The Art of Manifesting - July 2001

Friends and clients have asked me about manifestation of events in their lives. They believe that if you 'intend' something to happen in your life it will manifest. That is not true as you are doing that in 3D. One client asked about using some sort of ritual to bring her soulmate into her life. I don't believe in ritual as bringing in anything that doesn't carry a karmic price 'down the road'. Energy must flow freely as souls are ready.

If you come into a place of understanding that nothing important is create in 3D - no matter how hard you try - you will relax - follow the guidance given by your soul - the little voice - let go of unwanted emotions and things that keep you trapped in the Wheel of Karma, Time - then your soul will bring you people and events of higher frequency - that which you need to complete your purpose in this timeline, based on the karma you came to play out.

First you must determine what your karma is about. Do this with intergrity. It could take time. Karma must be released by body, mind, and soul. This is not easy at all and may take years to complete. Your ability to read this and leave all of your karmic responsibilities behind is not that simply. Karma usually involves family ties which take time to complete. Visual a time when they are over. If you can leave an unhealthy situation now, then move on.

You will feel a release deep down in your soul when things are complete. Then just relax and your soul will do the rest by synchronicities. And they will move quickly.

A partner who is balanced - without issues - will come to you if you are in that space. If you are not balanced your soul will attract a partner who has issues that often mirror that which you have to face and deal with at a specific point in your life. If you then let go of the issues - you move on. You can spend your entire life working on issues - which most people do - or you can simply let things go and follow your soul guidance.

Luckily this timeline allows for instant manifestation if you allow, detach, and play. Don't try to control.

Find things to do to fill up the spaces between. Some of the subjects discussed yesterday were - classes of any kind, art, music, reading, etc.

Many people hold on to issues saying, "If I let go of them, life will become meaningless and boring. I have spent my life in the games. These are my patterns. I am afraid to let go."

Try it and see. Be sure this is not based on clinical depression as that is another story wherein the 3D body is asking for help and has another whole set of issues to deal with. Recognition of depression by souls in this timeline is another way of helping people let go. Depression is on the increase - or at least the recognition of depression is at this time.

There seems to be another matter that has surfaced with clients as of late . . . many people are 'coming out of the closet'. Many of those souls are bisexual - others are slowly coming to terms with surpressed feelings of attraction to someone of the same sex. I have never seen so many souls coming into this space - only to find a whole new set of rules and games. If this is your path, this may be the time to deal with it. Not sure? Then you have issues you have to face about your sexuality. Tell your soul that you are ready to find out and would like a synchronicity to help you realize this side of your nature. If fear gets in the way . . . nothing will happen.

No matter what set of issues you are dealing with now - relax - be in balance - don't control - and events will work our based on the soul needs of all concerned. If you find that you are moving to higher frequency emotions and those around you are not - move past them and find those who match your emotions. You will find this far more rewarding.

That 'mission feeling' - you should sense that it is coming closer now.