Awakening the Feminine Energies

We have lived in a Patriarchal Universe for the past 13,000 years, since the Age of Leo. During the Patriarchal Ages masculine energies have expressed themselves, through the use of logic, power, control, dominance, and reasoning in a left-brained organized way. The male is the 'Yang energy'.

The feminine is the 'Yin' energy, the right side of the brain, the intuitive, the creative, the higher chakras, spiritual enlightenment and awareness.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius. Some say we entered Aquarius in the late 1880's, while others say we have just entered Aquarius.

Aquarius, represents the return of the feminine energies--eventually the coming together of female and male cosmic energies otherwise known as the hermaphrodite of reality. 'She' has an equal say in matters of universal evolution. This is a fact we have forgotten. Aquarius represents the pouring of water from one vessel to the other. Water represents the collective mind--the collective unconscious--if you will.

When Creation has a thought IT is initially feminine in nature. To move that energy into a more solid form, so that it can be manifested for third dimension experience, masculine energy must play its role.

The new feminine energies coming in are of a higher frequency. New ways of expressing them in the physical are coming into play. One can accomplished this move into higher frequencies by opening the heart chakra. Souls are now learning to think with their hearts -- not their heads -- hence the feminine frequencies.

Z can be seen to the left side of the woman-- as the left side of your brain is the masculine side. He is in the shadows watching his feminine aspect at work. . . The woman in the picture is depicted in stone as she is in solid form (3D) on the Earth plane. As she seeks to rise to the higher levels she opens her heart chakra and moves through the elements into the next realm.
Fire Her heart is the light Earth The trees and flowers Air The clouds and sky which are purple / blue / aqua which is the frequency of the heart chakra Water The waterfall is the collective unconscious which represent the grids of the program she is creating The rainbow unites everything with sound, light and color.

We all have masculine / feminine aspects-- the Yin / Yang--if you will.

This meditation will allow you to explore your feminine energies placing them in balance with your masculine side.

You might want to tape record the meditation on this page to listen to as you begin your meditation. Find a quiet place . . . free of distractions. . . Adjust the lighting and room temperature. . . Adjust clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses. Sit down or lie down . . . Find a position that is comfortable for you . . . Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts . . . Relax your body. . . Your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing . . . Your shoulders . . . your neck . . . relaxed Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace . . . Your torso . . . your hips . . . letting go . . . Your legs . . . your feet . . . totally relaxed . . . Focus on your breathing . . . Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose . . . Retain the breath as long as is comfortable . . . Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely . . . Repeat for two more breaths . . . or as is comfortable.
Now close your eyes. . . See yourself floating high above the clouds. . . Notice that the higher you go the more in balance your energies seem. . . Suddenly you see a field of light energy. . . It begins to take shape . . . until you recognize the essence of a female entity. . . You float closer. . . realizing that she is an aspect of your soul . . .come to take your on a spiritual journey into the light. There is much she wants to share with you as you re-unite your energy fields with hers. She takes you over a rainbow of energies . . . Your heart chakra bursts open with love and light. . . as you experience through this higher frequency . . . You journey with her as she shows you how to awaken your feminine energies. . .