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A New Consciousness Begins.....

Tuesday night I got caught up in the Egyptian Dynasties and stayed up late completing the files.

I did not remember that Cleopatra VII was the last Pharaoh of Egypt.

I really got caught up in her energies as I wrote about her. I was in her timeline experiencing with her - I was her in some sense of the word - if only for that time I created the file. It was more about her soul expression then the events in her life. It was about her spiritual side - linked to the goddess Isis and the power and knowledge she possessed.

In the energies of the full moon - Taurus (the horns) - lunar eclipse - last night - I embraced that power and made it my own. It is the power of the goddess - the feminine in each of us waiting to ignite.

As for the dramas she played out with family and the men in her life - I did not emotionally go to those places with her - as they were her choices - and as with most of us - we have partners with whom we experience and grow at different stages of our lives - until we feel the pain of separation (the primal fear and pain experienced when we entered third dimension and lfet the other apsect of our soul - our twin flame - behind to watch over us and in this timeline - guide us back to 'wholeness'.

She truly wanted to restore Egypt to the glory and power of the olden days. But alas all things come full cycle and consciousness was shift once again. The way humanity was to perceive creation and its creator was changing - just as it is changing now as we emergence our conscious into a new paradigm.

Our creator will no longer be a god from a pantheon - by a source of light which flows through each of us and keeps us united as a soul group about to remember who we are and embark on the next champter of our existence.

The Horns - Sun Disc - Creation source of light - Zoraoaster - Persia - Rome - Mithraism - the flow of spirit sweeps over humanity.......

The Saga of the Persian Gulf

Once upon a time there was a land where creation began. It was called the 'Seat of Civilization' among other metaphors. This was the Persian Gulf.....Mesopotamia...Garden of Eden....and other myths....

Persian Kings were fierce soldiers who often sought to conquer the world. These guys were great! Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Xerxes The Great, Alexander the Great, etc. Several ruled Egypt as Pharaohs.

Darius The Great

Alas there came a 'humble prophet' [approximately 628 BC] from their midst; the Persian Prophet, Zoroaster, Zarathrustra, Zartosht, among other 'Z' names - We call him Z - aka - Thoth, Hermes, Quetzacoatyl, Buddha, among others. He taught about duality in reality - Good God=Ahura Mazda vs. Bad God=Ahriman. From this we learned about polarities - poles vs. holes [metapors- males vs. females]!


Z as the Farvahar - The Zoroaster Timeline

Daruis and Z in Persepolis

The Priests

As you know Z guides the flow and creation of Crystalinks
among other things.

The Millennia have passed since Z set out on his ventures.
Alas all things in this program come full cycle.......

Guns of war 'locked, loaded'

98,000-ton carrier set for Dec. date in Gulf.

Indepth News - Ongoing

Holiday Planning

I am told that there is a lot going on in and around Turkey these days.......Not far from the Persian Gulf......

We are coming into that timeline - headspace - where people will be making plans and traveling during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holidays.

For many - the plans they would like to make - are not going to be possible this year - for many reason - personal and global (such as fear of flying, etc.)

People start to build tension at this time of the year. Some people are forced to go to family gatherings with people they do not want to be with - people who you see as 'crazy' and you find upsetting to your soul's balance.

Many people feel alone with no where to go and no one to be with. The internet can help fill in some of the spaces - or perhaps reading or just being out with others can work. We seek soul connections at this time - You never know where or when you will find them.

Issues from childhood - or unresolved issues form your adult life will surface now and remain with you - once again - to be dealt with in the best way you can. We have all had our share of disappointments - made mistakes - but it is time to be open with what is best for you and those you must deal with now.

I know many readers will place themselves in strained situations just to keep everyone around them happy. That is the way the game seems to play out until the soul can move freely away. Make the best of it and keep calm.

If you have 'awakened' in 2002 - the conversations and behavior of those around you may seem like ridiculous dramas - as you watch the players act out their roles. You may have moved past this nonsense. Be polite and observe. You cannot impose your newly found beliefs on those still in 3D emotional mode - they will get hostile and tell you that you are crazy and should see a doctor! be very descerning about what you say and who you say it to - when dealing with these people. You can never force anyone into enlightenment. All is done as the soul is ready - when the 3D dramas no longer work.

Englightenment is about a 'time of readiness.

Have you made any holiday plans?

Are you afraid to travel - or is that an excuse not to go to a place you would prefer to avoid?

Are you workaholic - and worrying about deadlines before Thanksgiving? Relax - all will get done as it is meant to.

Do you need to prepare anything - a gift for someone? flowers? something else?

Whne you travel away - do you miss home? your routines? is this stressing you already?

As for me...I will be with my family in New Jersey for thanksgiving - for two days. Really look forward to it. Have been out holiday shopping for the grand kids. I sent Joie a red velvet outfit for Christmas with a matching bib that says; 'My First Christmas'. I will be posting pictures and updating the children's files over the next weeks.

Wedneday Newsdesk.... Psychic Images

Bush: Join 'coalition of willing' CNN

A game of Simon Sez where everyone will follow Bush. Bush is moving his home or office or something. he will get what he wants and knows it. He is holding up his index and middle fingers - forming a 'V' - Victory I suppose as others are laughing behind the scenes - I hear hardly chuckles!! His face turns into that of former president Nixon.


Egyptian rights group criticizes state TV over show "Horseman Without a Horse" - CNN

I see wings - large wings - struggling - finally they are free. The Phoenix is re-emerging from the ashes - but as with some newborns - she has much fluid to spit up. This baby bird is vomitting 'green' bile or fluid which flows out like a giant river that moves over the planet. "All will be restored."

Scorpio Rising

Since we entered scorpio last month - I keep seeing my symbol of a spider / scorpio rising. I am on the cups - 29 Libra Rising but several astrologers tell me that I have Scorpio Rising in my chart. It all has to do with time change during WWII when I was born.

When I see the image of a spider - the body of the spider is always down - then it rises up - slowly and walks away - scorpio rising - I take it to mean spiritual evolution - the coming together back to the center of the Web [Internet - Grids - Matrix, etc].

Spider Woman . In the 'end times Spider Woman pulls everything back to the source of creation. She is linked with Dream Catchers - messages that come from dreams. Do you pay attention to your dreams? Can you tell the difference bewteen personal dreams linked to your issues and prophetic dreams? Do you analyze your dreams? Do you record and date them? Do you ask spiecific spirits to talk to you in your dream time?

Scorpion crop circle formations were very popular for many years in England - be they hoaxed or not.

I was guided to do an image search for 'spider' and immediately found this website - Phoenx Quest - The Spider Maze which is a game.

I found that humorous as I posted about the Phoenix over the past few days (See below).

The website states - "Mathematics: 90 degree rotations, connected path, working backwards."

We live in the maze - trying to find our way 'back'.

I always connect with my file 90 degrees of separation to disappear.

Z is showing me the swastika - 90 degree turns - 4 X 90 = 360 degrees, etc.

This image speaks to me.

Fractals of Creation - Patterns that Repeat

Tuesday Newsdesk.... Psychic Images

Oscar-Winning Actor James Coburn Dead at 74

He shows me a clock that says 10 after 10 - 10:10.

He hands me a ball that is made of many facted crystals - like the New Years Ball they drop in Manhattan.

His soul seems happy and yet so busy. His transition was fast as if already out of his body before he passed.

I loved his movies and thought him to be very talented.


Israeli archeologists find second century artifacts from Jewish revolt - Jerusalem - A cave survey in Israel's Judean Desert has uncovered papyrus scrolls, coins and arrow heads from the period of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans in the second century, archeologists said Tuesday.

The war - The truth about war and creation is in the Torah - just unroll it.


Oil Tanker Off Spain Breaks Up, Stern Sinks

A beautiful scene that feels like Europe - sunny day - a snow covered mountain that is dissolving from below.

A holographic map with pins in it - A Sheik off to the right watching the map with me. It looks like a collage but is 3D and real.

Oil will dictate a final outcome.


Carry your 'wrist PDA' with you all the time

The hand of god wearing a computer watch with a clock on its screen...(laugh)

A Stone Age man carving a message on a tablet ---- a succession of images as I move through time to this timeline.

Flying above a pyramid made of blue, green and white dots. Around the pyramid are circles of spinning energies in red and yellow - moving counterclockwise. Above the pyramid a horizontal rod appears that is probably suppose to represent 'balance' but it is unable to balance on the apex of the pyramid so it fluctuates up and down at different degrees.


Economy: A man named Michael help with recovery.

Bush: he is trying to jump over hurdles on a track - but keeps falling so he tries lifting himself over a bar of some kind - falls over it and lands on his face. This is all an exercise.

The Phoenix in Phoenix

Last Friday I asked Z for a symbol linked to what is going to happen now - for me - the planet - or both.

He brought the symbol of the Phoenix to me three times in one day. 3=manifestation into physical reality - Triad - Pyramid.

First I went to see the Harry Potter movie. There was a beautiful Phoenix who was able to heal. [The movie had great special effects. It is geared more for older children - teenagers. It is too scary for young children. Lots of metaphors are addressed in the storyline - if you can recognize them. If I was not involved with metaphysical studies - I would not have gone to see it. The bad monster is a Snake - which made me think about one of my favorite TV shows, Stargate. The bad entities are hideous snake creatures, known as Goa'ulds, who take over people's minds and bodies.] These are all linked to kundalini rising ----> healing issues ----> reunion and rebirth.

The snake scene in the movie also reminded
me of another movie, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

"Snakes! Why does it always have to be snakes?"
Because that's the game, Harrison!

When I return from the movie, I watched my soap opera, 'Days of Our Lives' in which twins - a male and a female - each have half of a tattoo on their arms. Placed together the images form the phoenix. [Reality is now about balancing your male and female polarities - the merge of your twin aspects].

Last night I watched a show on FOX about a man named John Doe, a genius, who suffers from amnesia and is searching for his past and true identity. [Aren't we all.] The 'key' to his past was shown to be the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is a female mythological bird symbolizing immortality, resurrection and life after death. There can only be one Phoenix on the planet. She is said burn herself after a certain number of years in a cycle then is reborn from her ashes.

This links with theories about the Precession of the Equinoxes in which approximately every 13,000 years we move from a cycle of 'feminie energies' - higher frequency realities to a cycle of 'masculine energies' - lower frequency - 3D - the game of polarities - dualities - and emotions.

This current game has been fear based way too long. It cannot change as the programming is set and the file locked - pdf - 'pretty dumb file'. New programming is at hand...more editing.

The Phoenix is associated with the sun. This references the light source of consciousness creation. [Saturday night I found it hard to believe that I had never created a file about the Sun. I used to have a file about Solar Storms - but that was in 2000 when they were at their peak. Amazing....]

The Egyptian version was the Benu. [Of course Egypt takes us to the Sun god, Aton Re - monotheism - and Akhenaten.] The Phoenix has a plume in its head - as does Osiris - again a metaphor for resurrection.

Two weeks ago, while visiting my daughter, Tracy, in Arizona, she took me for a drive through Phoenix and Gilbert. We stopped as a funny looking bird flew before us. It stopped on the roof of a house and looked at us.

At first we thought it looked like a stork, perhaps signifying the birth of her new baby daughter, Joie Dawne. The bird stood on the roof and watched us as we sat in her car, staring back.

As we drove off, it flew in front of us again, then flew away.

When I found this picture in my files today it triggered my memory. It was the same bird.

Did we see the symbolic 'Phoenix' in Phoenix?

Connie thinks the bird we saw was an Ibis.

(I´┐Żbis) is a common name for wading birds with long, slender, decurved bills, found in the warmer regions of both hemispheres.

The body is usually about 2 feet (61 cm) long.

Most ibises nest in colonies.

They feed in ponds, lakes, and brackish marshes on fish and other aquatic animals.

In the southern part of North America are found the white ibis, Eudocimus albus; the white-faced and eastern glossy ibises, Plegadis falcinellus; and a bird that was formerly called the wood ibis, which is really a 'stork.'

The scarlet ibis of South America, E. ruber, is occasionally seen in the Southern United States.

Ibises are classified in the phylum Chordata , subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Ciconiiformes, family Threskiornithidae.

The sacred ibis of ancient Egypt, Threskiornis aethiopica, a white and black bird, no longer frequents the Nile basin, although it inhabits other parts of Africa.

The Ibis headed Egytian God was....Thoth the Scribe
...the storyteller of our reality and author of
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.
"As is Above, So is Below".

He is also Z, my partner on the other side
who guides my work and Crystalinks.

So there I was ....busy with my latest 'past time' ... editing 'Sarah and Alexander' - ......when I decided to read my email as it 'called' to me. Are you paying attention to your inner voice?

I must have triggered something with the word 'Phoenix' because I had many emails from readers about it.

Phoenix is becoming a common name - male and female.

The Phoenix is also mentioned by Nostradamus. How does he get mixed up into so many of my columns and why is his file always in the top 10?

Here is what a reader named Skada was kind enough to share with us:

Century 8 Quatrain 27

The auxiliary way, one arch upon the other,
Le Muy deserted except for the brave one and his genet.
The writing of the Phoenix Emperor,
seen by him which is (shown) to no other.

As always with Nosty - I haven't the 'foggiest' about his cryptic little poem! Do you understand it?

Somebody wrote and mentioned their involvement with Project Phoenix a NASA Seti project to find ET's. Stand in line guys...the channelers swear that have made contact ...the UFO researchers send me photos and see ships in increasing numbers. [Do you suppose the ET's read Crystalinks from their ship in orbit around Earth?]

Back to the Phoenix....

So there I was ..minding my own business... editing S & A ... the part referencing WW II and time travel ... [whoops - I haven't read the story yet]....when Michelle called. She told me that she met with some friends earlier in the day. Their discussion centered on WW II and time travel. Naturally she thought of me. Her group spoke about the Phoenix Project. This takes us to the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Projects.

The game is about war ...conspiracies...and predictions that awaken us. Something is being recycled here.

Here's another website I found called Orion Technologies and other secret Projects Q & A about the Phoenix and related Projects.

Please bear in mind that the loop for the Montauk Project goes from 1943--->1963--->1983----> 2003--->2013 [Mayan Calendar=December 21, 2012 - 12:21:12 = 9 = Endings of cycle]. If you see this as a sine wave - we peak in 2003 which is what many people are feeling. They are linking this energy to May 2003 - and the supposed return of Nibiru. Nibiru - not true! The Gods of other realities will not return for the Gold! [transition and alchemy] They know how bad the global economy is! Maybe they could return and bring is some gold and technologies - as it is written that they have shared technologies with us in the past. Here's a great synchronicity about May 2003. On May 15, 2003 - the second Matrix movie comes out. Reality portrayed as a projected illusion! Amen! By George ... we've got it! [Who was George? a king? queen?]

Many are feeling that 2003 is a time the government will be forced to reveal hidden information. I posted a great website - that Ron send me - on Ezine - see Conspiracies. Will the goverments 'come clean'? No! The energies will move to war games side-stepping these issues. Trickery and Magic - Focus the masses in one direction - while the real trick is in the opposite direction. You watch the right hand - but what is the left hand doing??

Another reader suggested I check out a website called Phoenix Autonomous UAV In case you are interested...

This project began in 1996 as a platform for demonstrating anti-collision navigation & guidance systems.

Although UAV systems have been around since the first German "V-1" rocket lifted off during WWII, the worldwide market for these unmanned systems didn't take off until the 1990s. Today, with technologies maturing and defense budgets shrinking, more than 80 countries are developing UAV systems for a variety of military &commercial applications.

In light of the terrorist attacks around the world, counter-UAV protection will soon become crucial to maintaining freedom.

All this tells me is - that which is hidden - in plain sight - knowledge kept from us since the beginning - is bubbling to the sirface and must will come out soon - from the smallest secret to the secrets of creation..humanity quest always to find the truth. The truth is out there .. . only to be revealed in the final hour.