The Games of Humanity - Patterns of Creation

  • Creation - The patterns spirals forth based on Sacred/ Creational Geometry Holographic Reality based on grid systems held 3D by the Great Pyramid Electromagnetic energies - EM rods - polarites - duality - Yin/yang - God vs Trickster The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys!! The Illusion of Reality/ Time / Wheel of Karma (12 around 1=geometry) Fibernacci - souls spiraling into consciousness - stargates and portals Tree of Life - Qabbalah Levels and dimensions of realities based on frequencies Entities on different levels Angels Spirit Guides Aliens
  • Let the Games Begin . . . The souls enter many experiences at once
  • Mystery Schools Stories of Creation Crystalinks: Ancient Mystery Schools The Magic - Magicians - Priests - Initiates - Trickster roles Hermes - Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Hermes Trismegistus Alchemy Thoth ~ ~ ~ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
  • Protectors of the Secrets Knights Templar Teutonic Knights Knights Hospitaller Prieure de Sion
  • Clues to follow to find your way home - Religions - in all cultures - Shaman - Traditions Triggers to the truth - symbols, numbers, grid codes =numbers Rennes le Chateaux Holy Grail Ark of the Covenant
  • Political - Dynasties - Monarchies - US US Founding Fathers The symbolism of Washington DC. Trilateral Commission - Do they run the world? Order Of Free Masons - Rosecrusians (Flower of Life - The Rose) Bilderberg Illuminati - New World Order
  • They battle for control of destiny - power, money, greed, warriors trickster always keeps the games moving . . . The Yang/ male energies 2001 - The World Trade Center is destroyed . . . Humanity now looks to higher sources to make sense of reality. The Yin - return to the higher frequency energies as souls struggle to mkae sense of this event. A look at our spiritual selves - detachment from the 3D Earth grids - felt by most souls as they prepare to journey Home. This is all part of a greater plan in which the souls release from the emotional games of third dimension and move into their natural state as soul sparks.