Planet Earth is in a constant state of flux. These ongoing physical changes can be called "Earth Changes".

This includes changes in climate, tectonic activity (earthquakes/volcanos), weather systems, marine eco-systems, and the resulting effects on microbial, animal, plant and human life.

These changes are escalating in duration, frequency and magnitude as we enter the new millennium.

Many people are looking for safe placesto live in the future.

They are moving:

  • away from coastal areas
  • away from regions along earthquake fault-lines
  • near a natural fresh water source, but not so close as to be flooded out
  • to higher elevations

    They are preparing:

  • survival kits - food - water - medical
  • alternative power sources and supplies
  • building tools
  • radios and other communication devices - CB radios
  • books on self preservation

    There are also spiritual changes, consciousness levels vibrating to a higher frequency that seem to be in synchronicity with the physical changes.

    Many seerers and scientists have predicted great Earth changes at this point in the planet's history.

    Much of this information can be found in my files on Prophets and Prophecies.

    My daily updated Earth changes reports on Crystalinks E -Zine also reflect the changing patterns. These changes are about - earthquakes, volcanoes, tectonic acitity, solar storms, lunar influences, and unusual weather patterns. Please visit the site for new information.

    Earth loses weight

    May 1, 2000 - BBC

    American scientists have discovered that the Earth is lighter than previously thought.

    The physicists used a new, precise measurement of the force of gravity to recalculate the weight of the planet.

    The new estimate is that the Earth has a mass of 5.972 sextillion tonnes. That is 5,972 followed by 18 zeros - making the planet lighter than previous calculations.

    The new measurement stems from a recalculation of the force of gravity.

    In recent years, different measurements of gravity have produced wildly different results, raising the level of uncertainty.

    Steel balls

    To arrive at the new calculation, scientists working at the University of Washington looked to the past.

    They refined an experiment first developed in the 18th century.

    A device recorded the effects of the gravity of four stainless steel balls on a gold-coated plate.

    Scientists have had new measurements for the earth's gravity.

    If the new value is accepted, it would reduce the uncertainty of the force of gravity by a factor of 100, making a calculation of the weight of the Earth more accurate.

    But the final arbiters, the International Committee on Data for Science and Technology, say they will not make any changes to the official figure until other experiments are complete.