Many abductees believe that their bodies have been implanted with some sort of object.

During routine X-rays and MRIs abductees discover unexplained objects in their body. Neither their doctor nor the abductee is able to explain how these objects got there. Under hypnosis some abductees report that these foreign objects have been placed deep inside their nasal cavity, hand, leg or ear by extra terrestrials.

Numerous implants have been removed and studied by medical doctors. The doctors have found that the implants are no more than 3cm (1 inch) long and 1mm (1/16 of an inch) in thickness. The implant is wire-shaped and under an electron microscope appears to have a complex structure containing many different layers. Tests have shown that the implant is composed of a variety of metals and alloys. The implants have highly magnetic qualities and glow fluorescent green when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Technicians have theorized that the implants could be a transmitter or receiver of some sort of signal. Other individuals believe that the implants could be some sort of monitoring device that receives signals from the abductee's nervous system. Unfortunately, the identity of the manufacturer and the purpose of the implants still remains a mystery.


Since 1970 years researcher Derrell Sims has worked with surgeons who removed implant from various parts of the anatomy of abductees.

I met researcher Derrell Simms in 1996 at the Star Knowledge Conference.

He showed me some of the implants he keeps in little square boxes and shows during his lectures.

There have two reported types of implants removed from people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

One looks like a tiny microchip with thin wires protruding from it.

The other looks like a tiny thin piece of glass.


Hidden Mysteries Joshua David Stone

It is important to be aware of the issue of extraterrestrial implants. Most people think of them as being only of a mechanical nature, but there are many types of implants that have been placed in people's astral, mental, and etheric bodies, also.

Many people feel frightened when this subject comes up; there is no need for fear. I have been told, by sources of knowledge whom I highly respect, that just about every person on Planet Earth has implants, and that has been going on for the past ten million years. People have been functioning with them and living their lives and being successful for eons and will continue to do so.

That does not mean, however, that they are helpful to you on your spiritual path. These implants can be removed by a very simple process that takes less than an hour. Many people do this work. You can contact me for guidance on how to have implants removed.

Implants come in many sizes and shapes. They also have many different functions. One is to suck you Light and energy. Some are used for telepathic control. Some block you from you spiritual goals. They can be found in the chakras, in the glands and organs, above the head - all over the body.

They are usually implanted during childhood or at times of physical, mental, or emotional crisis or illness. Even though everyone has them and can function quite well, they do prevent you from operating at your full potential. I highly recommend having them removed.

The goal of the spiritual path is refinement and purification on all levels. You want to purify your physical body of toxins, your emotional body of negative feelings, your mental body of impure thoughts, and your etheric body of impure energies. So for total God-realization and optimum performance, at some point in your spiritual progression you will want to remove extraterrestrial implants, as they can subtly block your clarity, vitality and prosperity. This is a subject that very few people are even aware of because very few people can see them, except for the physical, mechanical ones. As humanity moves toward full realization of the New Age, the subject of implants is going to be coming into the foreground of people's awareness.

The Implant Phenomena Photos and Analysis of Alleged Alien "Implants"