Monday - December 11th - Day 7

The Disappearing Watch - Meeting Sheena

I slept-in the next morning.

Irene left a note under my door saying she was going to Cairo to do some sight-seeing and to visit the Cairo Museum.

Visiting statues didn't seem important to me. We must all take this journey as our soul guides - and mine was not interesting in physical structures - it was searching for a non-physical experience.

I needed time to gather all of the energies of the past few days and needed this time to myself. It was a time to rest and process the events at Luxor.

I walked out on my terrace/ balcony and listened to the sounds of Egypt.

The sun shone brightly as it was making it ascent over the Great Pyramid. Though it was winter it felt warm and soothing.

I got some pillows from the room and lay down on the terrace facing into the sun and the pyramid. I never sit in the sun - but this seemed like the thing to do.

I heard the sounds of camels taking people to and from the pyramids. There was also the sounds of native men arguing - or is that just how they talk to each other? There was a bird with a funny squawk who I believe lives on the grounds of the Mena House. He was big and came to talk to me. I do believe he was just a bird not a spirit in 'bird's clothing'!

Many images of great changes were shown to me. Seemed like a plan to me!

At noon I heard chanting over the loud speaker at the base of the road to the Great Pyramid. It was time for prayer.

I decided it was time for breakfast and got showered and dressed.

I looked in my fanny pack for the pocketwatch to see the time - but the watch was nowhere to be found.

I turned the room upside down looking for it - but it was gone.

The only place I had kept it had been on the nightstand or in the fanny pack.

The pocketwatch seemed too important to have been misplaced - but I was getting hungry and somehow felt it would show up later.

I thought about Ez joining me later in the day - either with Fergany - or on his own.

I didn't wait for him in the hotel as I still didn't 'feel' his energies in Giza. I long ago realized that a woman should never wait for a man or she shall surely wait forever.

I spend the rest of the afternoon sending emails to friends and family.

I met a man in one of the hotel stores who took me to a papyrus factory where I bought a papyrus of the pyramids and the Nile.

Early evening:

I joined Irene for dinner. She had a great time in Cairo and wanted to tell me about her adventures.

After dinner Fergany joined us with two of his friends, Sheena and Zenab (female).

Apparently Ez couldn't get away from his business commitments and never came to Giza! [How nice of him to call and tell me!!]

While enjoying the conversation with the girls and Fergany, I told them about my missing watchand the possiblity that it was with EZ. We even looked in my fanny pack - and it wasn't there!

Sheena and Zenab are film makers. They are British women living in Cairo for the past year. They share an apartment/flat. They travel the world making films and doing various projects. They often come to the US - so I hope to meet with them again soon.

Their current project is about the life of Akhnaton.

Sheena and I bonded immediately. Her real name is Sarah - as in 'Sarah and Alexander'??!! When I later told her about the story she connected immediately. She is close to my age - is divorced and has known researchers and worked in many of the same circles I have. She also attended that July 4, 1989 UFO conference in Los Vegas, Nevada - where my world opened up! My life was never the same after that! Sheena and I didn't meet at that time. This night was our first meeting. I love talking with people who have studied and know what they are talking about. She is also psychic and comes from much the same space as I do. The energies were magic once again. Zenab is psychic and said that she knew before we met that Sheena and I would destined to become close friends.

We spend time in the dining room drinking soft drinks and laughing. I did a reading for Fergany.

Originally he was to have climbed with Irene to the top of the Great Pyramid for the Full Moon 12:12 at 12:12 meditation - but Irene had gotten a migraine headache and didn't feel up to the climb.

Instead we all left the hotel and went to place behind the pyramid that Fergany was familiar with. That too involved some climbing but it wasn't that difficult.

The nightly Light Show was finishing as we climbed - but we were on the side of the pyramid where it is dark - so no one was around.

In a magical place we walked under the light of the full moon. We were hidden from the security guards by huge stones and the shadows they cast. Orion was easily seen in the night sky.

Everyone thought it odd that not one security guard came by in the time we were there - but I knew that Z would take of such matters.

I had brought one of my 12 inch spiral candles with me.

It felt right to bring a gold candle.

I lit the candle.

In the energies of the pyramid and the full moon we each took turns placing the candle under our faces as the others read our past lives. The candle causes facial features to change so others see you as you once were/ or are existing in a parallel reality. You can also use a flashlight to get the same effect.

We all saw everyone else as priests or priestesses in Egypt.

There were many past lives seen for each of us.

When I asked Spirit to show us what Irene was there for - the candle sparked and a giant blue light lit up around her!

That was a 'Kodak Moment' - but Fergany said we couldn't take pictures or it would attract security guards.

It was really cool.

I was seen as both very serious and as a trickster/magician. Not that again! [She didn't know about my connection with Thoth and Z!] I could move planets at will - place them in the heavens. I could work the EM energies of creation. Zenab saw most of that about me which is interesting as she didn't even know about the rods and my other work. They saw me come to Earth from some place in Creation. I had a book with me. I have yet to meet any psychic who hasn't seen me with a big old book. I usually assume the book is the story of 'Sarah and Alexander'. Sheena/ Sarah also saw me pulling together the energies of different timelines.

Suddenly I had this urge to walk closer to the pyramid.

It made everyone nervous as they were afraid of security.

I did that energy thing you do when you want to be invisible. You just move the molecules of your body so people looking straight at you see nothing. I actually Iearned that trick at the July 1989 Nevada UFO Conference from another psychic.

I stood there for some time with my eyes open. OK! The energies were strong! I asked Z for a physical sign of some kind. I knew he would never manifest for me!

A white light flashed from the pyramid - lower half - left of my vantage point. It was as if someone was up there taking a picture. I hoped it wasn't Z laughing at me.

I walked back to my friends.

I asked them if they saw the flash of light - but no one had.

I asked Fergany if someone had climbed up there and taken a picture - though we saw no one.

He told me that no one climbs on that side and that no one was there. Also it would also be too risky to take a flash picture from there.

So what was this light?

Guess I'll never know.

We drove back to the Mena House where Irene and I said good-by to our friends.

No one was keeping track of time and I missed my watch.

Irene asked to come back to my room as she was hungry and I had brought some food from the US.

As we walked down the hotel corridor - I reached into my fanny pack to get my room key.

Much to our surprise - the pocketwatch manifested before us.

We stood there in shock as I took out the watch.

It was 12:12 on 12:12.

Someone was trying to tell us something . . .