Halloween 2001 - Full Moon - Blue Moon

I had an amazing time at the Halloween party in Manhattan last night hosted by WABC TV.

The club was called 'Man-Ray' and held over 300 people on two floors that connected with a slanted staircase so you could see upper and lower floors when you entered.

I sat in a cozy table downstairs - in a corner I picked out - based on feng shui. The table had fabric drapped over a pole of some kind, giving an illusion of the Middle East, with candles.

A party planner had come in and worked most of the day on the already amazing ambiance.

Again I my limo driver passed the area called 'Ground Zero' - named after the World Trade Center Attack. Police patrol everywhere with check points at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. At night the area is lit with huge flood-lights as the workers continue to clear debris. They wear face masks and other protection from toxins in the air. The lights make the scene look like a movie set.

The atmosphere at the party was uplifting. Most of the guests were college graduates - 25-35 - though some were in their 40's. It was sort of an 'Aly Mc Beal' crowd. They all work in various areas of media.

It was a major ego trip for me as the line to read with me extended down the club lower level and up the stairs. They paid me to stay an extra hour after which time I was exhausted. I gave out all of my business cards.

I couldn't believe that through all the noise - talking and music - I was still able to hear spirits on the other side.

Part of me was guided to ask for 'quite' and do what my friend John Edward does - but this was party-time - and talking to people who have crossed over is about healing issues and releasing pain - too intense for this group.

Most people were into readings and had some metaphysical awareness - which shows hrowing awareness. It wasn't that long ago that men would come over just to challenge me and the information. They would laugh and consider it all a joke. No more!

One woman told me her sister is a Wiccan Witch - good for this time of the year and Halloween.

Another woman wanted to learn about Alchemy. We know where her soul is taking her - on to the next level of experience.

And now on to a day of readings and kiddies stopping by after school. . .

Have fun!

The good old days! Palmistry was always 'my thing'!

"Back again so soon kiddies!"

Girl, "We want to learn more about the Internet?"

"I see . . . In the 20th Century Man will created something called a computer. It is created by design as a window through which humanity can move to learn about anything, though you can't always believe everything you read. It will bring the world together, make the world seem smaller, as time appears to move faster, and souls of like mind find each other.

"Come look into my 'Crystal Ball'!

"As I told you yesterday, in the 21st Century you and I are going to meet again because of the Internet. You will find me as you search for your 'soul purpose'. Remember to look for a website called Crystalinks! Boy, "We don't believe you! That's impossible!" [Mutters under breath] "Why must each generation be so limited in its thinking!"] "Here's a tip, kid . . . Any and all things are possible! If you didn't believe . . . you would not have come back today on Halloween to learn more!" Boy: "We don't believe you can move through time and create magic!" [Mutters under breath] "This job is really getting to me!" "Listen up! I'm only going to say this once and then I'm back to 2001 where people are open-minded . . . I'm really a High Priestess from ancient Egypt Check out my cat, Sekhmet! She's here from Egypt too . . . On Halloween cats come out and do all sorts of things. On Halloween 2001 there will be a full moon - which will be called a blue moon though the moon will appear orange!" [Children giggle] "Hey don't blame me! I didn't design this program! Blame that on Thoth! He's into celestial stuff!" "Now shut up and watch this trick . . ." [She turns to the cat]. Okay Sekhmet . . . show them who you are on the Halloween full/blue moon!"

20 foot high cat
[Kids run away!!] "Hey! Where did you go? [Looks around] "You've got to stop scarring people like that and hangin' out with the Trickster! I've got to get back to October 31, 2001 where people are sane! Where's my time machine? I know flying isn't safe in October 2001. Guess I'll have to fly the old fashioned way! Come on Sekhmet! Let's get flying. Really logging in those 'frequency' flyer miles these days !!! It's a long way back to Brooklyn! What did you say? . . . Go through the grids? Great idea . . . . Race you back home! Winner gets to leave the Game!

Blue Moons and Halloween - It's All About Magic

To me the illusion of our reality is all about Magic and magnetics - polarity.

Halloween is about many things - for us kids it's about fun and candy!

I remember sewing costumes for my children when they were young. This was long before that had store bought costumes - except for the little ones in the boxes - a jumpsuit and a plastic mask held on with a elastic. Now-a-days - everyone wears make-up and really dresses for the occasion!

Halloween meant fun and magic - often with a magic show as my daughter, Zsia's birthday is October 27th.

This is the time of the Trickster - Clown - Magician . . . . so do beware . . . . . . . . even in your meditations!!

Generally there are three or four Blue Moons on Halloween each Century. Click for more stats

Later this afternoon I will be picked up in a limo as I head off to a Halloween Party in lower Manhattan. The party is not far from the World Trade Center.

Yesterday I received a call from a client, Adam, who works in the area. He had been walking past the Tower One when the first plane hit. As he ran to safety - he saw people jumping out of windows and heard the screams. He said he was in shock for weeks - just getting over it now. There are no words to describe being there and witnessing this event. He is metaphysical and has a higher understand of events - yet to be there is experiencing a nightmare.

Adam is back to work now but he said the air is so bad he wonders how many people will get cancer from the contaminates in the air. Anthrax still has many New Yorkers worrying - though this all seems to be about fear and how we deal with it.

There will be many meditations/ceremonies over the next few days.

Many people will connect with the high energies

of this Full Moon in Taurus

which is called a Blue Moon.

There will be another Blue Moon on November 30.

A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in one month.

Moons are Lunar Energies -

Goddess - The Feminine - The Emotions - Intuitive Time

Here are two pictures I took from

my terrace during the last blue moon.

These images seem to represent some sort

of end time transition for me.

as does this one.

Other Blue Moon/Orb Images

Now how did I know I would find a picture linked to ancient Egypt? Leo (lion - male) and Aquarius (feminine)