Gambling Addictions

Gambling addictions - Compulsive Gambling Disorder

We all gamble is many ways throughout our lives.

Everyone gambles... sure you do. You just don't realize it. OK, you're approaching a toll booth on the interstate. You pick the one that's going to get you through first, right? And at the grocery, you pick the line that is going to move you through the quickest, don't you? Then once you get in a lane, you glance back to see where you would have been, if you had stayed in the other one.

It's all called gambling - and is all harmless until it becomes compulsive.

Gambling addiction is very serious in that people lose their life savings, homes, businesses, families, friends, and more as they are driven by this addiction. They often steal from those they love.

Yesterday I read a woman who has spent the past 5 years living with a compulsive gambler. They have broken up and reconciled many times as they do love each other. But now she is at her 'wit's end'. She has begged him to go for help - but he never stays in a support group long enough to get past his problems. He generally thinks that he has overcome his gambling problem. [They are in their 40's].

Of course I told her how issues are come to the fore now - but that was of no comfort! She wants hin to get past something that pulls deeply in his soul. It is somethings that controls him and keeps him grounded in the Game.

Often clients want me to wave a magic wand and make things functional ! I would if I could! Of course I explain about soul level experiences - but most client just listen politely as I realize they are not connecting with what I am saying! I know what you're thinking, This is because they are not meant to connect, at this time!

But I do audio tape all of my sessions - so when they are ready - they can listen the tape. I just wind up telling them to let the person go until they are ready to get professional help! If the client is strong - they move on often. Sometimes they have no choice.

But many souls need to experience this with a partner - or relative - and need to stay in the experience based on theri needs. Most partners are not compulsive gamblers and have never been.

My client's boyfriend has been married three times - has three children who no longer speak to him - works a full time job - gives the appearnce of having lots of money - when in truth it all supports his habit.

As with other compulsive gambles - he loves the attention - the 'high' he gets when he is betting large amounts of money - the power it gives him - the pretty girls who cling to men with money who are willing to lavish it on them. Actually most of these guys are not that into sex - as ego - and have physical problems in that area!

Most of the compulsive gamblers I have met have other addictive problems that go along with it - drinking - smoking - overeating - loud and obnoxious - sociopathic lying - a chemical imbalance - the need to be the center of attention - love is measured by money - players in a game - live for today without concern about what tomorrow may bring - have at least one friend in jail - have little regard for themselves - the Game is all that matter - the quick fix - the easy buck!

As with all addictive behavior patterns - first there is a need for the person to recognize that there is a problem - and that they can't win back more than they have lost - for in truth they have lost more than money.

In the illusion of the Game - which is a duality - the best they - or any other gambler - can do in the long run - is balance out - break even! That is how the game that created us is set up!

A gambler who goes for help - because of another person - is not solving their own issues - and will gamble again.

Did you know that many teenagers gamble? Usually the stacks are not high - but sometimes that are more than the teen can afford - which could lead to stealing and even jail.

  • Anatomy of a gamble: Our brains detect wins and losses in a third of a second, then trigger March 2002 - Eureka Alert News

  • Did you ever lose time from work or school due to gambling?

  • Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?
  • Did gambling affect your reputation?
  • Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  • Did you ever gamble to get money with which to pay debts or otherwise solve financial difficulties?
  • Did gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?
  • After losing did you feel you must return as soon as possible and win back your losses?
  • After a win did you have a strong urge to return and win more?
  • Did you often gamble until your last dollar was gone?
  • Did you ever borrow to finance your gambling?
  • Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?
  • Were you reluctant to use "gambling money" for normal expenditures?
  • Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?
  • Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned?
  • Have you ever gambled to escape worry or trouble?
  • Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to finance gambling?
  • Did gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
  • Do arguments, disappointments or frustrations create within you an urge to gamble?
  • Did you ever have an urge to celebrate any good fortune by a few hours of gambling?
  • Have you ever considered self destruction or suicide as a result of your gambling?
  • Most compulsive gamblers will answer yes to at least seven of these questions.


    When I go to a casino - I love to shoot craps - sometimes I play blackjack - and generally win!

    Z doesn't guide me - even though I have begged!

    I have placed white lights around slot machines - it never works!

    I have tried shifting grids - this doesn't work either!

    It's the way I have always felt about gambling - if it's your time to win - you will.

    If you are meant to win the lottery - you can pick any random numbers - and you will win!

    I know when to stop.

    I always set my limits!

    I gamble when I'm out in a place where gambling is offered - but never seek it out exclusively.

    When I go to my metaphysical places/conferences - for some reason - many of them are located near gambling casinoes. Not sure why that is . . .??

    I never wager on sports - which is one of the most common forms of gambling. Many people are involved in 'gambling pools' at work! This is just for fun! Often it involves the local lottery! It can't hurt to dream about winning milions of dollars!


    But . . . While in Egypt . . . The hotel I am staying at has a beautiful casino. Perhaps some of my ancient ancestors might want to join me for a high stakes game for old times sake! ::::::::::::: Ellie fantasizing ::::::::: Hello, guys! El's back . . . . [I must whip these guys into shape] You remember the rules . . . Winner takes all . . . Pyramid of choice A little 'get-a-way' in the desert. Choice of aircraft! Some gaudy jewelry and accessories which include Orion's Belt and the 'family jewels'. The 'Keys' to the Great Pyramid with entrance to the Stargate My own gold and enamel sarchophagus complete with mummification services to be placed in the Valley of the Kings. [The Valley of the Queens feels wrong on a soul level.] A barge for the Nile - Perhaps the Nile itself! [I think he forgot the dress code]. Nubian men to wait on me. Let the games begin! I choose craps! Give me a hard 12! [You know 12 is a sacred number!] Hey remember - those Egyptian Gods were big- players that is! Hey! Which one of you stole the capstone?
    Learn to look beyond your physical eyes - past the illusion. It's right there in Dark Matter. Z Now who shifted the Game off its grid? OK Ra! I know your Game! I'm coming to Egypt so watch out! Is that your ankh - or are you just anticipating our meeting?