Voices and Sounds From Other Realms

The taped contact with spirit is called EVP - (Electronic Voice Phenomena). This is also known as Instrumental Transcommunication which is the collective term for conversing with the Other Side using electronic instrumentation. These insturments can include tape recorders, camcorders, telephones, answer machine, radios, televisions, or anything welse that is electronic.

The sound from other dimensions may or may not be heard when they are recorded but will be heard when you lotse to the 'playback'!

I have heard spirits talk to me one a tape recorder.

Personally I have really had fun with tape recorders. I often work onsuch a hugh frequency the message is just static. This is true of many psychics. I buy a new recorder every 6 months for my work.

I audio tape all of the readings I do for my clients. They often report back other messages as I talk to their deceased loved ones during the reading.

Recently a woman came for a reading who has been trying to get pregnant for many years. She is approximately 40 years old. I saw the child in the room and assued her that this soul will come down for her. When she went home and played the tape for her husband, you could hear a baby crying in the background.

My own guide, Zoroaster has spoken to me on a tape, He has a great voice!

If you set up a tape recorder or camcorder to play while you are sleeping, you are bound to record something.


Sarah Estep has taped over 20,000 voices of spirits and aliens. Estep records question on reel to reel audio tape then she leaves the tape running and the voices appear.

She says that aliens use other languages. They call her an earth plane Camilla. She is not sure what they means.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Mounting evidence suggests that communication between this world and the next may one day be achieved at the flick of a switch. The breakthrough is called Instrumental Transcommunication - ITC for short - and is the collective term for conversing with the Other Side using electronic instrumentation.

Electronic Links with Other Dimensions & Entities

Methods of communication with the other side have been improving thanks to the new technology developed by man, leaving behind the traditional methods of contact such as the ouija board, automatic writing, and even the medium's trance. These days the computer, camcorder and the VCR have proved to be much more efficient channels of communication and demonstrated the existence of something beyond death. These new attempts of contact are already known as "transcommunications", and a major world expert in this field is German professor Ernst Senkowski.