A Time of Transition - The End of Time

2001 - Thus Spake Zarathrustra

In discussions with metaphysical friends - we have all come to the same conclusion - collective consiousness shifted on September 11th - which is why we all felt this sense of limbo - non-reality - for weeks after the attack. Some people still experience it now.

In the aftermath of September 11th people are rethinking their careers and life goals. Don't forget that this recession and its aftermath began in 2000 - not 2001 - so these changes were already on the planetary grid. Other friends see one global economy and currency in the near future. We are moving towards Oneness.

Becoming detached from the old grid - which no longer exists - gives one a feeling of being lost. This is not easy for many souls - but is part of the process of getting out of here.

We are in what you might call another reality of consciousness and we are adapting.

With this comes increased psychic awareness - be it in dream state or waking state. Time to listen to your 'little voice' - your higher soul aspect. You may see between dimensions - grid programs.

There is a need to 'clean house' getting rid of things that no longer work. This signals us that something new is about to happen - and we have to prepare on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Time to let go!

I am also compulsed to put my 'house in order' these days trying to determine what is a 'loose end' and how it can be completed - at the very outset - the end of 2002. I am not sure why 2002 is a time of destiny for me - but it seems to be the Time.

2003 brings change for me. My soul says 'prepare'.

One friend told me he meditated and saw the 'hand of god'. The index finger pushed a button in September, which has left us in a state of limbo or waiting. (He must be seeing the program).

We all sense this waiting period - which is linked with healing issues - letting go - and clearing the 'space' which connects you with the other aspect of your soul - which is merging toward you. See it as a tube or cylinder which must be clean and clear with a soul spark at each end. They slowly move toward each other until they meet.

I see us in a bubble - which is like the holodeck of this program.

We loop - pause - shift - all sorts of things in Time.

Many of us are experiencing reality shifting.

Things no longer work or make sense.

The way you visualized your life before September 11th is gone.

One friend sees that as a good thing. He says that the new consciousness no longer will tolerate global terrorism and human suffering. I wish I could agree - but this will not last - if it ever occur.

3D Earth is the game of imbalance and until its over - this is how it has always been - and will always be played out!

In 2002 again we will be forced to make change. We must coast along with that. Our souls are moving our awareness out of the game. This is the Golden (alchemy -change) Age mentioned in prophecy.

There may be days when you will feel there is no reality at all - as reality appears to shift faster and faster - and seems more lucid - the flow of the collective - the Hall of Records - The Golden Capstone - energies of the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, etc.

You are not going crazy.

You are not alone!

This holiday season does not have the energies of past years.

The Middle East crises continues as the scales remain unbalanced and each side fights for a cause they consider just.

I watch children on TV shouting in the streets - souls who have been indoctrinated by parents guided by their belief systems - some of which are not clear to them. In the years of conflict on loses the true meaning of freedom.

Here in my Brooklyn neighborhood there are many Middle Eastern families - from Palestine and Afghanistan. When the Twin Towers fell some of these people celebrated in the streets - while others hide in their home fearful of retaliation in their neighborhood.

Since September 11 - the Twin Towers Attack - 11:11 - triggers - anything goes in this crazy world and everyone feels it as we are all attached through the grid system - the Spider Web Effect - back to one source.

Back here in New York City, the energies of this holiday season are very low. People are trying to get into the holiday spirit, but it isn't easy. things don't feel right. Time seems way off . . .

November seemed to drag on forever and Christmas is two weeks away.

There has been too much loss this year of lives, jobs, and the foundation of what we believe in.

My niece and her husband recently moved back into their apartment just across from the WTC. It used to be a choice place to live. They stayed with other family members for while, then decided they would move back. About half of the tenants have returned. There is a rent strike so no one is paying rent. Residents need passes to enter and are sometimes searched before the enter the buildings. It is like a war zone. They are looking to relocate but business has not been good this year, so they can't afford to move anywhere. They wonder if the ongoing smolder flames and acrid air will give them cancer in the long run!

Many of the usual year-end business Christmas parties have been canceled or not scheduled at all. Workers are still getting 'laid- off' as companies down-size. Other companies are going out of business - some of them having been around for years.

I also have noticed fewer decorations in local homes than in past years - as if people are simply not in the mood to celebrate Christmas and New Years.

Making Plans - Time and Schedules

Many people report that making arrangements - even for the holidays - has become frustrating.

Plans are made - then time moves too quickly - and the person is not actually available for the plans - which causes stress.

Some people don't like to be involved with making plans - chosing to make last minute decisions about their availability and their need to socialize.

I cannot tell you how many clients - even the ones in their 20's - find the same old social circles boring.

There is a growing need for souls to feel unemcumbered - to go and do 'in the moment'.

If the commitment between the people involved creates soul growth - the timing always seems to work out - even if it comes as a synchronicity - where the two people meet by accident.

But if the commitment seems to stiffle the soul - all sorts of things seem to get in the way - illnesses, minor accidents - sabotage as the soul says, "I don't want that experience."

If this is happening to you - it is best to find out why and what your limitations are at this time.

If you can't make long or even short term plans - then don't.

Time does not sequence the way it used to. It loops - moves at different rates - as we shift in and out of realities.

This is a bad time to bring too much pressure into your 3D reality. The people who are workaholic - will be forced to slow down.

Be away of time changes and shifts.

In the future - you must go follow for your soul guidance. . . . the rest will fall into place.

Manifesting Changes

When we study metaphysics - especially in these changing times - we learn to manifest that which help our souls grow and expand our consciousness - to think positively - to create on higher frequency.

We seek to manifest, love, partners, careers, material things, etc.

We further come to realize that the manifesting is not created in third dimension by our conscious minds - but by our soul - or higher aspects of our souls.

In 3D we play out the physical manifestation of what the soul creates.

Since Sept. 11 we all know things are different - reality has been altered by the event which affected the collective unconscious and our reality forever. We know is all part of a process of healing and releasing - which we are experiencing collectively.

On Sept. 11 a strong pulse of fear and panic moved through the grids.

What has happened is that many people are finding that their worst fears are manifesting at this time. This begins with the economy - as the WTC stood like a towering icon of our global economy. The economy started to crumble in 2000 - came to a giant crash in Sept. and now we have to await the results.

Most people are not seeing results yet - but the few who were forced or rethink job and career - education - have faced it bravely - understand the rules of the game - trusted that their worse fears have manifested - and with that trust - new careers are beginning to surface.

You can easily manifest your fears now - especially if they are constantly in your thoughts. But you can use the experience to move on - or just give up - and we usually don't give up.

Your soul will find a way out of this - as if in a game/program - which in truth this reality is.

As 2001 nears its end - look around and watch how others who appeared to have lost a lot - handle their lives. Does thhis result in depression or restructuring?

Just trust the universe = your soul!

2001 Transition has begun.