Hello! I'm Giovanni, Ellie's Grandson!

Life is a journey from the moment your soul enters your body.

I am now 15 months old and have traveled to many places.

These are my new trains.
I'm learning many skills with them.

Your physical body is the vehicle that moves you through life.
A train is often a symbol of that vehicle.

The train comes in through a tunnel
and will one day return through the same tunnel
as it goes full circle around the tracks.

Your train can be make many local stops
or just go express moving quickly to the End!

Many people can be part of your train journey.

Your train can make one stop or many stops.

It can crash along the way
or chose a safe route.

There are many bridges to cross
and obstacles along the way.

All in All
the trip on planet Earth is a great ride.

Hop on board!

You are the conductor of your train
as I am of mine.

Where do you want to go?

If you want to circle back to some place interesting
just switch your gears!

Please let me know if you are ready to play!

I have just entered the Big Apple . . .
No! Not New York where Grandma lives. . . .
That's the wrong Metaphor!

No! I haven't bought a new Mac!
You're thinking about Grandma again!

Apples represent knowledge.
Planet Earth is like a school.
We leave the safety of Home
then go to school (Earth)
for a little while to learn.
I am not afraid of school nor learning.
I'm a Virgo so I like to learn.
(One more thing . . .
This place has some really cute female energy.
I think I might like playing here for a while!)

Life is about geometry which creates colors, light and sound.
Orange represents balance.
The number 6 represents the 6 pointed Star of David -
which comes from the merge of the Great Physical Pyramid
with its etheral Twin - The Twin Merge.

My left foot is firmly planted in this Tree of Life -
physical reality - male energies.
My right foot is lifting out of this experience.

The circle represents coming 'full circle' now.
Six is the last number before I jump off and go Home.

Notice that I am able to keep my balance at all times.
Can you?