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NOVEMBER 20, 1919

The first municipally-owned airport in the nation opened in Tucson, Arizona.
The entire community turned out for the big celebration.
About Airports
Denver Airport

I remember reading about problems when they built the airport. The spirit world seemed to be sabotaging things and many delays and misshaps were reported.

The capstone, or the dedication stone, for the Denver airport has a Masonic symbol on it. It also has very unusual geometric designs. It depicts an arm rising up out of it that curves at a 45 degree angle. It also has a thing that looks like a keypad on it. I did a search for 'Airports and UFO's' and found this website written by Alex during a four month period from May-August 1998 - when we worked together. Is there a message here for me? [laugh]

Many pilots and air controllers have reported unexplained sightings. This includes Tucson and the Phoenix area where famous sightings are often reported and videotaped.

On Friday - November 22 - Sci Fi: The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence
This builds energies for December and the 20 hour mini-series 'Taken' on Sci-Fi.

More than 100 arrests from security sweep at NYC airports

NOVEMBER 21, 1964
Oh dear - no Java!!!!
View from my apartment
The Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened. Actually, the upper deck was opened to traffic on this day. The bridge, linking Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Staten Island, was the world's longest suspension bridge at 4,260 feet.

This is my neighborhood. I remember when the bridge opened. I was a new driver and a bit scared of driving over the bridge.

I look out ver the water and the Verrazano Bridge as I do my work with clients and on the computer. Last night I watched the full Moon move 'through' the arches on its journey into the western horizon.

The Verrazano Bridge was seen in the John Travolta movie Saturday night Fever - the tragic climax in a scene on the bridge. i have watched many mvoies shot here - including one from my apartment / flat!

When I returned from my recent trip to Arizona, as the plane descended through the clouds, there before me, off to my left, in the night sky, were the twinkling lights of the bridge. I could see my home. Many have predicted that terrorists would blow up the bridge - as they were apparently trying to do on 911. 'Spirit' will not allow that to happen. This bridge is a tuning fork to the grids.


Lunat Eckioses and Historical Events: Armed with a table of upcoming eclipses, Christopher Columbus (shipwrecked during his 4th voyage) confidently predicted to the hostile native Jamaicans that God would send a messenger. The darkening of the moon duly occurred and Columbus got his way with the local residents. Other historically important eclipses include those of 431 BC, which influenced the decisive battle of the Peloponnesian War, at Syracuse; instead of retreating at a strategic moment, the superstitious Athenian general Nicias, intimidated by the ominous dark moon, delayed, causing the loss of his fleet and army. In 1453 the Byzantines were steadfastly defending Constantinople against the Ottomans, buoyed by an ancient prophecy that the city would not fall during a waxing moon. An eclipsed full moon on May 22 helped to break morale and the city fell a week later. Centuries later the Ottomans fell afoul of an eclipse which influenced the Arabian campaign in World War I. Lawrence of Arabia and his Bedouin followers captured the Ottoman fort at Aqaba by attacking while defenders were banging pots in an effort to bring back the eclipsed moon. (Sky & Telescope)

A Lunar eclipse is a very special Full Moon. Decisions we make, things we let go of, and things we finish during this waning cycle have significance in the future. It is an excellent time to give up an old habit.

Full Moons in general, and Lunar eclipses in particular, are times of high emotion and bring awareness. The Sun and the Moon, our animus and our emotions, are on opposite sides of the sky, as if the other were a mirror. This is a time of mirroring, we can see ourselves in others if we are willing to look. Many are not.

Eclipses are turning points, opportunities to shed what is no longer appropriate as we move forward on our spiritual paths. In a Lunar Eclipse, the reflected light of the sun is blocked by the Earth, and the Full Moon appears to darken from our vantage point on Earth. The Moon rules the unconscious, the reflection of the soul. When the light of the Moon is darkened in the eclipse, we have the opportunity to glimpse our most deeply buried feelings, fears and frustrations.

The Lunar Eclipse activates dreamtime, so these issues often surface in the form of unsettling dreams about things we had no idea we were still processing. People who consciously work with eclipses invariably report complete surprise at what comes up for clearing around the Lunar Eclipse.

This particular alignment features a Grand Trine in Air signifying an opening of awareness. There is also a Grand Fixed Cross built energetically into the alignment, which means we're likely to become aware of what we're still holding onto. Like the Grand Fixed Cross in August 1999, this eclipse is a crossroads, challenging us to wake up to a new level of consciousness. It is wise to invite the transformation and withhold judgment of what surfaces during this deeply healing time.

In these energies.....

has Michael Jackson gone over the edge?


Once upon a time there was a land where creation began. It was called the 'Seat of Civilization' among other metaphors. This was the Persian Gulf.....Mesopotamia...Garden of Eden....and other myths....

Persian Kings were fierce soldiers who often sought to conquer the world. These guys were great! Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Xerxes The Great, Alexander the Great, etc. Several ruled Egypt as Pharaohs.

Darius The Great

Alas there came a 'humble prophet' [approximately 628 BC] from their midst; the Persian Prophet, Zoroaster, Zarathrustra, Zartosht, among other 'Z' names - We call him Z - aka - Thoth, Hermes, Quetzacoatyl, Buddha, among others. He taught about duality in reality - Good God=Ahura Mazda vs. Bad God=Ahriman. From this we learned about polarities - poles vs. holes [metapors- males vs. females]!


Z as the Farvahar - The Zoroaster Timeline

Daruis and Z in Persepolis

The Priests

As you know Z guides the flow and creation of Crystalinks
among other things.

The Millennia have passed since Z set out on his ventures.
Alas all things in this program come full cycle.......

Guns of war 'locked, loaded'

98,000-ton carrier set for Dec. date in Gulf.

Indepth News - Ongoing

CELESTIAL MESSAGES - IT'S WRITTEN IN THE STARS The heavens are a celestial blueprint of the story of our reality.


ASTROLOGY Joy's November Forecasts Full Moon University Centre for Astrological Research The Discovery of Eros and its Role in the Astrological Chart Lectures and Articles on Astrology

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ If Your Birthday is November 20 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Prepare your mind to accept this year of wealth. Be open to new ideas. Be alert to a joint business opportunity you and a mate or best friend can do together. Lump sums of money in January allow you to buy a home or move. Your best signs for love are Libra and Aquarius, although a Gemini friend will change the course of your life or career. Your lucky numbers are: 14, 16, 7, 42 and 39.

Joyce Jilson

SPACE NEWS Black holes 'on collision course' For the first time two supermassive black holes have been seen at the heart of one galaxy. One day there will be a devastating collision. [That is a metaphor for the postive and negative aspects of the program merging - matter meets anti-matter - and all is obliterated. It is the 'pole shift' - The reunion of soul.]

Io blows its top The most powerful eruption ever detected on any planet in our Solar System has been seen on Io, one of Jupiter's moons. Websites Constellation: Ophiuchus Ophiuchus The Serpent Holder Born Under Ophiuchus and Ignored by the Horoscopes Ophiuchus is the only constellation in the sky which is patterned after a real person in human history, tracing back through time and space for its roots to an Ancient Egyptian mortal-made-god named Imhotep, whose life and times in or about the 27th Century B.C. were honored by both the Egyptians and Greeks some 2500 years after his death as not only a great man, but as a god who owed his great powers to the knowledge of medicine which he possessed, and brought the art of healing to mankind.


As if by design, planet Earth systematically manifests its secrets buried in time.

ARCHAEOLOGY AND PALENTOLOGY Israeli archeologists find second century artifacts from Jewish revolt Lepcis Magna Mediterranean coast of North Africa in the Tripolitaniaregion of Libya. Originally founded by the Phoenicians in the 10th Century BC Temple to gay love unearthed near Rome 134 AD Petroglyhs - By Country ___________________ Archaeoastronomy The study and interpretation of solar, lunar and stellar alignments found at ancient monuments - using celestial objects to mark time or as calendars. Stone Wheels And Dawn Stars Rising Crystalinks: Archaeoastronomy Cloudbait Observatory Archaeoastronomy Center for Archaeoastronomy History of Archaeoastronomy Mayan Archaeoastronomy Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico ______________________________________ EGYPT - PYRAMIDS Egypt at Emory University Who Built the Great Pyramid? _______________________ DYNASTIES -PHARAOHS - KINGS Egyptian Dynasties 1-26 __________________________ Dynasties 27 & 28 The Persians invade Egypt


Our physical experience is about souls moving from higher frequency learning experiences - to lower/slower frequency - the third dimension - the game of emotion, time and space - and finding their way back to higher/faster frequency consciousness.

ELLIE'S WORLD 2002 Tuesday's News Desk The Phoenix in Phoenix - 2 Articles

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PROPHECIES Planet X and the upcoming Earth changes The Bible Code, Cabala and Miracles for Israel and the Jews Are They the Keys to End Times Prophecy and Understanding Timing of WW-III according to Islamic Texts 2002 - Between November 5- December 5 Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide updated

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The human condition moves in cycles. It is about the physical world which is based on electromagnetic energies - polarity; the positive and the negative; and how we try to create balance while moving from one set of situations and issues to another.

AGING Growth Hormone No Fountain of Youth, Study Suggests Evolutionary Theory of Aging

ANTHROPOLOGY Geneticists Track More of Earliest Humans' First Itineraries

CONSPIRACIES The Majestic Documents: Documents Dated 1948-1959 These are excellent file that exposes many truths - files summarized then have to be downloaded in pdf format. Bill Cooper and I - among others - discussed this information with me in the 1990's as they had already seen the documents.

MEDIA - TV - MOVIES Poll: U.S. Wants To Believe in UFO's A new national poll, commissioned by the SCI FI Channel, found that more than half (56 percent) of respondents said that they believe UFOs are real, the network announced. Two-thirds (67 percent) responded that they believe that there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe.

NAZIS Nazis on speed - new report says drug could have changed history

RELIGION Zoraster: Psychic Magic Zoraster's Creation

PSYCHOLOGY Mythological and Jungian Research


ANIMALS Otters return to cities after 30-year absence

BRAIN Sleep apnoea linked to stuttering and brain damage Imaging study provides new information on how the brain processes sounds of different tones

COMPUTERS IBM starts work on computer to rival the human brain Using your cell phone for home appliances 'Mobile Cap' to Combat Phone Health Worries Wireless surfing is slow - but it will blast-off EBay Expects Hot Holiday Sales Fossil Puts Palm OS in a Wristwatch Nokia Unveils First Cell Phone for Newest Network Bill Gates spots the next big thing The alarm clock is part of a new Microsoft initiative called SPOT, which stands for small personal object technology. To pick up your email while away from your computer

ECOLOGY High Seas, Warm Water May Lessen Tanker Pollution Ecological disaster threatens as oil tanker sinks The Hibernation of Animals

EVOLUTION Fossil protein breakthrough will probe evolution

GENETICS Scientists Identify Gene That Controls Sex Drive In Male Flies The gene is called 'takeout' New Genetic Option For Thwarting Cancer Gene Researchers Close In On Nicotine's "Evil Cousin"

HEALTH Steroids I have noticed an increasing number of people taking steroids to create the perfect body. Some of my clients - male and female - are body builders - weight lifters - who compete - also performers in movies. Several are gay males. Most of the women are bi-sexual. They are becoming addicted to steroids and experiencing side effects. What are steroids? Who uses them? Anabolic steroids are powerful drugs that many people take in high doses to boost athletic performance. Anabolic means "building body tissue." Anabolic steroids help build muscle tissue and increase body mass by acting like the body's natural male hormone, testosterone. Steroid Information & Alternatives The Truth About Steroids Anabolic Steroids Weights gave Olympian long-jumpers a hand ________ Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Works, FDA Staff Says West Nile organism mutates, strengthening as it spreads Some crib deaths are heart related

HOLISTIC HEALING Kids' acupuncture gaining interest Does prayer really help heal? Scarborough, Ont.: Cancer patient turns to therapeutic-touch Mexico's folk healing traditions gaining momentum on border Holistic Health News

PHYSICS Books and Quotations 'Little' Big Bang stumps scientists How do you know if you've created a new state of matter Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Keeping Information Secure With Noisy Light

REPRODUCTION Assisted Reproduction May Be Linked To Birth Defect Syndrome

STEM CELLS Stem cell may repair hearts

TRANSPLANTS Muscle Cell Transplants Repair Damaged Heart Tissue

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