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Psychic Stock Day Trading

By Joe Altieri

I am writing this article for Ellie Crystal's readers. I was never interested in stocks before, and at age 49 perhaps it's a little late to be starting a new 'job' of Stock Trading, and in the wake of the events of 9/11, the recession, and other bad news it's a really bad time to invest in stocks - or is it?

To the Day Trader, there are always opportunities to make something, they say ... I made $26,700.00 last WEEK in three day-trades, and have been averaging over $11,300.00 a week for the last two months as I began on September 17th.

I am a 'natural' psychic, who was convinced that stock trading couldn't 'work', and Major Ed Dames says that you can't remote view NUMBERS ... well it's not that simple.

Ed has been in touch lately, and was quite impressed, especially since I explained that I'm viewing 'trends', and stock charts, not specific numbers themselves.

He admits he knows of others doing the same thing too.

I will try to explain HOW I do this, and keep in mind I'm not selling anything, and in fact my website,, set up in 1995 to show that it's possible to 'remote view' many 'classified documents' easily obtained through the Internet from Military/Govt servers.

It's been a hobby these many years in an attempt to prove that psychic ability is real, works, can be relied upon, and applied to many 'targets', as they say in remote viewing, to find anything and lately, it would seem, to find stock trends (up/down) some twenty minutes BEFORE they actually happen.

Recently we had a new baby, and at the same time my investment income went from $88K+, to $43K last year, to a projected $13K this year, putting us at the poverty level for the first time, coupled with the lower interest rates and the fact that my wife's business closed a year ago, to stay home and take care of our new baby, which we do full time.

Talk about motivation ... I even opened a brokerage account some 11 months ago, simply earning Money Market interest with hopes to find some good Mutual Funds to increase our income. We never did, and the account was nearly dormant until after 9/11.

If the e-mail I get from skeptics could be simplified, it would be "if you are such a good psychic, how come you're not rich?".

After years of defending myself from attacks by 'professional' skeptics, I've often wondered that myself ... I may not care for the professional skeptic's hard-line attitude to discount EVERYTHING, but the challenge from the Amazing Randi still goes unanswered, and I know many who could easily win the challenge, if any of us wanted to play the 'prove-it' game anymore ... still rich IS better than poor, for the chance to travel, learn, and explore does sometimes have a price in the real world ...

Thinking back I suppose I can't count all the thousands of hours spent on building PSYCHICSPY.COM over the years since '95, but few of the hardcore believe I use psychic ability to find things.

Most assume I'm a good hacker. Believe me, nearly all of what I found was sitting on FTP file servers, without any password protection / security for ANYONE to stumble upon.

Like a P.I. I've always had a 'knack', and am positive that finding things that 'should never be found' are from psychic ability alone.

Back to the stocks - my history as a psychic is written up at the "Confessions of a Psychic" link at my main website.

I talk about nearly a lifetime of trying to supress natural psychic ability, be a 'skeptic' despite all the useful psychic 'warnings' I received over the years, and the price paid to ignore all of it for 'science' was God, and the paranormal just too 'weird' then ... well now I'm still growing, and developing my talents at precognition, psychometry, telekinesis, communicating with guides, remote viewing, reverse speech and other aspects of the paranormal in MY life ...

Ellie's site at is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to develop their own natural abilities, and Ellie has encouraged me to write - in fact some 900 pages over the years, and I thank her for that !

Is this a bad time for the stock market? Here is a typical story that would explain why YOU might never want to try the Stock Market with your 'hunches', yet we ALL do have some psychic ability to a greater/lesser degree. Ask Joe McMoneagle or David Morehouse ...

What was the reason the bull market ended? It was primarily the realization that stock prices were way too high in relation to their earnings.

Corporate profits are currently falling so fast that stocks are more overvalued than ever. It was reported in Bill Bonner's Daily Reckoning that following yesterday's rally (October 25, 2001) the P.E. on the S&P 500 reached its highest level ever, at 36!"

Investors are pushing stock prices up as earnings are coming down. We believe this can't last for much longer. Either earnings will rise sharply or stock prices will fall. Our bet is on the latter."

"Fred Hickey, editor of the High Tech Strategist, believes that stock valuations are double the levels where they should be.

He sees the Dow falling to 5000 and Nasdaq below 1000 before the bear market ends. To back up his predictions, Hickey rattles off a few eye-opening statistics.

The total valuation of U.S. stocks (approximately $11 trillion currently) is nearly 120% of the value of this nation's GDP, with the historical average being just 54%. Prior to the late-1990's mania prices, the all-time high in this indicator (81%) occurred in August 1929, just prior to the crash; every historical yardstick used over the decades to value stocks provides the same answer. Hickey feels price/sales and price/book ratios all show that stocks are at least two times overvalued.

While I'm not saying this may not come to pass someday, I'd like to think the 'market correction' happened on 9/11 and will continue to go up from here.

Psychic stock investing says you can make money whether the market goes up OR down - for the 'day trader' who buys a stock and sells it ten minutes later, it matters not, and I've made more money on 'bad' days than 'good' ones, catching small peaks during an otherwize bad 'falling' day as long as I 'know' what's coming in 20 minutes.

Then it's a matter of waiting for it to happen. If you follow newsletters, online advice chat rooms or other Internet 'tools' you would probably be afraid to invest in anything ...

I sure was.

It used to be a 5 minute precognitive glimpse of the future when I started. Now the 20 minutes 'advance warning' can cause me to 'mess up' if I act too soon. I'm doing what David Morehouse refers to as 'Extended Remote Viewing' and Joe McMoneagle called a 'free form style' - like all natural psychics do ...

All the Internet tools, including those Real-Time quotes, stock scanners, etc are nearly useless - and charts help me see where I did good looking back on a trading day ...

So how do I do it ? I don't actually trade via the Internet, but by phone to an automated system with my discount broker.

I can buy at open, and travel all day, use the Wireless Web enabled Internet Cellular Phone for real-time quotes and sell 'on the road' if need be.

In a typical day I'm up at 5:00 AM (Pacific) watching Bloomberg TV on satellite, online by 6:00 AM with charts, streaming real-time multiple quotes from, and checking CNET for some research, news and Prophet Charts.

Typically I trade one day a week, and watch the other days - same routine. I make a buy, hold for a short time ( 5 minutes, 20 minutes, even an hour ) then sell and rarely 'buy again' within the same day. Occasionally I trade several days a week depending on how I 'feel' about it.

I made $26,700.00 this week on three day trades, but I have held a stock an entire week trying to regain my initial investment too.

I prefer stocks which are growing, on the 'uptrend' and will 'cover' any mistakes I make if I hold long enough ...

I 'buy low / sell high' - with no margin, limits, puts, etc - all day orders, all real time, like any other trader. Timing is EVERYTHING, and I have reduced potential losses from $3,300-$4,500 down to under $1500 by timing the loss 'sell' at it's peak too !

After some $90,000 gain and 8 weeks of trading it's going quite well and without psychic ability I would simply be guessing if a low point is on it's way down lower, or a bottom to buy at on it's way up now ...

Even the idea 'buy on a rumor, sell on the news' has merit. There are many strategies, and while I have 'held' a stock for 5 minutes, and traded more than once a day, I'm not a true 'day trader' if I buy near close and sell after the market opens the next day.

The only rule : there are no rules !

What I look for is simply this :

Any stock that is generally on an 'uptrend', has a very high volume per day, and fluctuation EVERY day, and closes near where it opens ( opening price ).

I watch the bid/ask and chuckle, but truly make my picks psychically, for any other way is foolish gambling ! If a stock has at least one good fluctuation in one day per week, of 2% or more, it makes my list.

The psychic part is which day to buy/sell and exactly WHEN. It just works ! In my case that one trade within a day, of a 2% fluctuation, is $10,000 and I'm done for the week, if so inclined. Usually a stock, like AOL Time Warner, will fluctuate from 2%-4.5% or more in a day and close nearly where it started. I've seen it move a point and a half, which is $1.50 per share in a day, and close up $4.00 after a few days.

Land's End, Schwab, and others frequently do also.

How do you find 'em?

I'm currently trying out a program, Scan Wizard 2.0 found through a search.

It rates some 4,000 stocks for open/close prices for a year ( little help to real day traders ).

Still it shows a list of several which if traded more than weekly say some 78 times in the past year, produced over 100% return-on-investment.

You should start with these, a 'watch list', since I'll probably get 108% by this time next year, or 9% a month, which beats any interest rate, real estate or anything else, even in a recession and bad economy ! Imagine what good times might produce !

In addition to AOL, I'm watching AZO, CMVT, NBR, BRCD, CMGI, JNPR, LVLT, RFMD as well as favorites LE, SCH, and SCHL.

The 100%ers per year are still out there, and the chances for a 2% 'wiggle' in a week are good !

In closing, nothing beats the fun of a new baby, or closing a successful business and moving on, and other things not stock-related. One's spiritual path should be the first priority.

I became a Licensed/Bonded Locksmith many years ago because of an uncanny ability for telekinesis; lock picking. Psychic ability manifests in many ways in all of our lives.

Places like the Church of Divine Man can help teach you how to develop YOUR own natural psychic abilities too. And the Internet can help too !

While there is little time these days for e-mail, and updating my websites, I hope this story has inspired some of you. I always give free readings, if asked, in person and never imagined I could have a large income because of psychic ability. I never gamble nor do I have an interest in doing so. I've learned a great deal from David Morehouse's books, as well as Joe McMoneagle.

I recommend Psychic Warrior and Joe's first book on Remote Viewing, 'Mind Trek'.

LEARN all you can. Remember Major Ed Dames advice on analytical overlay is when the mind, trying to make sense out of streaming raw psychic data then 'interprets', analyses, and gets-in-the-way of more data coming through.

Also remember Robert Monroe said one's own personal belief system is THE thing that will get in the way of psychic functioning.

We all have a gift, and whatever uses we choose to put them to is our decision.

I used to stare at endless shelves of CD's waiting for the 'one' I wanted, by name, to 'reveal itself' from across the store. It always did.

Think less about 'why' it works, and just 'do'. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to sabotage of your own natural gifts, more so than any 'professional skeptic' you will never please.

Think about it ... happy trading !