Hi! I'm Giovanni reporting from the Pumpkin Patch on

Pumpkin Festival Day!

"I wonder if I can take a pumpkin home?"

Giovanni enters the land of the Magic Pumpkin People .....

"Maybe I should ask a few friends I meet along the way..."

"Hello Pumpkin Scarecrow".

"How does one get a pumpkin around here?"

"I would help you, if 'I only had a brain!' Just follow the orange pumpkin road.

It is 'this way'.

There are always 'guides' along your journey!"

"Thank you".....

"Hello, Can you help me? I would like a pumpkin please."

If you want a pumpkin, you must ask the King of the Pumpkin Patch!

He gave us this pumpkin.

It will make a fine coach for Cinderella."

"Can you tell me where the Pumpkin King lives?"

"Just follow the orange pumpkin road and you will find him!"

"Thank you".....

"Hello! Who are you?"

"We are the pumpkin pixies! Some people call us elves, fairies, or nature spirits. We live in the Garden and tend the Pumpkins. How may we help you?"

"I am looking for the Pumpkin King. Can you tell me where to find him?"

"When you get to the end of the pumpkin road the Pumpkin King will be waiting for you. You will find him in a place called HOME!"

"Thank you".....

"Look! I see a Pumpkin House!

That must be the home of the Pumpkin King!" "Let me peek inside!"

"Hello! My name is Giovanni! Are you the Pumpkin King?"

"Yes! How may I help you today?"

"May I please have a pumpkin to take home for Halloween?"

"Please take the pumpkin with the flag for all the brave people in your kingdom of Earth.

Take the pumpkin with the light

to bring light to your magic land.

Take the Pyramid of Pumpkins

as the number 3 and pyramids are magical in your land.

And for being such a good boy . . . . "