Ellie's Golden Years

This evening I took a break from writing the screenplay.

I lay back on the couch in the den (not in the dark - but in a very well-lit room) - and relaxed thinking about the world situation.

I saw bin Landen in Afghanistan sitting in a room watching TV. He didn't seemed stressed at all - actually he seemed quite focused. He was alone except for a few people I heard talking in another room.

The phone rang. It was Anna. and Dianne L. in Canada.

IDiane - who reads auras very well - told me I was surrounded in a huge golden aura and had an odd looking thick golden chain around my neck. Within the aura she saw a male on my left and a female on my right - both linked to the work I am doing. Sarah and Alexander perhaps? Ellie's male -female aspects?. Some people see them as Isis and Osiris - Mary and Jesus - Adam and Eve - all creational entities.

Dianne also saw a scorpion rising and a lizard.

Gold=alchemy=golden mean geometry=creation = fibonacci =spiraling into level of consciousness

I decided to cconference AdaMarie into our call, as has been teaching aura reading for over 20 years.

We conferenced her into this conversation and asked her what she saw. She saw the exact same thing in reference to my aura. It blew me away. She said the scorpion is changes to higher frequency - learning lessons about to manifest. The golden color was very high and pure as it soon filtered into sort of a stardust effect - which she said meany moving into less dense frequency.

She felt the man and woman - who said nothing but looked straight ahead - were two of my guides not Z - perhaps Sarah and Alexander - the main characters in my book - who have come to guide my writing at this time.

Everyone read everyone else's auras and we discovered they all had gold in them. Mine was only gold (alchemy) - as was Ada's. Anna had electric blue mixed with gold and Dianne had turquoise with the gold.

Suddenly - as the girls were talking - I saw a funny looking bug very slowly flying - almost like dangling - around over my computer - the large window to the terrace a few feet behind it. The bug (?) was black, the size of a fly but long and skinny and looked funny as it was veritcal in flight with no wings. I couldn't understand where it came from as the windows and doors were closed. I watched it for about two minutes finally deciding I would have to get a magazine and swat it. I said nothing to the girls as I reached for a magazine just behind me keeping the bug in view. Sudddenly there was a tiny 'rip in space-time' and it disappeared.

Armed with my magazine I told the girls what happened as I searched for it. It was gone and never returned.

I have been asking for someone to come through from another grid reality - but a vertical bug!?

This prompted the girls and I to merge our energies and create a golden grid that formed a golden ball where the grid points met. We could all feel this unique tingling energy. I could see spirits trying to manifest as I sat there in the well-lit room and watched - hoping something bigger than a fly would manifest. No luck yet though everyone felt this physical interdimensional experience would happen for me again with a humanoid lifeform.

I went back to writing S & A and only this morning realized it was Thursday and another week - in space-time - was about to end.

I want to mention that the girls and I - and other people I know - have had the feeling over the past few days to travel somewhere - anywhere - even a long drive - but no one knows why. We all sense change.