Journey To The Grids

Connie and I were chatting on the phone when Z - in the guise of an ancient sage - came through a 'window'.

He beckon us to follow him.

We passed through the window and saw a bright light - the one you might think of as Source.

We merged with sourced.

We telepatically asked to be taken further.

We found ourselves at the edge of some sort of the grids.

The soles of my feel were electrically charged. This means I made a 'soul connection' - for that is how my body reacts to soul experiences these days.

Connie and no longer needed to communicate verbally at this frequency. We could hear each other telepathically.

I had visited these grids long ago - but at the time didn't realize these were the grids that support our reality.

Connie told me today that she went to the grids as a child to get healed from a respitory infection.

We heard tones.

Connie saw colors looked like taffy. She felt like a small ball of light. He telepathically pulled the 'taffy' as she felt she could create anything from these colors and tones.

I saw the grids as wavy gray plates with a field of black dots running geometrically through them. They went on and on and on. The girds were never stationery.

After spending time here I wanted to go beyond these grids but was unable to.

The prickly sensations in the soles of my feet felt like someone was pinching them very strongly!

At this point - there was NOTHING as our phone lines both went dead.

I shall return.

Deja and I talked about the movement of the grids. She said that in the past they were flatter - more level in their movements. This made is easier for us to connect with third dimension. Now they are more porous and appear to flux - waves. When tryiing to connect with grid points that used to be easy to find - this is no longer the case. We connect but often miss the grid point we were able to reach before. As the fluxing grids often touch each other - we can connect with other realities.

Let's say the grids looked like this

(I see them wavy gray plates that are endless.)

Presently there are instances where the grids touch.

This is where we get glimpses of other realities
parallel realities - as they all exist side by side.

This makes it difficult for us to return
to the 3D grid markers which connect our
consciousness to this physical plane of existence.

As I view the grids - they do not spin. They just flux!

I returned to the grids last night to watch them once again. I concluded that this is as far as one's consciousness can go while still attached to the consciousness of this program of this reality. If you take one's consciousness out of the program most likely means to remove any trace of its signature from the porgram on any level - It is as if the soul never existed in it at all.

Deja and I talked about the work we did in the labs in Phila. during World War II. Apparently our work followed along the lines of Tesla and Einstein. We worked with light - bending - refracting - it at different angles - I see 90 degree angles. We and those we worked with accidently altered the molecular structure of a metal that was to be used as part of a communication device. This metal could be in a gel form then would solidify into long filaments that carried light. It seemed to work with photon particles that moved in pulses of light which passed through a tube.

From there we created some sort of laser-type gun. This apparatus had the abilities to capture light - refract it in a way that can calibrate - create a rip in the space-time fabric itself - the electro-magnetic grids. This enabled time travel - or so it appeared.

Somewhere in all of this - several of our souls are seeking something not complete from that lifetime. It is all about light - creational energies - the grids and of course the game in which we have chosen to play!

Shedding Our 3D Skin

Off and on these days people feel time escalating and reality taking on a more surreal appearance.

There is a strong desire in many people to return to sleep state while in their waking reality time here. They wish to return to their multi-dimensional experiences or just enjoy being out of 3D and moving freely through the grids which anchor our sonsciousness into different realities.

The pull for the souls to remain stuck into the physical 3D body is becoming more and more difficult.

When we do return to 3D there is often an internal struggle. There is an inability to perform 3D tasks that used to come easily. I see this with people in all walks of life!

Michelle reported that there is a need for the souls to remain unburdened at this time. They cannot respond well to authority or an overload of responsibilities - anything that hampers their ability to be free. They handle events in 3D as best they can. Then they want to play!

There is a struggle within us to makes sense of the 3D paradigms vs. the realization that it is all an illusion. On other levels we understand what is going on. Things make sense. Not here! The ability to understand is not built inot the 3D grid programs.

While we are sleeping - perhaps when meditating - we look down at our physical bodies - in most cases they appear weary - and find it more and more difficult to connect through the grids that anchor us back into that body! It's like trying to wear an old suit of clothing that is - outdated - outmoded - no longer fits - and will fall apart in the reality in which your consciousness wishes to experience.

We are the Iguana

shedding our old skin - for the new

as we travel on our journey.

The Car=Vehicle of the Soul Journey.