Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Lately I have been noticing more and more people 'day dreaming' - 'zoning out'!

Day dreaming is one way of opening the right - intuitive - creative side of the brain when we have spent too much time in logical left brain activities and need to balance both sides.

Day dreaming can be a form of visualization, wherein a person 'sees' an image then creates into whatever they want that image to do.

It can help you plan for your future wherein you create the various ways events could unfold in your life - then decided which path best suits the learning lessons you need at that moment in your life (these are not always the smartest choices, and often involve 'romantic love').

Day dreaming is often useful indecision making on important issues. Does that make it a form of meditation? Sort of - not really!

During a day dream - one can be adventurous in way that would not be in meditation. One has control of events in day dreaming - which is a good and safe place for people who do not have control of their lives - to play out various roles. In meditation, you watch and wait for answers. In day dreaming you create the illusion, but that is how we manifest in the first place. In meditation and night dreaming one generally gets the information once - and has little control over it - (unless one can lucid dream) - whereas in day dreaming one can bring the scenario back over and over again - as needed.

Day dreaming is often good for healing as it sometimes allow us to deal with issues we have no physical way of releasing. We hate our boss! You need the job! In your daydream you zap him with a phaser! The problem with this is - we are merging into higher frequencies and with that comes manifestation of whatever you create in your mind - so do be careful and keep the phaser locked in your bottom desk drawer.

You can tap into your higher selves - or spirit guides - and not realizing that they are guiding - you as you might think the thoughts are your own.

For example - in your day dream, you are creating the perfect job. You decided to wear a black suit. Suddenly a thought comes to mind - Not the black suit, wear the blue one! You see yourself in the blue suit on your interview! Yup - it works and you get the job. In your daydream - the thought may have been your own, but it may have come from a Spirit, here to help you move forward in your career. In this day dream - somewhere you opened the right brain and got the answers you liked. Of course you may have gotten the job wearing a black suit, but this is your fantasy and your way of connecting with Spirit. Also note that Spirit can time travle and will give good advice. It is often best to listen to the 'little voice' in your day dream.

When it comes to anything creative - the daydream is the perfect vehicle to open the right brain. You wish to redecorate a room in your house. You day dream / visual the colors, flooring, window treatments, funiture. Again your day dream brings needed information.

Many people do tend to day dream while driving which I personally believes causes so many accidents. Just watching the road for a long time becomes hypnotic and anyone can 'zone '. I find defensive drivers -they always know what's going on 360 degrees around them - will not daydream as often.

Often creative people - musicians, artists, writers - go into their own 'daydream - like' state when they are creating - allowing only the information to comes through the right side of the brain. This is especially true when people channel through the arts - or do automatic writing or art. Performers get into somewhat of a day dream like state when they create a role.

When one is 'in love' - love is a high feminine frequency - right brain - one day dreams all the time! The dreams may be physical - or could have to do with opening the heart chakra which is the most powerful 'high' of all.

Children day dream for the same reasons adults do. Sometimes children tend to interact in their day dreams often verbalizing at the time. This is often considered fantasy time for the child. It is all the same - an expression of our souls to play!.

Day dreaming helps us deal with the third dimensional stuff while allowing us to remember that we are creational beings just here for a physical experience. it allows us to tap into that part of us that makes us unique individuals.

The Fine Art of Day Dreaming

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