Creational Theories

by Ellie Crystal

Mankind has always pondered the origin of its Creation. Was it from the heavens, other Star Systems or Planets, a Creator God who watches over us in a loving way, or several Gods.

Throughout history, each civilization has conceived theories that explained the origin of its world, its people, and its belief system. Stories of how each culture came to be usually include a person of group of people of who brought forth the Earth then established a foundation for how the people were to live and worship.

These creator gods are depicted in similar ways - following patterns that include wings with the heads of animals (land), birds (air), or fish (water). These gods manifested interdimensionally - or arrived in UFO's or other ancient aircraft.

They always stand very tall. Their leader usually appear as a male entity - accompanied by female consort and children There is usually mating within this group - though it is not recorded as incestuous behavior. (In truth it is one soul creating itself into various forms).

Myths are created describing how this Creator initiated life in the days when physical Earth began. These Myths are followed by a series of elaborate tales explaining how members of a culture should interact with each other and the Creator. Because the stories generally were not formally recorded, selected members of the communities became honored storytellers thus creating the oral traditions of that culture.

The legends, myths, and teachings of each culture are memorized and accessed in many ways:

  • Oral tradition

  • Ancient manuscripts and texts

  • Art forms: cave art, sand paintings, birch bark scrolls, or drawings on animal hides, weaving, jewelry making

  • Clay and stone tablets - cylinder seals

  • Inscriptions in crypts including mummification processes

  • Esoteric references: Encoded in crystals for those people able to decode them using a method known as scrying Channeled information from Extraterrestrials, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters/ Avatars, other non-physical life forms.

    Ellie's Theories

    All things in our physical reality follow specific patterning created by geometric shapes. These teaching have been passed down through the teachings of the ancient mystery schools of Thoth and Isis (two of the Creational Forces). These teachings were lost through the millennia due to corruption in the political systems and the need for one group to control the thinking of mankind. These teachings have resurfaced at this time. Today we call them Sacred Geometry.

    The teachings of the Precession of the Equinoxes tell us that we have entered into the Age of Aquarius - 'turned the corner' in an approximate 26,000 year cycle - if you will. This is an ending of a 'Cycle of Time', wherein the 'masculine - left brained - logical mind - lower chakras ruled our behavioral patterns.

    Aquarius means 'return to the higher chakras' known as return of the 'feminine/intuitive aspects of who we are as souls. It is a time of triggering genetic memory for all souls on the planet. Many different triggers have been encoded into the planetary grid - which forms the illusion of this reality - to help us remember who we are.

    The most popular of these triggers seem to be encoded numbers - 11:11 among the most popular set of digits. I believe the use of digital clocks at this time is part of triggering with numbers. There are other numerical sets of triggers - each triggering something different. You may be triggered by one of more set of digits.

    We all have genetically encoded memories. Our souls set the timing mechanism for them to trigger us when we are ready to understand higher truths and knowledge. These mechanisms work like tiny 'time capsules' which activate as they are pre-set. What occurs is the activation of your higher DNA, your chakras, and additional aspects of your brain. You cannot force this to occur. It evolves as you do - and as programmed by your soul before you came into your phsycial body. Many of us are 'waking up' now - remembering the nature of creation.

    We currectly live in a multidimensional holographic program created by 12 pyramids of light. A Creational Source creates a 'Program' - for lack of a better word - in which souls will experience on all levels - one of which is the physical. This is the level where your consciousness is now - as you sit at - your computer reading these notes.

    When you dream you interact with the other levels of your consciousness. It is here that may understand some of the things beyond the physical program of our existence.

    When this 'program' is created there is a crystal which is programmed with the first thought (tone) of a Creational Source. This crystal is in a pyramid. Once the crystal is programmed, this pyramid sends the information to 11 other pyramids. Once received the 12 pyramids move apart and beginning a creational process involving, sound (tones, harmonics) light, and color.

    They 12 pyramids set up a multidimensional gird system which creates the holographic effect - the illusion, if you will - of the program in which the souls will enter and experience. This grid system as been known as the Hall of Records, Akashic Records, Collective Unconscious, among other terms.

    In this creational pyramidal source, souls are created. The Source appears as Light. The essence of the main pyramid manifested on the planet in this 'Cycle of Time' in Egypt. It is the time clock - Creayional Source of our reality - and the reason maost of us feel a connection to it - often remembering a past life there. It is the place in which we all entered the physical planet to experience in this realm.

    Following the geometry of the program endless scenarios in which the souls can experience, yet all within the guidelines of the geometry.

    This is one of the reasons, the information about the Creator Gods - found throughout the planet follows similar patterning - Creational Forces come to Earth to create a race. Cycles of time come and go - but still the geometry remains the same - until the 'Cycle of Time' has ended and souls can return to Source to begin another 'Cycle of Time'.

    The Creational Source leaves endless clues for humanity to follow - connected to the timeline in which we know exist.

    Gods with wings representing Ascension - returning to higher frequencies and Source.

    As I read the names of these Gods - the name Thoth - or like Thoth - was found in places as remote as Australia and the Grand canyon in the Unted States.

    The Source who created this program - illusion - game- came through in all of the roles - including you and I. That is why it is is written that we all coe from one Source and return to One Source.

    One soul brought in the spiritual teachings. Tracing the lineage of that soul - who obviously can biolocate - he played the roles of all of the Creational Forces. Here is an example - Thoth was Tehuti (from Atlantis), Hermes, Zeus, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, etc. - right down through history - all one and the same! In truth we are all aspects of that soul having a physical experience that is about to take us into a higher level of consciousness - linked with the color frequency of royal blue!

    The current 'Cycle of Time' in the physical realms is based on duality - there will always be an imbalance so we can experience at an emotional level. Souls incarnate in third dimension to experience emotions. It is what we seek to do all of our lives. The essence of this program is to take the 'balance of nature' and upset it. Souls, by their nature, seek the balance and so they play at a game in which they experience all of the emotions in the porgram. It does tire the souls especially now, as the frequency of the planet is raising and this 'Cycle of Time' is about to move back into one of higher frequency.

    It is now time for you to create a myth . . .

    Please fill in the blanks!

    You are chief 'Sits-at-Computer'.

    You belong to the 'Internet Tribe'. It is a large tribe spanning the far reaches of the globe. There are a great many tales about the creation of your tribe.

    Long ago before your tribe came into being - the planet had no computers!

    Someone in the tribe spoke to God and said, "There is something missing from this planet that will help humanity. Can you help us??

    God looked at his great big creational computer and said, "I will create something in it's image!"

    When He was complete there were many changes on the planet. The most important were ______________.

    One day this God looked down at his creation and said, "What have a done! The souls just sit there and ______________!"

    He thought about creating a flood to wipe it all out, so he punched the information into his computer! The message came back, "That program has been deleted! Please try again!"

    He tried and tired . . . but things got more and more out of control!

    Suddenly his computer froze!

    Everything was frozen in cyber-space-time!

    Alas there was nothing left for God to do but reboot and create a new 'program'!