The Goddess Hathor dates back to pre-dynastic times and is considered a creational force.

She is one of those entities who seems to have played many roles - that can confuse the reader.

As this is all mythological tales - each aspect of that soul wearing a different mask - one must look at the significance of the title of each role and what it represented to the people who would have lived at that time.

In our timeline - we accept the roles of Ascended Masters as teachers - knowing that the same character has played many roles - each bringing different rays and teaching.

The horned cow-goddess of love, she was also the deity of happiness, dance and music, and a protector of women. She is depicted as a cow, as a woman with the head of a cow, or as a woman with who wears the stylized cow-horns which hold in them the solar disk. Her symbols also included the papyrus reed, the snake and a rattle called a sistrum - the sistrum representing her as the goddess of music and dancing.

Hathor's name appears to mean "house of Horus", referring to her role as a sky goddess, the "house" denoting the heavens depicted as a great cow.

Hathor was the daughter of Nut and Ra - the wife of Ra, mother of Ihy.

Many legends portray her as the wife of Horus of Edfu, The fruit of this union was Horus the Younger .

In early Egyptian mythology she was the mother of the sky god Horus, but was later replaced in this capacity by Isis. Hathor then became a protectress of Horus.

She was the goddess of love, fertility, joy, and the patron of women and marriage.

She was the goddess of love and beauty, and was often identified with Aphrodite of Greek mythology. She is depicted either as a cow or in human form wearing a crown consisting of a sun disk held between the horns of a cow.

There appears to be two aspects to Hathor's personality:

  • her vengeful side which took on the leonine form of the goddess Sekhmet and tried to destroy humanity following the rebellion in the creation myth
  • her bovine form which is associated with sexuality, joy and music.

    Hathor took on an uncharacteristically destructive aspect in the legend of the Eye of Ra. According to this legend, Ra sent the Eye of Ra in the form of Hathor to destroy humanity, believing that they were plotting aganist him. However, Re changed his mind and flooded the fields with beer, dyed red to look like blood. Hathor stopped to drink the beer, and, having become intoxicated, never carried out her deadly mission. Therefore as a fertility goddess and a goddess of moisture, Hathor was associated with the inundation of the Nile. In this aspect she was associated with the Dog-star Sothis whose rising above the horizon heralded the annual flooding of the Nile. In the legend of Ra and Hathor she is called the "Eye of Ra."

    The sun disc reresents the creational light - the word Re - Ra - meaning ray of light.

    As with all Gods - she carried a staff tha connected her energies back to the creational program - and like the other Gods /Goddesses could use her rods to create magic / illusion.

    Her image could also be used to form the capitals of columns in Egyptian architecture. Her principal sanctuary was at Dendera, where her cult had its early focus, and where it may have had its origin. At Dendera, she was particularly worshipped in her role as a goddess of fertility, of women, and of childbirth. At Thebes she was regarded as a goddess of the dead under the title of the 'Lady of the West', associated with the sun god Re on his descent below the western horizon. The Greeks identified Hathor with Aphrodite who was Venus (as in Hathors from Venus).

    Temple of Hathor at Dendera


    Thoth and Hathor are depicted as primal deities.

    Thoth represents the principles of cosmic order and harmony.


    The Hathors are an interesting part of our genetic memories. We receive information about them from the grids which created the program which creates our reality. That program is generated from the main crystal in the Great Pyramid which connects to 12 other pyramids that formed a matrix, grid system, when the program was created. This program allows us to tap into our genetic memories of past lives in other programs wherein we encountered higher level beings.

    The Hathors are supposedly a race of beings from the higher dimensions of Venus. They are masters of the grid of sound and tones. With that comes the language of vibration as well as the tones of the Urim and Thumim the breastplate of the high Gods. With that comes the lock and key tones to the dimensional gates and portals.