Harold Egeln- Temporal Anomalies Rabbits - Metaphors

March 7, 2001 - My friend Harold Egeln stopped by to talk about the feelings I have been having about TIME and related synchronicities with his life.

Harold and I met in 1989 - my transition year.

Harold researches UFO sights - energy fields - and most other things.

He's a reporter for a local newspaper in Brooklyn.

The entity he works with - which is sees as a Grey - is called ZE-EM.

I quickly realized why he would chose that name.

Z - this all links back to Z!

EM - they all link through Electromagnetic Energies!

Even Alex's entity - Magic 8 - who Alex see only as an EM entity - Magic 8 - magnetics - 8 - infinity = Source!

Back to Harold . . .

We hadn't spoken in months so I went on to tell him about my trip to Egypt - the watch that disappeared on Dec. 11th then reappeared in front of Irene and me on Dec. 12 - 12:12 at 12:12 in the morning!

Harold said that on Dec. 2, 2001 - three days before I went to Egypt - he and other witnesses saw a 'rod' shaped UFO over the Verrazano Bridge - in the morning. My mind immediately went to the serious of images from the trip that Irene and I took with all sort of rods and moving EM energy balls. Ah! It does all connect and weave together like a puzzle. With each piece you place in your consciousness - the more enlightened you become.

I do believe that those rods and Alex's plasma orbs are always there - we just don't pay attention - or don't have a high enough frequency. As with all strange - UFO type anomalies - Harold reported a sort of telepathic message - to look in that direction at that time. This happens for us when our conscious frequency connects with the EM source and it seems to say, "Look at me! Just want to say hello!" - Though sometimes there are other telepathic messages given.

We know why this happens! The person - in this case it was Harold - attracts the experience for any number of reasons. We call this synchronicity!

Harold has never really been into the concept of Time - per se - but suddenly everything is 'coming up' pocket watches - clocks - time - alarm clocks - not to mention awareness of playing a game with the good old TRICKSTER! I guess Harold and I are on the 'same page'. He said this all began in June 2000 on 6-12 - the 6-12 connection. Scroll to the middle of these archives.

Apparently there was a sighting on that June 6, 1995 in Coney Island! Hey! That's where I lived as a child and where that image of me on the bicycle was taken. Remember? Is there synch once again? Hmmm . . . . 'Coney' is the old English word for 'rabbits'. More games!

The 6 - 12 . . .

6= the old star of David - the Tree of Life - Kaballah - Sacred Geometry.

12= 1+2=3 into 1 - remember that from the crop circle patterns?

There is an off-Broadway play that opened last weekend that deals with UFO visitations. Harold and some of the members of his group consulted on the development of the play.

It takes place in 1955! Hey! My experience was in 1954!

The play opens with the music 'Rock Around The Clock'!

Music - Harmonics - Clocks - Circles -
Cycles of Time - The Whole (Hole) - Completion

In the play a man comes onstage wearing a black trench coat - holding a pocketwatch on a chain - time is changing - shifting - great triggers for the audience!

This shifts to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland - - - - Alice Archetypes

the one who is running away with the watch.

Alice looks through the looking glass at what she perceives as reality.

We are a mirror reflection of ourselves in other realities.

Harold and I did that thing where you sit across from someone - in a dimly lit room - and stare into each others' eyes to see the person across from you in a past/parallel life.

What he saw when he looked at me was most unsual. He saw me as a mirror - reflecting everything and everybody. He said, "When I look at you, I see a mirror. You are a reflection!" Could he be another 'mirror image' for me?

OK! We know the deal - the illusion of time is Marching on - (It is now March - March is here - the March hare - hear tones ) - the Trickster trying to enlighten us with yet another game. OK! We got it!

Harold also had synchronicities with the rabbit Harvey - from the movie about a man named Elwood Dowd who sees an invisible rabbit! We are back to the Trickster - Magician - Magnetic energies - El - God - the 'rabbit in the hat - disappearing rabbit hat trick! The illusion of Time is about to disappear! That is my work!

The magician also links to wands - rods - EM rods - EM energies - EM grids - which create the illusion of third dimension.

Then we have the Easter bunny - which is on display in many local stories - linked with Easter eggs - eggs - creation!

Then there's the metaphors - - The Cat In The Hat Comes Back - Sekhmet - creational forces and energies returning!

"Hey Z! Just tell me 'when' . . . . . . .

"What do you me there's no 'when' . . . . as there is no 'Time'!!??

" *%&%$*""!!!

"If there is no TIME why are we WAITING for THE EVENT to happen?"

While working with Harold I saw him riding on the back of an elephant - you know . . sitting in one of those seats. The elephant was walking slowly.

Harold appeared to be carrying those sticks people use to keep their balance when walking the tightrope. I looked again. Those weren't sticks! They were 6 rods.

Harold's job is to keep the EM energies - the rods - balanced for those of us linked with Time and closing this program!

I guess many other people are living where they are as balancers of EM energies - points of light - in their neighborhoods. Eventually they all find each other as now we seek those of like frequency and agenda.

No time to shilly shally . . . Time's a'wastin' . . . Alice in Wonderland - We are in Wonderland - falling through a hole (portal) to get here - illusion - the caterpillar who metamorphasizes into the beautiful butterfly then flies free! (Yeah! I like a happy ending)! I guess we are now in the cocoon stage.

Funny synchronicity with Harold . . .

I tape recorded some of what Harold said so I would remember what to type for this column.

As Harold was leaving - I picked up the tape recorder - and we heard ticking noises coming from the recorder - not from the tape but the recorder itself! (Laugh).

It just kept ticking as we listened!!

Humanity seems to 'take a licking' and 'keep on ticking'! Time-ex watches! Ex=the past! (laugh)!!

Harold and I did some energy work on another level when he was here. We both felt the energy shift!

After he left I went to bed immediately - though it was only 8 PM.

I actually didn't feel I was here at all - so why 'hang out'!!

At 2:30 AM - Wednesday morning - I woke up as if a bell went off in my brain!

I felt as if someone was screwing one of those cables thingies into the back of my head - pineal gland - as in the movie 'Matrix' - Keannu Reeves - Matrix=Girds=Akashic Records - Programs of our Reality - the place where the information about the truer reality - and how to move back and forth between realities was revealed.

There was so much done to me that I couldn't believe it. I linked with all of the people I work with in 3D and wondered if they processed a move to what I believe is the next Level - so to speak - as I had - where you can move in and out of the Game at will!

Something was triggered in the grids once again and we were part of it.

The next day I discovered that all of them had awaken at that time and felt the processing.

They saw symbols of keys and information was given to them!

I didn't actually see any clocks. This was an EM experience and more powerful than ever before.

Last night I slept deeply but woke up once again with the pressure in my pineal gland - also known as the Third Eye.

When I work with Z he always processes through the crown chakra. I know most people go through the heart chakra - but Z likes to start from the top and filter things down in that manner.

But this is different.

It is not uncomfortable.

Oddly I had lots of energy yesterday - though things in 3D didn't flow easily.

As you know - we have many energy bodies experiencing at the same time. We like to feel centered when we wake up in this reality each day. We like to feel all of our bodies are aligned. Yet many people cannot seem to align their bodies. They seem them as floating around out there. This is because we are losing the magnetics and the grids are slipping away!

Today I woke up with that same feeling in the pineal glad - and still feel attached - as if my body had to wake up here but is much busier elsewhere doing things in preparation to help out this 'old vehicle' I am using in third dimension now.

As we put the pieces of the puzzle together
and figure out what is going on in the program . . .

I know that we are on the right track . . .

I was amazed at Tuesday's stats - over 300,000.

Thank you all for joining me in this adventure! It's lots of fun!

Am I the Trickster having fun in 3D?

Could he be part of all of us?

People are waking up!

It's about TIME!

In 2001 we move our clocks forward on April 1st

which is April's Fool's Day!! The Trickster!

Spring forward - Springs-Spirals-Synchronicities in Time!

The Fool! The Fool in the Tarot deck!

Many interpreters of the Tarot consider the Fool to be a central card to the whole deck. The Fool is a special card among the 22 of the Major Arcana.

It's Card 0 - or 22 - depending on your system. In a real sense, understanding this card opens up the Tarot - and a lot more.

#22 is also a stargate trigger number like 11:11.

The Fool strides trustingly over the precipice, and, according to the Tarot, his trust is well placed.

The whole 22 cards of the Major Arcana are seen by some interpretors as the Fool's journey, which ends with the World, key 21, which is about successful completion, accomplishment and fulfillment.

There are a lot of other qualities which lead to that success, but they would be worthless without the Fool's willingness to trust and be open to that journey.

The Fool stands by the cliff top, his head held high. He looks forward, a flower in one hand and a dog by his side. The mountains from his past experiences are well behind him and he is eager and excited to begin his new journey.

The sun is shining and it is a clear day. He is full of hope as he gazes skywards, not appearing to notice the drop before him. He is traveling light and appears not to have a care in the world. He has nothing with him other than the bare essentials yet unbeknownst to the fool, there is a long trip ahead of him.

The fool is the first card of the Tarot and one of the most important. The image of the Fool standing on the cliff represents the beginning of the Tarot and the beginning of a long journey.

Divinatory Meaning

The fool is presented in many books as meaning various definitions of the word 'fool' - careless, foolhardy and reckless. As you can see by the description above nothing could be further from the truth. When we see the Fool in a reading we can be sure that a new beginning is in store for the querent and they are about to get what is often referred to as a 'new lease on life'. When you see this card relating to love it can mean a new love relationship or an new start in an existing one and when about work it can show a new career path is on the way.

The fool can also mean, and very often does mean, a MAJOR choice is to be made by the querent. The person will have to make a major decision about where they are going to be going next in life which will affect their entire existence. Consequently, the person will then be placed on the path like the Fool. With few tools and a long way to go. Yet with an exciting new adventure beginning.

Are we the 'Fools'??

The trickster has a great sense of humor!

What a Game he plays!!

I am guided to post this image here today!!

Could my soul be telling me a new Tree of Life
has been planted?

1954 - UFO Sightings

In 1954 there was a famous case of an alien encounter linking to Time.

In 1954 they had a lot of UFO landings in the south of France. Site 2 - UFO's 1954

There were witnessed all of the world
with the greatest concentration in France.

There is a reported incident of a farmer walking down the road.

An alien - a man in a space suit came up to him and asked, "What time is it?"

The farmer replied, "It is 2 o'clock!"

The alien replied, "You Fool! It is 6 o'clock!" and runs off.

Time Fools us!

Synchronicity - time - everything is falling into place!

The same day I had my experience in the Nevada desert - President Eisenhower supposedly met with Grey aliens in that area.

He 'disappeared' for several hours - then said he had dental work done at that Time!

Is there a synchronicity there?

I have no memory link this . . . .

Curiouser and curiouser. . . .