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July 21, 2000 - By Ellie

Several female clients have reported an inability to conceive due to low sperm levels with husbands/partners.

I remember the old days when sperm and egg met - courted - and 'bada bim' - 'bada boom' - a 'little one' was on the way!

In those days, talk of fertility clinics was hushed up, and few men would admit to a low sperm count. It made them feel 'less a man'.

Times have changed. Men no longer measure their worth by their . . . 'sperm count'. Right!??

But the poor sperm seem to be under a lot of pressure these days.

Somewhere we read that low sperm count comes 'briefs' that are too tight! At that point many men decided not to wear briefs at all! Other men started wearing boxer shorts. Those ads in the magazines just withered away and died! I don't think that theory 'held much water'! It's concept was very brief!

The next theory had to do with chemicals affecting the quality of sperm! Some of the chemicals involved the water or food - or chemicals on the man's job or in his environment.

Next, sperm seem to be affected by illnesses or the medications men were taking. Hormonal deficiencies can also reduce sperm count.

The most recent reports young male clients have told me about involve - cancer of one testicle - and little or no sperm for reasons that remained unexplained. We do know that the rate of cnacer is on the increase, and where that cancer manifests on a person's body is related to their emotional problems.

In the case of testicular cancer - the clients told me that they had stored sperm for future use when they wish to reproduce!

Accidents which result in the loss of one testicle often result in storing sperm for reproductive purposes.

The interesting thing the men report later, is that artifical insemination done at a future date, seems to result in multiple births.

Now we must come to the emotional and spiritual problems involved. Not all men want to have a child. They many say they do, think they do, but when I read with them - and we get right down to their emotinal needs - often based on finances, an unhappy relationship, etc. - they simply do not want the responsibilty of children. There is nothing wrong with feeling that way.

Finally I go to the soul level. Did the man 'come in' with the karma to have a child? Interestingly gay men will sometimes donate sperm to a female friend, so they can produce a child together - as that is their karma. But that is another article.

Once I determine the karmic ties - and soul level of the man connected to bearing a child - I also look to see if there is a soul waiting to be born to him. Most souls (of babies) remain around the mother - but not all.

Fathers often dream about their unborn children, which means the soul of that child is around them. This is similar to dreaming about a soul who has died, the comes back to talk to you. Dreaming about the unborn child does not denote a 'time' for conception. Some souls wait years for conception, others move on, others change their mind after conception which results in a miscarriage - though this is not the only reason for mismarriage.

Perhaps in the future, men will have their sperm tested periodically in their lifetime, not just for sperm count, but for other things that could affect the fetus after conception - such as genetic diseases no one realizes exist.

With the stresses of everyday life and the changing frequencies on the planet - there will be problems of various types in the future - with men producing an abundance of healthy sperm.

I also want to note that clients do report a high success rate with artifical insemination and invitro-fertilization. There is of course risk of multiple births - if you can't afford more than one child at a time - and the medical risks that go along with multiple pregnancies.

Spring is here. Many couples will be thinking about created a child. Let's hope the sperm of the planet are ready to stand up and be counted. Enjoy!