Loneliness vs. Being Alone

As the seasons change so do relationships.

Many clients come to see me about relationships that are ending - one of the partners deciding it was time to move on - but they are afraid to be alone. This is true with man as well as women.

There is a difference between being alone and enjoying your time finding things that make you happy to fill up your days, and this feeling of isolation - or fear of be alone - that so many people have.

I find it often connects with depression.

Many people seek co-dependent reationships and remain in very detrimental situations as they fear spending their days alone.

As the frequency of the planet becomes higher - souls will move on as individuals. Finding a perfect soulmate or perfect living arrangement - will become increasingly harder.

Being alone is scary for so many people. There is no one to talk to, to share expenses, no lover (intimacy), no one who cares, no one to travel and play with, no one to take care of them if they get sick, among other fears.

Few of these people seem to understand that it was their soul who set this up so they can take to time to find out others things besides those of the third dimensional world.

No two souls have the same path. Souls should never be co-dependent - they should just share as is comfortable for them. Then they are free.

Many souls enjoy being alone to do their work on all levels and enjoy their time here. These are always the content, spiritual souls, not the depressive, fearful souls. It is difficult to find spiritual answers if you are depressed.

Most people seek a partner who can be both friend and lover. Some people are lucky and find this person sharing with them for all - or part - of a lifetime.

When they lose that partner they must adjust to being alone. Some do that successfully, while others get more depressed.

Some souls never find a partner here - live out there karma (usually caretaking) - then leave, feeling that they have given so much and received so little.

Cartakers who lose the people they came here to take care of feel this isolation and loneliness very strongly. It is as if part of their souls has been ripped away.

There are no answers to this need within us to share our souls with another - preferrably a soulmate - as our experiences in 3D are all about challenges. No one has IT all!

Get passed the frustration, anger and pain - as that makes matters worse.

If you are lonely and in pain, seek out the issues behind that pain, release them and try to move on.

I understand that your soul is tired and wants someone to take care of you and share your life. That may not be the destiny you came in for.

We have lifetimes where we take care of others, and lifetimes where others take care of us.

We may be taken care of in part of this lifetime - and have to go it all alone in other times.

Challenges are there eternal - in the games of third dimension.

As we get older - and complete our physical karma - we do seek partners, spirit guides, angels, lost loved ones, on the other side. We being to understand that all of our needs and answers cannot and will not be met in third dimension - especially as we are multidimensional being - living not just in theird dimension - but in higher relams as well.

We fill up that loneliness by seeking higher answers with higher evolved beings.

We go to a place where we can get answers about some of the spiritual things that have happened to us in our lives - and we have all had such experiences.

These are the dreams that come true or connect us with lost loved ones.

These are the 'knowing experiences' - intuitive things - that happened to us as we move through our lives.

These are the needs within us to find out what is happening in the higher realms of healing and the 'Greater Universe'.

This is what guided you to Crystalinks and this article. You are not alone if you are in Crystalinks. Come alone and see what adventures are in store for you . . . Click

You could fantasize a 'dream person' coming into your life - whatever works for you.

Be sure that 'dream person' doesn't turn out to be a nightmare! Take a long hard look and ask yourself, "Would I get involved with this person if I wasn't lonely?"

You are never too old to meet a partner to share your life with. But while you are waiting - if you are alone - stop complaining and get out and have some fun!

Sometimes your lifepath brings you in union with others.
Often times you must sail through the rough waters alone.

When all is said and done in the third dimension . . . and our souls return to that collective source . . . they in some way remain . . . 'Alone Again Naturally' . . .

Trigger Image for Today Study this image for a minute. Allow it to trigger something within your genetic encoding. Close your eyes. Focus on the screen behind your eyes. What do you see?
MEDITATION IN THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS Find a peaceful place in which you can spend some time alone. Loosen clothing . . . remove your shoes and eyeglasses . . . Sit down or lie down . . . . Allow your mind and body to relax . . . Now close your eyes . . . In your mind's eye see yourself entering this collective flow of energy . . . Feel its energies moving through your body . . . healing . . . soothing. As it touches each aspect of your physical body . . . feel your physical being slowly becoming 'One' with this energy source. Feel the energies move through your feet . . . as you slowly enter. The energies massage your feet . . your legs . . . your hips . . . your torso . . . your back . . .releasing all tensing as the flow up through your shoulders . . . neck . . . jaw muscles . . . and head . . . You feel totally relaxed . . . Experience the calmness . . . The tranquility . . . You are at peace . . . As you move forward the energies of the water slowly envelope your entire body . . . until at last you are completely submerged in the 'Whole'. You look around and discover many wonderful things in this creative flow . . . You stay for a while . . . suddenly realizing . . . that you are not ever alone!