Cycles of Abuse in Families - August 15, 2000

I recently returned from a family holiday in Newport, Rhode Island. My vacation was filled with friends, family, music, dance, swimming, sightseeing, among other things.

New faces and people in 3D turned out to be souls connected to me on other levels - which we recognized - the larger oversoul family with whom we work out our emotional games down here!

I had the pleasure of meeting another Reiki Master and sharing on the spiritual and physical levels!

Yesterday I asked Z (my spirit guide) what I should write about this week in Ellie's Wolrd 2000 .

Z told me to turn on the TV.

He never tells me to do that as I rarely watch TV - so I knew something would be coming up that was relevant to my work here.

The news came on. It was a story by a reporter in Rhode Island about a woman who had been abused in childhood and how she had abused their children- as that was her patterning - until she received help - overcame her issues - and moved past it.

First I realized how lucky I was to have never been part of any abuse patterning - the same is true of my children - and how lucky I am to be in the bosom of such a wondering group of souls - filled with love and giving - which constitute my 'family' n 3D.

The family you are born into - and later create - are the 'cast of characters' you came into a physical body to play out the emotional games of third dimenision. These games run in patterns - cyces - based on many influences - drinking, drugs, chemical imbalances, patterns in families, past lives conection (could be parallel lives as well), astrological influences, among others.

In reading with clients - I find that more and more people are on medication for depression and other chemical disorders - and at the very least realize that have problems that cause them to act out - often in an abusive manner that they cannot control.

This is not different than you unable to resist temptation in the form of that cigarette you need to smoke - or food you need to eat, or drink you must have - or drug you have come to rely on.

Being out of control in any area - means that you need help with it - on mnay levels - not just the physical.

If you are harming yourself - that is one thing - sabotage - but if you are harming others - the need to realize the imbalance in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies must be found.

This is often very difficult for the soul as we as humans often function without thinking - habitually. Creating new patterns after years of being in one mind space involves a lot of planning - discipline and work. Souls with such problems are usually lazy or depressed to begin with and find the change too much work. It is only after something destructive happens that is a 'wake-up call' that the soul finds the energy to make change. Thinking and redefining involves lots of mental processing.

Sometimes a change in our astrological chart helps us 'snap into reality' as to what we are doing here - or is being done to us - as Victims are as much at fault as abusers - there is a pattern between these souls also - usually karmic.

I have read people where only one child in a family is abused while the others are untouched. No one seems to understand the nature of the karma attached to the abuse.

Working with Metaphysicians can help one process much more quickly as they can talk to the soul and help it release and heal.

Therapists are needed when the the balance is chemical and medication is need so the person begins to lift the haze that blocks the reality of their behavior patterns. Everyone I have encountered who has abuse issues tells me they see reality through some sort of fuzzy haze that usually makes no sense to them - but seems to control them.

In the case of family abuse - that is generational - one has to wonder why souls would incarnate into such a family to begin with. Why does a soul come in to be abused and then abuse others in the same manner as a reflection of their issues?

Whatever the reasons are - the need to stop this behavior is at hand. The souls are here to finally put an end of it - if one becomes enlightened enough to see that. (This can take years).

The woman on the TV show - was able to realize her patterns and come to terms with abuse in childhood. She overcame her obstacles and went on to become a better mother to her children.

The trick is . . . how long will this last? Did she break the pattern on all levels . . . or just the physical for now?

Karma that is ended must be complete on all levels of your soul as they are experiencing as well - thus the experiment is finally over - and the cycle is broken!

Abusive and Dysfunctional Family Patterns:
How They Can Be Recognized, Healed and Changed

By Christina

Let's face it, none of us come from "The Brady Bunch"- and if someone claims that they do, well, I have a bridge for sale!

Dysfunction affects most of our families, the degrees only vary. One may come from a background that included an overprotective parent, thus helping to shape a child that may be insecure and afraid to step outside the "safe box" their parents created for them. (although not everyone would have that reaction to an overprotective upbringing, the nature and personality surely play a role) That person will have to deal with and decide how to handle the pattern. Most likely if the said subject does not take time to understand he or herself emotionally, they will unconsciously continue to recreate the pattern. One must go through some sort of emotional introspective process to bring upon emotional awareness.

Let's look at a more extreme example of not only dysfunction but also abuse and abuse has many forms, emotional, physical, sexual, etc. Let's site an example of abuse that is perhaps the most taboo as well as offensive, incest. It seems like all other patterns or aspects of abuse, incest is repeated through out the life of the victim, not only being in the role as the victim, but, also In many cases, acting out at some point in their lives as the abuser. Again, depending on the personality of the person, one can act it "outwardly"(to others) or "inwardly"(to the self).

I know of a client who had a most horrendous childhood, with all types of abuse almost a daily happening.

The first part of adulthood was filled with addictions of all kind, violence, rage, irresponsibility (all common behavior with such a background) It was only through a deep emotional and spiritual inner process did this person begin to make sense of their lives, pain and turmoil. With psychotherapy, spiritual awakening, exploration and emotional support (through either support groups, friends of like mind and emotionally conscious), I am happy to say this person has truly grown, leaps and bounds The pain of such a destructive childhood can do nothing else, but leave an imprint on the soul. It is up to us what we do with our pain, bury it, pretend everything is "ok" or take the time to do the emotional work and heal ourselves as well as others. Again, the choice is ours.

Christina Ambrosino is a psychic/medium and counselor who incorporates emotional healing issues into her work.


By Connie Johnston

The media is constantly reminding us of the physical abuse that occurs daily, here and around the world. It crosses all lines and is not limited to race, country or status.

There is another form of abuse that rarely makes the headlines and this is emotional abuse. The scars are not visible but the results can be devastating. Like physical abuse, it usually follows a pattern, handed down through generations, visited upon the young and old alike.

It takes great strength to overcome childhood emotional abuse. When a person's self-worth has been destroyed, positive social interaction becomes traumatic at best. The old saying, "Sticks and stones can break my bone, but names can never hurt me", yes they can.

Words and actions have an accumulative affect. We need to be aware of what we put out into the universe; it rebounds in ways we may not even consider. We carry the power to uplift or destroy by our actions, words and deeds.

Healers & Healing

There are many types of healers and healing techniques. Many healers have gone through the healing process so they can help others. This is generally true with addictive personality disorders. Once overcome - souls move on to help others with similar problems.

Medical doctors (Western Medicine) work on the physical body and must be respected for their accomplishments in most cases.

Psychologists work on the emotional and mental bodies - the length of time you spend with them varying with your souls needs.

Spiritual healers and counselors work on the subtle bodies through various healing techniques that work on the soul level where the work cannnot always be measured by 3D methods. In these cases - only the results can claim proof that healing has occurrence - sometimes called a 'miracle'. Often a spirit is seen interveneing in the healing process. It is the soul of the perosn being healed who has summoned the spirit as they which to move past the disease.

Spiritual healers are aware that illness and accidents are all created on the soul level, then manifest into the emotional and physical bodies where we deal with them here.

The name of the game in healing is - and has always has been - 'Balance' - the 'Yin/Yang' - the goal all souls seek to achieve from the time they enter 3D - until the time they shift to the next 'cycle of time' - or move into another elevel of experience.

Balance is hard to accomplish as reality - the flow of the collective energies - the grids - is ever changing while the souls try to keep their balance. It is like being on a river. Change in the flow of the water is ongoing and never the same. Sometimes the flow is gentle and easy to maneuver - while other times - storms are created and we move back and forth - getting 'sea sick'. Yet we are the ones who select the river and the branches we will take within it.

When you are ready to change the course of your destiny - there are several things you must look at in your life.

Only you can go into your soul and discuss your inner needs and desires.

Seek help from medical people as you may have a chemical imbalance, the move on to holistic healers who eill triggers your spiritual needs and help you focus on who you are. Setting goals is most important. Without goals the soul is lost. But the goals set - must be comfortable to the soul first then to the emotional and physical bodies.

How do you talk to your soul? You find a quiet place - by yourself. Relax your mind from its normal chatter. You ask questions then pause and wait for answers. Examples: "I am not sure I want to get married. Is marriage something I really need to do? How would I feel living with someone and giving up my personal space? Do I want to be responsible for another soul? Can I handle that? What are my motivations for marriage? Am I good in relationships or do I sabotage? Can I share? Do I have abusive patterns that don't work in marriage? Is the partner I picked a stable personality? What are the Soul Level reasons for this union - children - security - karmic payback from another lifetime - at what price to my soul? " With each question - listen deeply to your thoughts. New questions will come to mind as you explore your needs and the reasons why you are here.

Trigger Image for Today - Symbols "It is the role of symbols to give a meaning to the life of man." "The place or ... medium of realization is neither mind nor matter, but that intermediate realm of subtle reality which can only be adequately expressed by the symbol. The symbol is neither abstract nor concrete, neither rational nor irrational, neither real nor unreal." - Carl Jung "The symbolic language is the one foreign language that each of us must learn." - Erich Fromm "In the heart of every man lies hid the flower of intuition. On that you can depend, and no eternal or cosmic fact clothed in a suitable form will not fail to receive its meed of recognition and understanding. It is viewed through symbols". "We must learn to see symbols all around us, and then penetrate behind the symbol to the idea which it should express." "Your capacity to read a "meaning" into a symbol, will be dependent also upon the richness of the meaning you ascribe to the events of your daily life, and your ability to really meditate." "The penetration into the meaning of a symbol can provide a means whereby the intuitional faculty can be brought into functioning activity. - Alice Bailey "Remember that all diseases . . . not only are psychosomatic in their form but also are symbolic of that process clinging to that which is obsolete for the nature and for the self. - Paul Solomon "Within the symbolic experience of disease lies a path of change and self-healing and a healthy body-mind." - Bernie Siegel "The symbol is the bridge between the literal world and the direct experience of God." - Lama Govinda Please study these Inkblot Images (Symbols) from the original Rorschach Test. Do these symbols have any meaning to you? When I look at the symbols they remind me of the symbols in the cup when I do tea leaf - or coffee grind readings. They are all subjective based on your place in the flow of the collective. You may notice the colors, forms, overall image, details may jump out at you. Symbols - archetypes - are just a way to bring your consciousness into greater awareness of who you are and what you are about.