Our reality is based on an electromagnetic energy grids.

These grids contains all of the knowledge and experiences we can have while in the program of our reality.

As the grids are multidimensional - we can experience on many levels and frequencies - and best of all - we can do it at the same time.

This results in feelings of:

  • Deja Vu
  • I don't belong here - My soul is connected elsewhere
  • I don't feel grounding here
  • I know we are soul mates as I can feel our connection
  • Karma - You and I have issues to work out - Isn't that why we popped into 3D planet Earth
  • I am starting to experience beyond 3D - I can see past the illusion

    Our reality is based on frequencies. We each have a frequency signature as we are also created from EM energy. This is seen in our auras. Everything in the grid program has its own frequency signature.

    These days - many people like to explore beyond 3D. They understand that for now they are grounded in the 3D illusion - yet they sense something more.

    Their dreams become more clairvoyant. They see future events for themselves or on a global level.

    They are drawn to meditate, remote view, astral travel, hypnotic regressions, etc.

    But where are we going when we move our consciousness around in this manner?

    Whenever you 'travel' - other than with your physical body - you are traveling faster than the speed of light - and you are moving through the grids. It is ALL about Grid Travel.

    You move out from Source in the beginning. Then you travel through the various grid programs to experience.

    When you close your eyes and go beyond third dimension you GRID TRAVEL. You can label it whatever you want - but that is what you are doing. You can be anybody and experience them through your awareness.

    You move along the grid and stop wherever you want to go.

  • Places on planet Earth
  • Places outside the planet - all that comprises the universe - the planets, stars, moon, etc.
  • Other timelines - past, present, future
  • Other planets and star systems that are connected to our mythologies - Sirius - Orion - Draco - Pleiades and the entities that are part of their programs. You may discover who you are in an alien form. Often an alien you connect with is an aspect of your soul in another form.
  • Other frequency realms - Ascended Masters - Spirit Guides - Angels
  • View other aspects of your soul and what they are doing

    Wherever you go
    please remember that it is all

    An illusion, a game, a program.
    Keep your perspective.
    Enjoy the game. Make it fun.