Messages from Dream State, Lucid Dreams

Dream Categories:

  • Color vs. black and white dreams: Some people feel that as a dream manifests into third dimension it moves from black and white to color

  • Episodic Dreams: Your dream is like a movie, involving a story that goes on and on in sequential order

  • Flying Dreams: These dreams are common. You fly free, escapism, ascension to source, a way to time travel or move through realities.

  • Lucid Dreams: You realize that you are dreaming and can alter the events in the dream [See Below]

  • Repetitive Dreams: You have the same dream over and over as if a message is being sent to you by someone on the other side, which may be your soul.

  • Precognitive Dreams: You dream about events that manifest in the future

  • Shared Dreams: You remember the events in your dream, that involve another person. At the same time, another person in your dream remembers the same events

  • Universal dreams: related to information you receive from the collective unconscious - grids - akashic records - hall of records - that which creates the reality in which we live. Whenever a dream presents symbols of a cosmic nature, in all probability it is a representation of a Universal dream. Such dreams are reflective of religious experiences, and denote changes that are to occur at some future time.

    Many factors affect your dreamtime.

    Your soul is having multidimensional experiences all the time.

    It is consciously aware of different experiences on many levels of consciousness. It never sleeps.

    What we call dreamtime is another place it is experiencing. Many people feel that the true reality is what we call dreamtime - and that third dimension is the dream world! In truth it is all an illusion.

    External factors that affect your dreams may include:

  • Your health

  • Diet

  • Emotional issues

  • External stimuli while you are sleeping - Ex.: It is raining heavily outside, so water could be incorporated in your dream. The soul can take information from anything it is experiencing and incorporating it into your dream.

  • Events occurring prior to going to sleep: Media (TV, Radio, Video), something you have read, a conversation, or other physical activities can impact on your dreams

  • What may seem like aspects of a past life life coming through. It may also be a parallel experience (life) as Linear Time only exists in third dimension - physical reality.

    Some people remember their dreams while others have little or no recognition.

    Interpretations of the dream may not be the actual events of the dream. You mind can only process the events in the dream, based on symbols it understands. If you experience a dream that is not within the vocabulary of your mind, you will not be able to process and remember it. The 3D mind has to be able to make sense of a dream, for you to remember it.

    If it often useful to keep a dated journal of these events. Make the notes in the journal as soon as you wake up. Most information is forgotten as your conscious awareness returns to third dimension. Things happen slowly in 3D - linear time. In other levels of reality, there is no time and things just occur randomly. Events are frequencies. They occur quickly. The frequency of third dimension much slower than that of dreamtime. therefore retaining information can be more difficult.

    Most people who don't remember their dreams, come back into their bodies at approximately 4 AM. Dreams between that time frame and waking up in 3D, are sometimes remembered, as they are on frequencies that are slower.

    What I have discovered about myself is that when I am uncertain about an issue I go to sleep and ask guidance. Sometimes I am shown events in a dream that I remember and help me focus. Other times, I don't remember the dream when I wake up, but I know I have processed the information and know what the solution is. I often wake up with feelings of closure about issues. My soul has made the decision that is best for me in third dimension.


    During a lucid dream - the subject is aware that they are in a dream state and can actively influence the events of the dream. If you become a lucid dreamer, this does not mean that all of your dreams are of this type. Dreams vary as with all things your consciousness experiences.

    There are many methods to use to create lucid dreaming. Here are just a few.

    You can encode your mind with a symbol - such as 'the sun'. Whenever you see that symbol - your mind will realize that you are dreaming and begin to interact freely. For example . . . you are dreaming that you are walking on the beach on a nice sunny day. You look up and see the sun! Your mind relays the message to you - this is all a dream. You now can stop walking on the beach and do other things - such as flying over the beach or ocean. You can place dolphins in the water and swim with them. You are creating this reality as you are with all realities your mind enters.

    Another method of determining that you are dreaming and not in third dimensional reality is to repeat the phrase, "I am dreaming" several times before you go to bed. This phrase will remain in your mind. When you dream - it will activate and you will know you are dreaming. With practice you can influence your dreamtime and remember your dreams.

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    Messages received in dreams can be interpreted as:

  • This is one of the ways spirit guides or deceased loved ones communicate with you, usually to let you know they are Okay on the other side, they forgive you, they are moving on, they are with you all the time, they love you, or other more specific messages pertaining to your current third dimensional situations.

  • Events that occur on another level of consciousness that are too confusing to taken seriously

  • Symbols, archetypes that make sense on another level, that your soul is now sending to your third dimension consciousness that you might need to process. Ex: You dream about keys. Keys open doorways. Something new ill be given to you.

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