New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice

On June 21, 2001 celestial events created
new energies and a strong pulse for change.

7 am - Mars and Earth

The energies are almost surreal as I sit here typing and watching the boats move slowly along the waterway as they pass under the Verrazano Bridge . . . a bridge that crosses many realities.

The hazy sky gives way to the energies of the day as the sun sifts through the fog.

There is a stillness in the air.

The energies of Mars (energy) work well with me at this time. Yesterday was an extremely busy - all last minute invitations and clients as we are influenced by Mercury Retrograde. Mars is now making it closest approach to earth in 12 years. Mars is also Retrograde - (feels like your energy is depleted) which seems to run counter to the other celestial influences we are experiencing now.

Mars in Esoteric Astrology

3 pm

The energies of the global meditation took me through space and time.

I viewed many people doing the work as their souls guided.

Though I initially started to meditate with friends I found myself in another space and went off on our own.

I was guided to open interdimensional gates that link grid programs.

I felt as if I was Superman when he fly through underground tunnels and made a trench through which energies can flow.

One that was complete I no longer felt connected to any program.

I moved into a space of consciousness and remained there learning and observing events in many programs.

I was trust back to my 3D consciousness as my first client was due at 11 am.

When she entered I looked like I had awoken from dream state - yet she said I had a golden glow of white light around me.

She was metaphysical and sat down at the table . . . handed me a rose quartz crystal and just stared at me.

I took the crystal . . . closed my eyes . . . programmed it with this energy . . . then saw spirits coming towards me.

They were are group of three - two girls and a boy - late teens - who had died in a car accident. They were her friends. I had all of their names and details of the accident and the events of their journies after they left 3D.

I was next guided to move trapped and frightened souls through these gates. Sudden I was looking at a holographic map. I was in Turkey - then Yugoslavia - then China - the Mexcio - and so on. So many lost souls . . . leaving on the energies that had trapped them here for so long. We saw them leave. It was a great feeling. I didn't work with soul energies coming into 3D as that has never been my work. My work is one of closure - bring things back to creation.

The calmness that has permeated my existence over recent weeks increased. It is a knowing somewhere. It is an allowing. It is disconnection but not with anger or frustration. It is seeing the illusion. It is removing consciousness from grids. The energies created in ths timeline sit on the grid and resonate to all souls - some of who will connect in dreamtime while others will in 3D.

I want to thank the readers who shared their experiences with me. Most letters were about the flow of creational energies and the colors blue and gold. Many people are seeing events linked to Revelation. The grids are open and the information there to be accessed.

Michelle's Meditation

There is a Hopi phrase - WE are the ONES We have been waiting for....

I did a meditation yesterday, alone under a 6 foot pyramid, to celebrate the eclipse and summer solstice with Ellie and all the " gang". The following vision came . . . It fits nicely with the Hopi phrase.

In the vision I saw myself sitting across from a Ellie and to each of our sides was our male counterparts. We were on Earth then when joining hands moved OFF planet to the "void" with our beautiful Earth in the distance.

We focused on planetary healing and transformed into the Egyptian Netjers, Isis, Nephthys, Thoth and Ptah. We unclasped hands and in each of our right hands was a rod with a crystal at the top. surrounding us was an electric blue oval or "vesica pisces" (a vital symbol of the feminine transformative powers.) Around that were billions of people sitting meditating on the same thing.

The rods suddenly dissolved into faerie dust as the four of us raised our palms upward.

As we did this a blue lotus opened in each of our hands.

Then it transformed into a butterfly - a 'Blue Morpho' like the one written about in Madelaine L'lengle book A Wrinkle in Time.

In native symbology the butterfly means transformation.

As the butterflies flitted on our palms gossamer threads in electric blue moved from our hands to create these geometric shapes much like the Sacred Geometry patterns we have become familiar with - the difference being there were NO ANGLES in this geometry.

All of the shapes were round, spheroid, oval or tubular.

This was sacred geometry based on 'feminine principles'.

As the shapes formed, they lit up they changed to gold, bright and beautiful, then finally to a rose pink/fuschia.

This color that has come to me to mean Unconditional Love.

This geometry lit up the void and in one motion the butterflies flew from all our palms toward Earth, surrounding it with Blue Morpho Energy.

I then moved visually closer with a satellite view of the Earth.

Africa was once again an E-Din - lush, green, and healthy.

The ozone was this color of rose pink, and the planet was once again pristine in its glory.

This was a future vision that told me this planet WILL heal because of each of our individual efforts, our own personal transformations and willingness to create something new from the old.

We are DEFINITELY the ONES We have been Waiting for.....

Cosmic Love and Blessings to all of you.

Michelle / Trilia