The Euro

In 2002 we will be watching the many financial changes on the planet - personal and global levels.

The attack on the WTC in September was a metaphoric symbol of the changes in the 21st Century of the economic structures on our planet. In the new game - anything and everything will happen. Just wait and see. As the economics of the world effect the way we all live our lives - this should be very interesting. As we know the WTC attack was also to bring down the economy. I still see Causian males behind this. I know bin Laden took responsibility but he is still a pawn in the game and doesn't know it! Or maybe at this point he does.

I can see a time when the 'games of the stock markets' are something mentioned in history books as part of the patterns of the 20th century.

As all things run in cycles in this game - and we are now coming into the Oneness from which we began - it would make sense that a one world economy - monetary system would come into being.

The dollar bill - with its pyramid and all seeing eye - the metaphors of the program - is pretty much worthless in the years ahead.

The Pyramid and I (Eye)

Most games seem to start with the European players - so it makes sense that this currency game begins there. Later I see this currency with another name. The games will move to the US - Canada, etc. as well as the Middle East over the next five years. For some reason this seems 'right' to me. Maybe because the present economic systems have so many flaws and so few people benefit from them. I know there are those who work hard to improve things - but as this game is one of imbalance - in the end - things change and we go back to square one - as in a chess game.

Should there always be an economic hierachy in this program - rich - middle - poor? It seems the program has always been set up that way. Bummer!

I wish we all had a manual for this game so we could understand the rules and how to play it better. It is interesting that most of the players who control the game always turn out to be the left-brained - male energies - who seek power and control.

Currently the right brain is awakening in all of us as a species. It is merging with the left side of who we are - [the left brain] as we seek balance. I know there are some who still play the game of economics - war - political power - conspiracy - but humanity is becoming disillusioned with them.

To me - most of the systems on the planet are not functional. We are long overdue for change and global unity on many levels. It began at the onset of the millennium - the year 2000 - with the economy falling - the symbolic Twin Towers imploding - and life forever changing.

2002 will be a time to discover yourself in this new world. We will be forced to create . . . new ways of working in the years ahead. No time for lazy thinking when one has no money and has to create a way to earn it. Do you want to work parttime? Hw can you do it?

The economy will appear better in 2002 as more people find work and ways to make money - but things never go back to the way they were before the program changed. In truth they shouldn't as much of it was part of the illusion - currency not supported at its base will collapse in time. Time is money. I guess we have to be 'down and out' to create a new reality and get it into motion at the same time kicking out the old patterns of thinking - certainly a time of revolution for humanity.

If this means a One World Economy - which would have to mean a One World Government in the years ahead - then so shall it be. Of course we will have the usual games within games within games - power and control, - decption and illusion - just another set of players.

Ellie, Z, Tom

My friend Tom came for a visit today. Tom is the friend that Z chose to take this picture with in 1994 at my daughter Zsia's wedding.

Tom works in Manhattan in the financial district but is also involved in all aspects of metaphysics and has awoken from the 3D dream.

Tom and I have had many metaphysical adventures together - from the days he produced my TV show, "The Metaphysical Experience" to sponsoring Bill Cooper in NYC in 1993.

Tom and I got into a discussion of the euro and how years ago we used to talk about a One World Economy and a One World Order with Bill. With economies collapsing - as was predicted long ago - it almost seems part of some greater plan for a one world order of some kind and most definitely something to unite the world economically.

This seems to link the program back to the games of the ancient mystery schools and the talk of a New World Order - The Illuminati. Bill Cooper used to tell us about this as 'conspiracy' was Bill's game. Of course we know how Bill met his fate just after the World Trade Center attack.

Two years ago I posted several articles on the euro. At the time I saw all things to come together - as in imploding - as this is the nature of the program - we move out from one source.

With the chaos and fall of the WTC in September - the recession - the collapse of the Argentinian government and other countries going bankrupt - etc. change is inevitable. I can see the players - as in a chess game - moving into place.

  • From BBC News: Eurozone gets currency taster - On Friday, the Euro had its debut in Ireland, the Netherlands and France, followed by Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Italy and Spain on Saturday. Germans crowded into banks to get their hands on the euro coins, swapping their cherished Deutschmarks for the new European currency.

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  • An online editorial: The Euro, Gold and the Dollar

    January 1, 2002 is E-Day. For the first time since the Roman Empire, E-Day will see Europeans of many languages use the same currency as a medium of exchange. On E-Day, twelve nations of the European Union (EU), through the European Central Bank (ECB), will launch the existing electronic euro currency into a tangible medium of exchange. The euro has seven denominations of banknotes and eight denominations of coins. More than 300 million people in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain will march as one with the euro currency. They constitute the second most powerful economic market in the world. Increasingly, stocks and bonds will become priced in euros. Additionally, twelve more nations from Europe are talking with the EU about membership. Continued

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    The Great Pyramid with Tom, Michelle, and Paula

    On another note . . .

    While Tom was visiting, Michelle called and told us that Z had asked her to call me at that time - actually Z insisted on the call.

    We talked about my trip to Egypt last December - the current synchronicities - and my wanting to connect with Ez and Fergany again to see if anything had happened in their current lives based on our time together last year in Luxor and the Great Pyramid.

    I told Tom and Michelle that i had been unable to locate either Ez or Fergany by email - neither were any of my other friends able to track them down.

    I decided that if an affirmation was to come to me about my Egyptian connection it would come on its own not by me pursuing it.

    Tom, Michelle and I did a remote view into the Great Pyramid and shifted some of the energies. I felt the ethereal ring - Z's ring with the three intertwined flames - on my Saturn finger - the middle finger of my right hand - ignite. My finger pulsed as Tom and I watched it.

    We saw what looked like an small earthquake at the GP - causing a small amount of water from below to come up into the subterranean chamber.

    Michelle saw 6 rods within the pyramid.

    I watched it from above as that always seems the natural place to be.

    We were not sure if this will occur or was metaphoric as water is the flow of the collective unconsciousness - also known as the Hall of Records.

    In the late afternoon - Sherif called. He said that he can't stop thinking about me in realtion to the Great Pyramid. The enery was so strong he felt compulsed to look at the pyramid again and 'saw' that a powerful force of energy seemed to exist between me and the pyramid.

    This morning I spoke with Paula in Israel about the latest develops with S & A and the Great Pyramid synchronicities.

    I conferenced a phone call over to Tom as Paula felt we should do some work as a group of three with one male energy.

    Again we combined our energies. We did a remote view to the Great Pyramid once again.

    We were traveling above the Great Pyramid this time.

    Paula and Tom immediately saw a crystal capstone over the pyramid.

    I saw rainbows in it.

    We entered the capstone and looked around.

    As with all crystals - everything was seen throiugh prisms of lights and colors. I saw the same vision of Tom go on and on and on.

    Then I saw a matching clear crystal capstone - point down - on top of the rainbow one. It formed an hour glass. There was a space in-between the crystals - but no sand just light energy pouring from top to bottom.

    It then turned into a crystal bell that rang with the harmonics of the music box - though this was not physical at this time. I knew that one day we will all hear the tones - the harmonics of creation mixed with the light and color frequencies of yet another beginning.

    I saw a stopwatch and was told to set it.

    My soul said, "2002-2005."

    Next I was given confirmations about S & A and other aspects of the program.

    When I left for Egypt in December 2000 - I knew I would meet a man who would say, "I have been waiting for you." We would work together. This was EZ. Now I know the next man will be here in 2002. It won't be a boring year!

    I also saw a torah.

    The wooden poles at the bottom were crossed!

    When we finished the remote view I asked for confirmation of our work in the Great Pyramid.

    I went to my computer where I found an email from Fergany's friend - Ashrad - the other tour guide who took such good care of me when I was sick in Egypt. He wrote that he had been guided to write to me at this time though there was no specific agenda with this. [I love a good confirmation]! He said he had been trying to get my email address for two days.

    This has been an interesting week for me - filled with many synchronicities - as always linked to Z and the Great Pyramid.