Abydos: Complete cemetery to the falcon-shaped god Horus

February 4, 2002

Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) mission in Abydos, Sohag unearthed an important cemetery of god Horus, one of the ancient Egyptian trinity that comprises Osiris and Isis, and dates back to the Ptolemaic era, said archaeologist Sabri Abdel Aziz, director of Upper Egypt antiquities department.

This is the first time a complete cemetery of the falcon shaped god Horus, who was worshipped in the area of Abydos for a long time, is unearthed, he said.

He added that the find includes tombs in which big oval earthenware sarcophagi were found with linen-wrapped embalmed falcons inside them, some of which had gold-plated dark green and black masks covering the heads.

A number of intact falcon eggs were also found, in addition to a treasure trove outside the tombs representing a scarab pushing one of these eggs forward as told by the ancient Egyptian legend of creation, he said.

Traces of gold were found on the remains of human skeletons gathered haphazardly and also on the skulls, teeth, fingers and toes as well as an incomplete bronze statuette of god Horus in the sitting position, a group of amulets, bronze vessels and a god hat-hor-shaped pestle previously restored with lead, he noted.

Eye of God - Eye of Re - Eye of Horus

Isis = 'I' = Eye = Sirius

The Eye of Horus / Re / God refers to the ancient Mystery School Teachings of Creational Geometry encoded by Isis and Osiris and left behind with their priests in Egypt. These are the same souls who are the priests in Atlantis and other programs. They carry this genetically encoded information in their DNA - triggered now as we move back to 2012 (see below). There is addtional information kept hidden in the ancient mystery school teachings since the beginning of this reality/program. All hidden information will come forward at this time, as the Hall of Records - Golden Capstone was activated on December 12 - 12:12 at 12:12 am and pm in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The calibration for the time clock of our reality was reset and consciousness shifted.

Merging of the self - Right/Left Brain - The Eye - 'I'

Gold - Alchemy - Transition

The 36 around one or 12X3=36=9=endings
This is your Stargate
based on the Keys of Sacred Geometry

Crystalinks: Bird Headed Beings

Metaphor - Opening of hidden knowledge

in which the secrets of creation are buried.

Eye of Re / Horus links with ancient gods of Sumer

which brings us back to Nibiru 2003

additional strands of DNA merge.

Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo is the only 'double temple' from ancient Egypt. So named because it combines two architectural styles: modern by ancient Egypt's standards, as well as representing two different gods simultaneously. It combines the Ptolemaic and the Roman period to commemorate the crocodile god Sobek, and the hawk god Horus. There is a main axis along which the two temples were symmetrically built. The layout of both of these temples was similar in design to the Temple of Hathor, at Dendara.