X-Files' was a trip into the heart for our left-brain Dana Scully. If you understand the esoteric - you were in awareness that the storyline was filled with synchronicities and themes borrowed from esoteric teachings.

Forced to address her issues of the heart, when her former mentor and lover accidentally comes back into her life - we got to see the side of Scully that can love a man. Perhaps the experiences she had with him long ago - wherein they couldn't be together as he was married - were part of her closing the heart chakra and burying herself in her work.

There were so many metaphysical themes covered in the storyline - I quickly realized there was something for everyone. In terms of the heart chakra - it was addressed in many ways most of which linked back to her and Mulder. The opening scene left one to wonder if they had spend the night together - at last - but we know the thining of TV writers - they will save that a bit more.

Dana uses her left brain Western medical background to help save her doctor friend, Daniel, who has a heart problem. He is considerably older than she - yet the chemistry worked. Western medicine - and all of Dana's efforts leave Daniel in a coma. She has no recourse but to seek answers in another way. The name Daniel linked for me with the 'Lion' - Sphinx - crown chakra.

Mulder on the other hand was off to London supposedly to see a crop circle who's location has been predicted by computers (some things cannot be scientifically predicted). While he off chasing crop circles - Scully - who can't seem to connect with the esoteric value of the formation - goes to visit a woman who has some papers about crop circles for Mulder.

There were many lessons for Scully with this woman - a teacher of the esoteric. To begin with - one of the pages of notes she gives Scully was an image of a crop circle and was labeled 'Heart Chakra'. In the past - crop circle images a have displayed chakra patterns.

The woman - supposed was linked to an organization called the American Daoist Healing Center. This is the name of Dr. Lu's group - the healer and Qi Gong Master that Anna works with. Dr. Lu goes to London each year to study the energy patterns of the crop cirlces as part of his healing and energy work. (another synchronicity).

The woman in the story welcomed Dana into her home. There Dana met what she believes was the woman's roommate until they kissed 'good-by' and Dana realized that the two women were lovers. The kiss did not sit comfortably with her though she said nothing. The woman went on to explain that she had lived a high powered life - busy all the time - trying to avoid coming out into the world about her relationship with her lover. It caused her to get breast cancer = the heart chakra area. Once she had addressed her issues on the emotional and spiritual level - her life and changed and her cancer had gone into remission. What's more interesting is that Dr. Lu specializes in breast cancer. (another tie-in to his work).

The area the cancer hits a person's physical is linked to a specific chakra - energy centerof the higher levels - and that which must be addressed and healed. For example - if the area is the kidneys - the person much 'clean out' that which is most troubling them - usually it is a heart issue from childhood but could mean more. If these issues are not addressed - the result is accident or disease triggered bu the soul t force you to face what you have been avoiding.

Speaking of accidents - there was a blond woman in the storyline who Dana almost ran over with her car. I knew immediately this woman was not what she seemed to be but was like a spirit guide here to teach Dana to wake up and pay attention to what was going on around her - the things we don't pay attention to - the spaces between - yet the things our soul needs the most - our passions. When Dana was at a loss for answers to how to cure Daniel - the blond woman suddenly appeared on the street again. Dana ran after her and went through a door. She found herself in a room- like a Buddist temple - looking at - of all things - the Golden Buddha - I had just posted here on Saturday! (another synch).

I must mention that the crop circle woman was into the teachings of Buddha - (another synch). Dana entered the room and had what we call an epiphany - a sudden awakening. She understood that the way to cure Danial may connect to higher forms of healing - and summons the help of the crop circle woman. She calls in a holistic healing who works on Daniel while Daniel remained in the coma.

To everyone's surprise - Daniel recovered just after that. It is clear that he had returned to clear out old issues with Dana and with his daughter. He sent for Dana and asked her to be part of his life again. She told him that he had healing to do with his daughter and others based on his self-absorbed behavior during and after their relationship - which had ended 10 years ago. She pondered what her life might had been like had she remained with Daniel.

She walked out into the street and saw the blond woman from behind - the woman who seemed to be her guide when a lesson was most needed.

She chased the woman and finally caught up to her. Much to her surprise - that was no woman! It was Mulder who had returned from London and was looking for her. He is in truth the guide who is trying to show her that all is not what it appears to be - the 'black and white' - the spaces between.

Some of the storyline was done in normal motion for Dana - while the rest of reality appeared in slow motion. It was to show her what was really important - what she and most of us miss as we go thorugh our daily lives - often missing the important lesson aorund us. Many of us have experienced that phenomenon - or something like it. I believe there are looping phases we go through - reality shifts among other anomalies that we are totally unaware of as our brains are not condiditioned to look for them. As you become more attuned to higher frequency you begin to recognize that these 'phase shifts' have occurred and why. Reality is far from stable - and far from what we perceive it to be with our sense.

At the end of the journey Mulder and Scully were sitting on her couch discussing probabilities in this lifetime - "Is there one right timeline we are here to follow?" When I read clients - I have discovered that there is a correct timeline for each person. When the person follows that timeline - the lessons come quickly and with little effort. When the person branches off into other experiences - the lessons are more difficult and usually more painful on the heart chakra. We do have free will to pick and chose our lessons. If you are in balance - you will attract into your life - the lessons that best honor your soul's experience and growth here. All of the lessons you have are ATTRACTED by you based on your needs. The easiest thing to do is to keep your life in balance in 3D then allow your soul to do its job. If you have never opened the heart chakra - you could find someone to meet those needs if you allow it and have the time and energy for an open honest relationship.

Back to Mulder and Scully. Just as he was about to get into more intimate conversation - he looked over at her and saw that she had fallen asleep. (symbolic that she is not ready - and is still asleep). He covered her up with a blanket - (Native American theme).

As he was about to leave - the camera panned to a small gold figure of Buddha just beneath Dana's fish tank - fish (Jesus - also Buddha - a god symbol) - the tank (water - the collective). And so Mulder and Scully once again did not address their feelings and passions for each other. He still didn't make love to her. The romantic in me was hoping he would at least carry her into the bedroom removing her shoes and perhaps a bit more! I guess the writers want to drag out the sexual tension till the end of the season.

In my humble opinion - Scully needs to see me for a reading and a counseling session. I would like to teach her about balancing her chakras - especially the heart chakra. I wouldn't mind spending an hour with Mulder talking about his adventures - especially with ET's. If you see them - give them the address of Crystalinks! Thanks!!

'Listening' To Your Heart Chakra Find a quiet time in your busy day. Get comfortable . . . Relax your mind . . . The chatter of your thoughts of today are now gone if just for a few minutes of our physical time. See a sphere of pure white light energy entering your heart chakra . . . Watch as it spins slowly through your heart chakra . . . clearing and cleansing your emotional and physical heart as it moves . . . You feel warm loving energy radiating throughout your entire being . . . The sphere becomes part of your heart . . . remaining there to guide your path . . . Now focus on the pulse of your physical heartbeat . . . In your mind you hear the pattern of its beat . . . It is calm and even in rhythm. You slowly move into a higher frequency . . . the challenges of the physical world left behind . . . You relax and connect with the rhythm of your heart once again . . . You are at peace . . . Your heart is open and ready to accept the love of yourself and those around you. Later you will take your sphere of light energy and place it into the heart chakra of those you meet . . . bringing them to a higher frequency of love.