Rosh Hashana - 2001

Family Tree

The Tree of Life has many branches.

A Family Tree has many branches

and much universal history.

This is a time of family union and reunion on many levels.

The events of last week have shown us how quickly out time in 3D can end and how souls in union can bond to bring comfort and compassion in the best and worst of situations.

Monday afternoon my mother came to visit me from 'the other side'. She 'crossed over' in 1979 and is buried with her family in Baltimore.

I have not been to visit the cemetery since that time, as I prefer to talk to spirits where I am.

Mom and I had a nice reunion. She has been around more often in recent months. She is the person I inherited my psychic abilities from. She was a clear channel of Z and others. Her methods of connection were automatic writing and drawing.

Mom came by to tell me that her cousin Eleanor, and Eleanor's husband, had stopped at mom's grave site, the day before and that it was time for me to bring the family back together in third dimension.

I have been thrilled to be reunited with the Crystals in the recent past, now it was time to meet my other's side after many years.

I found Eleanor's phone number through the phone company information service and called her. She was very surprised to hear from me after 22 years. (22 as we know is a key number - a gateway). Eleanor told me that just yesterday she had stood at the grave sites of mom and others, and now thought it such a coincidence that I would call her and connect. (smile)

She asked how it was that I contacted her at this time. I didn't know what to say. Could she understand that I talk to spirits? I sort of told her what I do and a bit about my life in the past 22 years - but I knew she wasn't understanding things beyond 3D, and was being quietly polite! She is in her early 70's. m

It was a great reunion. It was a special sharing from those in my larger soul group - about those born and those who left.

I did learn that this side of the family lives long and prospers! They die in their 90's! Grandma lived to 94! There is no way I am staying in this program that long! No way!

Mom was happy that I had made the connections. I suppose even from the other side we want to connect and please our mothers. Mom and I had a great connection in 3D.

I decided to find other members of my family. Several hours later I located several other long lost family members, one cousin living here in Brooklyn, Lucy. I was so happy to meet her again. We are the same age and I have memories of us as children playing together. Thanks Mom!

So far I have not discovered any other psychic members of the family on either side. No one has activated yet either. Could this be my purpose?

The extended family lives in - California, Conn., Mass., Maryland, New Jersey, New York so far. There are Chicago relatives - the Crystals.

The cousins who are in my age group try to understand what I am about. The rest are quiet as I bring messages.

They remembered me as a child. Believe it or not, I was shy!

Sam and Sarah Tucker

The Tuckers are in Omaha, Nebraska, but I haven't a clue how to find them. I am searching for relative of Samuel Tucker - Jewish geneaology - born in Lithuania, don't know the DOB but it was around 1887, and died in Baltimore, in 1932, of pneumonia. He lived in Omaha from 1910-1930.

The Family Tree - September 2001

Grandma, Tracy, Giovanni

Dylan, Giovanni, Michael

Dylan, Giovanni

In honor of those who lost their lives in the
World Trade Center bombing - September 11, 2001.