The Inner Child

Carl Jung called it the 'Divine Child'.

Emmet Fox called it the 'Wonder Child'.

Charles Whitfield called it the 'Child Within'.

Some psychotherapists call it the 'True Self'.

Our personalities emerge as a result of our DNA (inherited characteristics) - and the environment in which we have 'come in' to experience and grow.

Childhood programming - that will last us for most of our lives - begins from the moment of birth - when the soul enters the physical body.

Metaphysically speaking - we are also influenced by past and parallel lives - karma and karmic debts - as well as spiritual missions and connections to Entities in other realms.

The Inner Child is a reflection of our emotional makeup

For the most part - our issues go back to childhood and what impacted on our emotional and physical bodies at that time.

Sexual union between two souls often leads to reproduction - to bring in a specific soul - and nothing more. These souls were not looking to reproduce - but it happened.

These parents may not want - nor be equipped emotionally, financially, and spiritual to undertake the responsibilities of raising a child.

The results are obvious - the needs of the child are not met - often there is abuse - and the child suffers for the rest of its life - unless it go back to childhood issues - relives them - balances out the pain - and moves past them.

The inner child remians with us all of our lives. We are all children at heart - forever searching and looking for our meaning in this experience.

Connecting with our inner child helps us learn to experience from our inner selves - the intimacy - the ability to commuicate and express what is on our mind. The frightened child in many of us - needs to know that it is safe and can be loved.

To heal the present one must go back and heal the past. One must first begin by becoming aware that there is an Inner Child and that it needs to be addressed.

The Inner Child is the emotional self. It is where our feelings live.

It can appear as another aspect of your personality - always judging, condemning, criticizing. (This is not to be confused by messages from Spirit Guides or your soul.) When we experience joy, sadness, anger, fear, or affection our Child Within is coming out.

When we are being playful, spontaneous, creative, intuitive and surrendering to the spiritual self, our Genuine Authentic Self, who we know deep within us, our Real Self is being welcomed and encouraged to be present.

We all have an inner child and the wounds our inner child received can and do continue to contaminate our adult lives.

Our parents helped create this Inner Child part of us, society also helped with the creation. When this child self is not allowed to be heard or even acknowledged as being real, a false or co-dependent self emerges.

We begin to live our lives as victims.

Then we have situations that arise in our lives which develop into unresolved emotional traumas.

The gradual accumulation of unfinished mental and emotional business can lead to and fuel chronic anxiety, fear, confusion, emptiness and unhappiness through all of our life.

Besides the Inner Child / adolescent part, we have many other selves which are trying to be heard and take control, without us really hearing the voices until we make an effort to do so. Initially, it is very important to tame the Inner Critic part of us.

That voice from the past often keeps beating up our Inner Child.

This voice invades whatever trauma and pain there was in our childhood.

The wise Nurturing Self part of us can learn to stand as a protector self for the Inner Child.

It's the job of the Nurturer to be loving and self-affirming.

This part of us can also teach the Inner Critic a new job of support instead of beating the Child self up, and can love the Inner Critic so that the Inner Child self can relax and not have to work so hard.

This is often where the internal battle begins. The Inner Critic has been keeping the Inner Child muffled and secluded.

Often, it is a case of transforming the Inner Critic to be a good internal parent, beginning to listen to the Inner Child and to allow it to have fun and be heard.

Denial of the Inner Child and the co-dependent self are particularly common among children and adults who grew up in troubled or dysfunctional families.

This is where chronic physical mental illness, rigidity, frigidity or lack of nurturing is common. Yet, there is a way out.

There is a way to discover and to heal our Inner Child / adolescent part and to break free of the bondage and suffering of our co-dependent or false self.

Through Inner Child Work we turn our feelings inwards and connect directly with that part of us that can offer comfort and support.

We begin to deal with that part of us that nutures through addictive patterns of overeating, drugs, alcohol, and abuse of others.

This is called self-nurturing or re-parenting which allows us to reclaim that wounded child.

We can provide for ourselves all the love and support and positive regard we never had and grow up again.

It is not the past as such that effects us - it is our images of it.

By re-parenting or reclaiming that wounded child, we uncover any conscious or unconscious mythology of ourselves and begin to re-evaluate and transform it.

Linear time does not apply when we work internally and with the unconscious.

It is possible to bring our present wise and loving self, to meet and help our young Inner Child and offer comfort and support and find a new joy and energy in living.

Through inner child healing one comes to understand their emotional child, their sabotaging and self-esteem issues, and eventaully empowers themselves into freedom of body, mind and soul.

One can own their power to make choices for themselves about their beliefs and values instead of unconsciously reacting to the old paradigms.

Recovery is consciousness raising. It is en-light-en-ment - bringing the dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs out of the darkness of our subconscious into the Light of consciousness.

When examining the Inner Child -and discovering that there are dysfunctional problems - that lead to depressin, sabotage, illusion of gradeur, sociopathic lying, etc. - one must also address the fact that the person may have a chemical imbalance that is the root of the probelms - and professional help and medication must be gotten.

In that case - it is the soul - as well as the Inder Child - crying out in pain - "Help Me! Guide Me! I can't go on like this!"

There are professionals who deal with Inner Child Therapy. Often they use tapes, hypnosis, and other methods to get to the root of the pain.

Examples of some of the 'children' you might find inside yourself

The Playful Child

That self that is naturally playful, creative, spontaneous and fun loving child. This self longs to play.

Many of us have forgotten how to do this without guilt or anxiety that as adults we must be doing something that is worthwhile.

The Spoiled Child

That part of us wants what they want and they want it now, and if they don't get what they want, they throw temper tantrums.

The Neglected Child

The child self that was always left alone without much nurturing and love. They don't believe they are lovable or worthwhile. They don’t know how to love. They are depressed and want to cry.

The Abandoned Child

This child self has been left in some way like divorce or adoption or just left because the parents were kept busy working. They are always fearful that they will be abandoned again and again. This part of the self is starving for extra attention and reassurance that they are safe and okay. This self is very lonely.

The Fearful Child

This part has been overly criticized when they were small. Now they are anxious and are in panic much of the time. They need lost of encouragement and positive affirmations.

The Unbonded Child

This Inner Child never learns to be close to anyone. They are isolated. Intimacy feels alien and scary. Trust is a basic issue.

The Discounted Child

This is a part of the self that was ignored and treated as though they did not exist. They don't believe in themselves and need lots of love to assist and support them.

The Spiritual Child

This part of the self searches for answers from higher realms.

The final result of healing the Inner Child - is balance within Oneself and being able to give and receive LOVE.

Working With Your Inner Child Please study this image. Relax and take a long slow breath . . . breathing in through your nose . . . holding the breath as is comfortable for you . . . releasing the breath slowly through your mouth. Close you eyes. Relax your head . . . face muscles . . . neck . . . shoulders . . . back . . . arms . . . legs. . . Relax your mind . . . See before you a calendar with today's date. Watch as the pages of the calendar drift back in time to the date in which you were born. See yourself as you were as a baby. Where are you? What is going on? Now go forward to a day in your childhood that you wish never happened. Look at your feelings on that day. Place love and light around yourself so that you feel safe on that day. See feelings of anger and fear gently releasing. You may want to cry as you cleanse the emotions. You may see why events happened as they did. When releasing these emotions be sure you release them even on a soul level. Feel within your soul (heart) that they can never hurt you again. If these emotions are connected to a person who has passed on take an imaginary scissor and cut the 'karmic ribbons' that connect you to that soul . . . that you are free of these ties now and forever. Those emotions will leave you in this lifetime and in all others that are affected by your what you are doing now. You may repeat this exercise with other events in your childhood that left you feeling alone, frightened, unloved, and unworthy.