Does Medication Help?

In the past few years more and more people - from all walks of life have been:

  • consulting psychiatrists, therapists, psychics
  • taking medications to balance their moods so they can function
  • realizing their learning disabilities and challenges.

    The world is filled with depressed souls who can't function. They see no future - want to be left alone - and often become abusers of drugs, alcohol, themselves, others, among other addictions.

    Many people in metaphysics say that people are lost and fractured souls.

    Others say that the changing frequencies have made people crazy.

    Some blame problems on past lives, ET abduction, and so on.

    There are an endless number of reasons why people don't function in the game.

    Sometimes it's as simple as - they just don't want to.

    Has all of this came upon humanity just in recent years?

    No way! We have always had the same challenges and issues.

    There are no new scenarios. That is why much of what is coming to light has been in families for generations - patterns repeating is the name of the game.

    We are coming into awareness that:

  • our issues exist
  • chemical balances usually start in childhood
  • a child with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has inherited this learning disability from someone in the family
  • that help is out there

    We are testing children and helping them before that get out of control. Children who are hyperactive - especially boys - can't focus on school work and fall behind. This is usually linked with ADD.

    The young souls need our help - not just as teens but as children.

    Not that I am pushing medication - but I have seen incident after incident where people have turned their lives around and raised their soul frequency after finding the right doctor and medication.

    Do you cry all the time? Are you lethargic? You do need to seek help.

    Do you know a child who is depressed, lazy, angry, dangerous to himself, you, others?

    These souls need medication also.

    I have heard of people trying natural herbs - but they don't always work.

    I saw a TV show recently about Seniors who went from hopeless boredom and depression - to productive lives. Testing for other mental disorders is also necessary - Senility - Altzheimer's, etc.

    The nature of our program - duality - and the need to find balance while we are here - is our greatest challenge.

    Yoga and meditation can help but if we can't get past the problems that have plagued us - caused us to attract the imbalances into our lives - then we are in trouble.

    We are recognizing our issues - internal and external.

    We are learning to cope and move forward.

    Once the depression is under control, a program of good diet, exercise, nature, and meditation helps maintain the balance.

    Exercise works against depression in a number of ways:

  • By reducing the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to depression.
  • By restoring one's sleep and eating patterns, and raising energy levels, all critically important to feeling alive.
  • By releasing endorphins, which are associated with good mood.
  • By raising serotonin levels, according to one study.
  • Finally, getting in shape improves self-esteem.

    If you are a victim of depression or other disorders in which you can't function, you must seek out professional help. Have a complete physical examination. Do not be in denial. Face the fact that you, or someone close to you needs help. If the answers require medication, please get the help you need,