As 2001 comes to a close most of us feel we have entered a changed reality. Change often brings - but overcoming fear is the way to balance our emotional bodies - our souls.

Since the events of September 11, 2001 - 9-11 - and the fall of the Twin Towers we have moved to what many people see as a new reality. Our collective unconsciousness has shifted into a different awareness, one in which the third dimension seems to be losing some of its solidity - as reality flows and we moved our awareness from one reality to the next.

Psychic John Edward has very instrumental in showing us that death is not the end of a soul, just a continuation without physical from yet with conscious awareness able to connect with third dimensional frequency. Many people now come to me to talk to loved ones who have crossed over.

We are moving into a time of all possibilities - we can manifest as reality becomes less dense.

Many movies themes revolve around magic and the paranormal as our frequencies raise and we need that interaction. Special effects show us that anything is possible.

  • Lord of the Rings 2001 - - Site 2

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    Other movies include 'Vanilla Sky' about reality and lucid dreaming - Animated movies about 'Lion King' - 'Aladdin', 'Monsters, Inc. etc.

    Anything that is sci-fi tugs at us and makes for great box office sales.

    As we search the patterns of our reality in 2001 we came so understand that reality based on a Cycle called Time is a repetition of patterns - based on geometry that created our reality - Fibonacci - the Slinky Effect.

    All things within our are based on Myths (creation) - Magic (magnetics) and Metaphors (patterns of repetition - cycles).

    There is one soul who designed the program of our reality and plays the game of duality - the ultimate goal being to find your way back to creational source through balancing the polarities - as the program is made up of electromagnetic energies.

    Using the key words Electricity and Magic we find:


    Magic - Magnetics - Electromagnetic Energies (EM) - Electricity - The Metal Electrum = Silver + Gold = Alchemy, transition of consciousness - eternal life - Blood and Bloodlines - Electrum - Dragons - Reptilians - Nibiru = The return of the 12th Planet - Planet X - which is a major trigger now. Electrum - Rods - Magic Wands - Wizards - Harry Potter - Rings of Gold - The Lord of the Rings = Circles - Completion of the Cycle of Time.

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