Ellie's Theories on the Great Pyramid as a Creational Source

The Great Pyramid has always entrigued humanity with its geometric relations - including Pi, Phi, and the Pythagorean Theorem - that link to all things in our reality, its construction and dimensions, geophysical relations, secret chambers and passageways, and its link to the astronomical and astrological patterns.

It sits proudly at in the center of our planet - universe.

My earliest memories as a young child was of the Great Pyramid and a link with time travel. I knew even then that I was here for something linked to the concept of 'time' and that I was to affect it in some way.

I have been psychic all of my life. My partner on the other side is Zoroaster - Z - Thoth - Hermes, among other names.

in 1989 I - having completed much of the other karma in my life - I moved cmpletely into Metahysical studies. At that time I met a man who owned a book shop in Long Island, New York.

I drove out to see the shop - books, crystals, etc.

The store was fascinating.

For some odd reason he lead me to the basment storage area of the store where he had a 9 foot pyramid in 3 sections - set aside in a carton box. He told me that it had been there for a long time but no one had bought it. Therefore he had placed itin the basement until he felt the right person was to come for it.

I wasn't sure what to say to him - yet Z told me to buy it. I bought it along with the Keys of Enoch and my life was never the same.

The pyramid became my trademark - and it felt right!

Within the pyramid I did readings, healing and channelings.

I lectured on the history of the pyramids in Egypt
the Great Pyramid always calling me 'Home'.

In the 1990's I hosted a TV talk show in Manhattan
called "The Metaphysical Experience".

Each show ended with a guided music meditation in my pyramid.

The journey continues . . . in Cyberspace.

The Great Pyramid has been linked to Atlantis, aliens, and other theories of creation that go beyond human capabilities. Those inclined to esoteric studies have brought forth great visions about its creation and how it functions.

It is the connection to the Goddesses, Gods, Myths, that repeat in patterns through the 'cycles of times' for our souls.

For thousands of years it has challeneged the greatest minds in science, mathematics, philosphy, archaeology, and other science and social sciences have escaped the quest for the answers to its riddles.

It is an initiation chamber to help humanity in this time of awakening.

It is the sacred flame - the Source of the Light - the central Sun - that many people see.

It is the light at the end of the tunnel experienced but those who have near death experiences - or dream of such light.

It is the 'time clock' that creates the illusion of our space-time and reality.

It is the creator and the creation.

It resonates to the harmonics of its creations - through a multidimensional grid system that connects us all back to its Source.

It links us all creating outward from a central hub - like a spider spinning its web.

It works in conjunction with 11 other pyramids - on multidimensional levels to create programs for the souls to experience on many levels at one 'time'.

Many have quested after its secrets - the scared geometry that has become part of our memory now - after thousands of years of forgetfullness by humanity - its secrets passed down by different Mystery Schools.

It creates the Hall of Records, Akashic Record, and memory of each program.

It is the ebb and flow of the collective unconscious - ever changing - just as you think you understand it.

It is the 'Game' played by the 'Trickster' - the Magic - Mag(net)ic - created by the mind behind it.

It creates the patterns of the crop circles - and all other illusions through electro-magnetic rods. The rods create through tones and crystals.

One small area is made from a metal that links to the the capstone which is not in our dimension. The capstones houses the place which is the center of of its creation - a control tower - if you will. It will allow only those of the right frequency to enter. Those people who would have the 'keys' for a 'stargate' - for lack of a better name - to the next evolution.

It creates the reality of the unverse and everything we experience.

It just IS!