The concept of the 'circle' is an archetype that dates back to the beginnings of our current creation in third dimension:

  • a cycle of time
  • time pieces - clocks
  • yin-yang
  • the egg
  • completion
  • coming full circle
  • the beginning and the end
  • wholeness
  • geometry of creation - the flower of life - spiraling back to source - fibernacci - phi ratio-consciousness
  • the wheel and hub
  • celestial objects
  • crystals and jewelry - rings - bracelets - necklaces - many gemstones

    A healing circle is a group of like-minded people who pray together to give or receive healing or energy work - at a specific time each day. This is a form of 'distance healing' as the people/person praying - is not with the person seeking the healing. This type of healing does work. As with all healing - the person receiving the healing has to be ready and willing to accept the healing on all levels of their subtle bodies.

    There are thousands of people who are part healing circles for planetary healing. They work through harmonics - tones sent into the grids (crystal bowls, drumming, etc.) at specific power grid points. Simple prayer by the healing circle each day will send a pulse of energy to the grids for healing and raising frequency to a higher pitch - vibration - tone - soul note.

    Prayers can be guided for anything needed in the person's life. They may include:

  • psychospiritual and transformational topics
  • improved physical health, depression,
  • love
  • overcoming abuse
  • career

    There is power in group energy. Thought is received by the grids with a more powerful pulse if send by a larger number of souls.

    Many people start their own healing circles. Perhaps you would like to create a circle of your own.

    Healers - such as those who working with Reiki energies - often create healing circles.

    You may contact a healing circle if you wish to request healing-prayer for someone.

    Humankind has eternally sought inspiration, understanding and healing from stones and circles. Native Americans honor stones as 'the oldest living relatives'. Shamanism often involves a healing circle.

    Jews and Christians alike have gathered near stone tabernacles or stone temples for centuries to worship and seek guidance.

    The ancient Western European cultures believed that stones in a circle had magical, spiritual and healing properties.

    The Hindu religion uses a mandala, or sacred circle,

    for meditation, life direction, and healing.

    From the statues of Stone Age matriarchal cultures to the ancient pyramids of Egypt or Stonehenge in England, people have turned to stones, circles, and rings of stone for aid in the timeless human struggles with life, growth, and healing.

    A healing circle made of stones is based on this ancient and compelling attraction to the circle and to stones. The circle is a symbol present across time in all religions and cultures, for the circle is endless and timeless.The circle suggests an unbroken wholeness in time and space, repeating over and over without end.The cycle of our lives moves in repeated and interwoven circles. Our day moves in a circle, as does our months (moon cycle),and years. The journeys we take in our lives begin at our home base, move away, and circle back.

    Plato wrote The soul is a circle.

    I see the soul as a circular spark of light energy.

    Have you ever seen circles -
    sparks of light -
    moving between dimensions?

    On several occasions I have stared into someone's eyes
    in a dimly lit room
    to see their past lives
    and have gone back as far as their soul spark!

    Try this exercise sometime.
    Be patient as it can take time.

    You can also stand in front of a mirror
    in dark room
    place a flashlight beneath your face
    focus on your eyes
    the widows to the soul
    and see your own soul spark!

    Miracles Happen Every Day - Ada Marie

    Ada Marie is a friend who lives in southern California. She works as a healer and energy worker.

    Ada Marie believes in miracles.

    On Friday the 13th - October 1972 - Ada Marie was stabbed 26 times. Her healing path resulted in a journey that restored her to perfect health. This set on her on a path of healing and enlightenment.

    Ada Marie has given us an affirmation she would like us to use every morning and evening. She believes that saying this affirmation will help to raise personal and universal consciousness.

    "I am the perfect created thought and feeling
    everwhere present in the mind and hearts of individuals."

    Ada's Marie's book Miracle In Your Fingertips

    This book is geared towards helping people work to restore their health to perfection.

    Ada Marie also runs a healing circle which has over 4,000 members and has room to include 100 others. Each morning between the houes of 3AM-6PM - Ada Marie sends healing to everyone on the list by saying their name out loud and checking their energy to see if there is a problem. If you would like to become part of Ada's healing circle - please contact her through email.