Keepers of the Stargate


Keepers of the Stargate assist souls to the stagate - so they can go back to the light - Source.

They work with the souls of children, adults, animals - any sentient life form.

Many times these deceased souls are trapped between dimensions.

Keepers of the Stargate do not have to be deceased to do this work.

As we are all multidimensional it would be another aspect of their soul working on 'the other side' while their conscious mind partakes through a form of Remote Viewing. You would be spliting your consciousness - half being in the physical and the rest on 'the other side'.

Using remote viewing you would see yourself with souls that need to be shown way to the stargate and to alleviate their fears.

These souls may appear to you in human form - or as spirit - a sparkling light!

To begin: See yourself approaching the soul or 'soul group'.

Notice that when you leave the physical realms concepts like space - time - language - no longer exist.

You may ask your spirit guides or angels to assist you.

Make a telepathic connection with the soul.

Next find out if the soul wants to go to 'the other side' or is still bound to the Earth plane because it either does not know it is deceased - or wishes to remain closer to loved ones left behind.

If it wishes to remain here - go to another soul until you find one that is lost and needs your guidance.

Assure them that you guide them to the light.

'Look' around and you will 'see' the stargate - blue/white light.

Spirit will show you where it is.

Move close to the stargate with the soul/ soul group.

The angles will bring the souls through the stargate to the light.

Many group of souls have been trapped here for hundreds of years.

As souls have no concept of space - time - they are no aware of how long they have left the physical.

They do not know that their timelines in 3D no longer exist.

You must be careful what you tell them. Be tactful. Souls still retain emotions and can express them.

Do not try to 'talk' a soul into anything - just make a suggestion or two.

If they are ready to 'go' they will come with you to the stargate.

Do not try this with someone deceased that you loved - it is too personal.

Send lots of love and light and comfort.

With some practice you may find this part of your soul mission.

Other aspects of being a Keeper of the Stargate involves connecting the soul on the other side to the person it is connected to in the physical - through dreamtime - so they can clear emotional ties and move on.

Some souls are afraid to move back to Source.

Your assurance may be needed - that they will be fine once they move through the stargate and into a place of higher light and unconditional love.

In most cases what is occuring is that the souls are merging with other aspects of themselves already in the next program.

Become the leader - teacher - healer - you came here to be!!

This may come in handy as good preparation for future events on the planet in which you came to guide.

Don't be afraid or frustrated.

See yourself out there doing your work.

As the 'cycles of time' of our current program merge - all souls will move to higher frequency realms.

Those who are Keepers of the Stargate - will be needed to help other souls go through.