What Is Love?

In the spring of 1999 - I was contacted by two producers from Cape Town, South Africa - Derek Serra and Edna Rocloise - who were making a documentary called, 'What Is Love?'

Derek and Edna were traveling around the world interviewing people in cities such as London, Paris, Rome, Sydney, New York, etc. and getting people's opinions about 'Romantic Love.'

Edna found me through Crystalinks and wanted me to interview me on the subject.

She and Derek arrived in New York in August and came to my home for the video interview.

Romantic love is a powerful way to express

our capacity to love and to be loved.

I discussed romantic love from physical and metaphysical viewpoints.

Romance and physical love should go together in a balanced way.

Lust is fine but should be

combined with emotional intimacy.

Derek, Edna and I discussed the

commitment aspects of romantic love

which can take the romance out of any relationship.

Resolve your intimacy issues before
you become romantically involved with anyone.

Not everyone can handle the pressure of a romance.
Many people panic and run!

The metaphysical reasons for love include past or parallel

experiences - karma with someone - soul recognition.

Next we have the opening of the heart chakra as a means

to clear issues and move into a higher frequency.

Then there is the desire in most of us to find a soulmate -

the perfect partner -
who will make us feel complete -
the yin/yang.

There is also the 'love frequency' itself which

is supposedly the highest frequency to achieve.

For further research I interviewed people from different walks of life . . .

G'vanni - 4 months old: "Now let me think . . . I wouldn't exactly say I'm an expert on the subject . . . I just know that it makes mommy and daddy laugh so it must be funny!"

Michael-two years old: Dylan - two weeks old: "Romance? What's that? The girls in school are fun. You have to understand . . . I've just figured out what makes girls and boys different. I told Dylan I'll explain it all to him when he grows up like me!

Akhnaton: "Romantic love is someone loving you no matter how you look."

Nefertiti: "The romance never dies."

Adam and Eve . . .

"Can you add anything to story of romantic love?"

Adam, "Well Ellie, we were the first to discover romantic love back in the Garden of Eden by the Tree of Life."

Eve, "Romantic love is part of our creation.

"It never dies no matter what separates our souls.

"We are eternally joined . . . "

Aristotle, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. They create a 'soul note'. I tried romantic love as most young men do . . . then I found numbers to be much more logical."

Albert Einstein, "Romantic love . . .As best I recall . . . the greatest minds have never been able to figure it out. What I do know is romantic love takes a lot of energy!"

Carl Jung, "Romantic love . . A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them." "Beside . . . in the end . . it is all a dream created by the synchronicities - meaningful coincidences - in your life."

Edgar Cayce, "Romantic love . . . Let me psych on that . . . Back in Atlantis . . . before . . . and after chaos . . . romantic love was practised all the time especially among the gods and goddesses. That Tehuti! He was a 'hoot! I prefer a good woman who can love you and allow you to be who your are without criticism."

John Lennon, "Romantic love . . . I put that to music . . . 'All you need is love . . .'"

Shakespeare, "Ah Ellie . . . How many times I have written on the subject . . It is the force behind the creation of my greatest works!" "Many times I have given my heart . . . and many times I learned its lessons.

We hope your heart the home of your soul finds romance and love.