Gatensbrink's door is located at the end of the Southern Shaft of the Queen's Chamber

September 16, 2002 - TV Special on FOX and National Geographic

Pyramid Rover finds ... another door MSNBC - September 2002

Door shuts on pyramid's mysteries BBC - September 2002

During the two hour TV special, a robot was placed through a hole drilled in a wall of the Queen's Chamber.

As I predicted for weeks before this event, they would find nothing but another empty chamber, or continuation of the shaft.

The Great Pyramid does not contain sarcophagi - statues - inscriptions by creators, other than those placed there by humans.

Story 3 - New Door in Cheops Pyramid

Egyptologist Zahi Hawas, said that they sent the robot all the way through the upper northern shaft and found that the pyramid's passage sloped northward into different directions, since the ancient Egyptians endeavoured to avoid the Pyramid�s great hall.

The new discovery, Hawas said, reveals that there are three doors inside the Great Pyramid, leaving the Egyptologists in a state of perplexity. Such doors were constructed for religious purposes due to the books found there, such as "the gateways," "the cavities," and "two roads" which guided the dead to the hereafter and warned them against the dangers they might face.

Hawas said that the Great Pyramid�s entrance was facing the polar star until the interior design of the Pyramid was changed, forming a labyrinth of corridors to mislead thieves. The Pharaohs might have used such doors as a symbol of their ascendance to heaven. Continued

Realities Beyond the Recent Robotic Probe of the Queen's Chamber JJ Hurtak

One has to wonder at the reasons for these shafts in the Great Pyramid. The initial theory was that they could have permitted air currents for laborers working beneath thousands of tons of stone. A different theory maintains that the shafts enhanced the ritual intoning of musical sounds; sounds passing over the shaft lip would produce what musicologists call the "Helmholz Effect" (named after German physicist Herman Helmholz), their natural acoustic frequency amplified to coincide with an excitation frequency.

The Handles on Gatenbrink's Door Before After How did the right handle get shorter? Curiouser and curiouser.... I think we've finally got a 'handle' on it!

Interview with Dr. Mark Lehner - Doors in the Great Pyramid

October 2002- Earth Files

Pyramid explored long before robot camera - October 10, 2002 - 10:10

Long before foreigners sunk probes into and set cameras down passageways in the Cheops Pyramid, Caliph Ma'moun (809 AD ) sent a team to hew their way through with picks and shovels to find the treasures of Khufu.

The entrance used by visitors today was the one made by the Caliph's men, who were confronted by a solid, doorless stone mountain.

Caliph Ma'moun was an erudite ruler who was keen to uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt, and he was particularly interested in unravelling the mysteries of the Giza Pyramids.

His men chose a middle point on the north face and proceeded to hack their way in.

They made their task slightly easier by heating the stones and then pouring vinegar on the surfaces, which split the rock.

After several months, they bored only 100 feet into the pyramid. They were about to give up hope when they heard rockfalls inside the building, which was evidence of inner chambers.

Thus encouraged, they resumed digging until they found a downward sloping corridor.

Crawling along this passageway, the Caliph's men came to an empty square chamber.

Eventually they found the king's tomb, but no treasure. Taking another route from the descending passageway, they came across an underground chamber full of stone and debris.

Behind the south wall, another crypt was found. Again, instead of treasure, they came up against a wall of solid rock.

The Caliph ordered that digging operations, the first of their kind in modern times, should stop.

Historians mention that the Pyramid of Cheops had been plundered long before, most probably after the collapse of the Old Kingdom in 2137 BC.

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