Crash of Flight 587 in Queens, New York
November 12, 2001

Monday - November 12, 2001

In the energies of a New Moon in Scorpio - November 15th - once again New York experienced another devastating loss - two months and one day after the attack on the World Trade Center. Again we mourn and help souls move into the light.

9:30 AM - Monday

I feel like I'm living a movie - like that new TV show - '24 Hours' - wherein I am always chronologing the disasters facing New York.

Metaphysical friends remind me that what is occurring is part of ancient prophecies and is still being channeled by those who watch us - our higher selves - ET's - Spirit Guides, etc.

A client who relocated from LA to a small town in Arizona - wrote and told me spoke with a Native American man who channels what he calls 'Star People'. They showed him the Trade Center attack just before it happened. The Native American considers this part of what many call the End Time events in which we entered a 'Time of Transition' from 'Fourth World' (era of early- 21st Century techno-materialistic civilization) to 'Fifth World' - an eventual period of increased psychic abilities, social equality, more open, trusting, and ecologically-sensitive culture, and more mutually-responsible, regionally-fraternal society with global consciousness. (See Hopi Prophecies). Though the dates may be off by several years - we are aware that a transition in consciousness is occurring.

Once again New Yorkers are in shock after another airplane crash just a few minutes ago.

I am sitting here listen to the TV news about flight American Airlines 587 - Gate 22 - from JFK to the Dominican Republic - which crashed in Queens - the Rockaways - the home of many of my clients and friends. It is about a 15 minute drive from here - along the Belt Parkway then over the Marine Parkway Bridge to the Rockaway Peninsula. The plane carried 265 people.

This is an area that was hit hard by the deaths of many firefighters and police officers - killed in the World Trade Center Attack on September 11, 2001. What karma these people are experiencing!!

The area is residential - schools, apartment buildings, churches, doctors offices. It is a beach front community comprised of hard working people. Most of the children who grow up there - marry and settle within the area. It is smaller soul group within a larger soul group who remain together joined by life and death. They love living on and near the water. Most humans are attracted to property on water as it is that which connects us to the flow of the collective unconscious - the creational grids - forever changing.

I have many clients in the Rockaways - living and dead! Most of the people who have come to me to channel deceased loved ones from the WTC attack - come from this area. One woman - who lives on a beach block - told me that six families on her block lost people in the World Trade Center Attack. Still reeling from the shock of these events - we find another challenge to this soul group with the crash of Flight 587.

Outside my home all I hear now is the sounds of sirens as ambulances, police, fire fighters from all over the area rush along the Belt Parkway to the scene of the accident. The airports, tunnels, and bridges are now closed so emergency personnel can get through.

New York energy is always on the alert these days and response time to emergencies is quick. In recent years I would watch other disasters around the world and wonder how New Yorkers would respond in such emergency conditions. It was always as if I was sensing something about to come - yet never believing that my beautiful city would be harmed by such a disaster. Yet I never run on Fear! In every scenario I saw New Yorkers showing strength as a group as they overcame all obstacles. As with all places we chose to live - New York has a frequency - a pulse - that we are all linked to and respond as a Soul Unit.

This breakdowns into the energies of the different neighborhoods in NY. In Manhattan alone you can experience Little Italy - then walk up just a few short blocks and find yourself in the energies of Chinatown as if you stepped into another reality. Everywhere in New York - the energies change in a heart beat - a new pulse of reality - some with higher frequencies and some lower - yet all different. You can go from the richest to the poorest neighborhoods by simply turning a corner. Everyone can find an area that personifies their frequency - who they are!

Sunday night I looked at the time grids. They looked like snarled up ball of yarn. I wanted to post what I saw on Crystalinks but but it was down until 8:00 am this morning.

11 AM -

I just returned from shopping for groceries and flowers. I always have fresh flowers on my table as spirits are drawn to flowers. Most flowers last at least one week in my home. As I was selecting the flowers I was assailed by the cries of the souls who went over in this latest air disaster. I stood there looking at the flowers trying to decide what to buy as I am always guided to the many choices available. Someone - on the other side - told me to buy the raspberry-pink roses. I got the entire dozen for $4.00. They look beautiful on my table.

One of my clients owns a small private airline that flies only from JFK to the Dominican Republic. At this time he is not sure how this will effect business as busy season is Christmas which is just around the corner. As for me - I still has no desire to travel anywhere. I have felt this since August. This will not be a Merry Christmas for so many people in 2001 - now only six weeks away!

I have many clients from the Dominican Republic. Some stay here with families for 6 months on six-month visas. They work during that time - off the books - then return home for another 6 months - then repeat the cycle. These are generally family people - very hard working - and can't find work in their countries. They are blue-collar workers.

Other clients were born and raised in the US and are educated and hard working. They are going through the same economic crises most of us deal with in these trying times.

8 PM

So far there are no reported causalties among the people I know. We shall see what develops in the days ahead.

Tuesday Morning - 7 AM

The time grids are calmer but still fluctuate strongly like a graph that has high peaks. I sense trouble ahead but not in NY - in the Pacific area on or near water.

The spirits who have just crossed over who lived in Queens are now assisted by those who crossed in September or by their loved ones on the other side.

The spirits of those who died on the plane scream out in pain.

Last night I worked with many others to help bring these shows into light and understanding. What a continuing nightmare as so many thousands of souls exit the game. What I have discovered about a plane crash is that the souls actually leave the physical body before the final impact.

I have connected wth those on the other side who tell me that this was not terrorism by the same people who attacked the WTC - but there is something wrong with this scenario just as there was when Flight 800 exploded over the Atlantic Ocean on July 17, 1996 - and JFK Jr.'s crashed flight on August 15, 1999. Something feels wrong - and will never add up no matter what. Planes like this just don't blow up - they have back-up systems. I see lots of cover-ups then the conclusion that it was an accident. Something exploded and there was sabotage.

As I look at the time lines - this ball of static electromagnetic energy is still very strong. There will be other incidents in December or possibly as early as next week within the time frame of the New Moon in Scorpio - water. I see the Trickster - saw him on Saturday night again in the guise of Ceasar Romero's character - The Joker - wearing white-face and a wig in right red and chartreuse green.

New York crash 'an accident' - BBC News

Investigators say preliminary evidence points to mechanical failure rather than terrorism as the cause of Monday's air crash in New York.

Flight 587 was bound for the Dominican Republic when it lost an engine and nosedived into the Rockaway Beach residential area of the borough of Queens four minutes after taking off from JFK at 9:13 EST. The pilot's nosedive averted a worse disaster.