Homosexuality and the Path of the Soul

I have met and worked with many gay people - male and female - in my journey into awareness.

I have been lucky to have had the guidance of my soulmate - spirit guide - Zoroaster - know to the thousands of souls who come to Crystalinks as Z. His has made my journey one of love, compassion and fun. You will find references to him throughout Crystalinks, perhaps by one of his alter egos - Tehuti, Moses, Thoth, among others.

My introduction to the 'gay world' was when I was 20 and first married. My husband owned a beauty salon and employed many gay male hairdressers who worked evenings in gay night clubs. I enjoyed the experience of their shows noting how gorgeous they were in 'drag'. These shows were a 1960's version of 'La Cage Aux Folles'

As a psychic I was able see the souls of these men in both their male and female aspects - of which we all seek balance.

One of the employees at my husband's salon was a male who had had one of the first sex change operations and told me more than I needed to know about it! (laugh). Her name was Alan /Abby! She was 6 foot tall and I guess the estrogen hadn't kicked in because I could see her facial hair through the make -up. She was a truly wonderful soul - filled with confusion and not able to get much understanding and supprot back in the 1960's.

Though I have been psychic all of my life - and have been talking to Z since age 11 - I didn't fully enter the world of metaphyscial studies until I was 40 - in 1983. Since then I met many incredible souls who have taken a gay/homosexual path in this lifetime. Many gay people are involved in metaphysical pursuits as they involve the higher frequency feminine energies now returning to the planet. Their areas of interest often include healing and astrology - the right side of the brain - the spiritual - feminine side - the intuitive/creative aspects of who we are.

Next I learned that 'being gay' is genetically linked. Someone in the person's family was gay - even if that person never admitted it back in the old days.

In the 1980's ad early 1990's most of my male clientelle was gay. Presently I have about 50% male clientelle from all walks of life, which tells me that heterosexual men are becoming more aware and believing more in higher frequencies possibilities.

They report that they 'came out' at different ages - as their soul came into readiness. Some clients 'came out' as late as their 50's. Some have tired to live a heterosexual lifestyle - mostly due to societal standards - but always felt something was missing. Many have lived reclusive - or secret lives - leaving them lonely and depressed.

Most are open with their families about their sexual preference - mothers often being more accepting (higher frequency energies).

Most have gone through a period of therapy trying to find out why they chose this path - how to live a gay lifestyle - and earning how to deal with family issues. (Most of us spend a lifetime dealing with the karma created in family situations).

Homosexuality on a Soul Level

All souls have masculine and feminine expressions. We chose one expression as we enter 3D. The lesson is to balance the male / female (yin/yang) aspects of our souls no matter what your sexual orientation your soul has chosen.

As with all life lessons our souls chose, being homosexual has many learning lessons attached to it. I soon began to realize that many souls came in homosexual as they didn't need to address the karma of spouse and children. (Though many gay people adopt children or use artificial insemination). I also realized that the soul expresses itself in many ways this being one level of experience. The souls of many of my gay clients and friends enjoy the 'gay trip' while others never make a good adjustment - but isn't that true in the heterosexual world?

What I have discovered through thousands of readings with homosexual people is the 'twin flame' we are conditioned to seek out in our lifetime in order to balance our yin/yang energies - does not exist on the physical plain. Other soul mated lovers often exist here in 3D bringing love, comfort and pleasure, thus enriching the learning experiencing we came in to for.

When all is said and done - the greatest lessons here are respect, compassion, and understanding that this is just an experience in a game - one you may chose - or may have chosen - in another lifetime. Our souls all come from the same source and are therefore all linked. We learn from each other in many ways. We all have lessons / roles we came to play out in 3D. Fear, anger, and ignorance keep you trapped in the 3D so you cannot find the spirit that is your soul. See everyone you meet on a soul level regardless of sexual orientation, age, race, religion, etc. See it all as a game in which you are merely a player!

I asked Z what he thinks about the 'gay trip'. This is his answer!