Last week when I worked at Citicorp
I met a psychic who uses a crystal ball to do her readings.

I know that conjures up visions of gypsies and witches

and magicians

but the energies of a crystal ball are much more than that.

Crystal balls are one means of divination. I call them psychic tools.

As with all crystals that come into your life - crystal balls just seem to 'call to you'.

There is something in the frequency of the crystal that you chose - or that choses you - that is needed to enhance your vibration - raise it to a higher level - so you can access information more easily. Remember that all crystals are energy boosters - and are good for communication no matter what form they are in.

I have seen crystal balls in many sizes -

shapes - and types of crystals.

Most people prefer the clear quartz crystalline type of crystal ball - as they are shiny - and best for doing readings.

Some of these crystal balls are totally clear - while others have many inclusions which allow the viewers to see things in color spectrums - (the inclusions produce rainbows as light hits the crystal ball).

Crystal balls may also be made of any color and crystal formation.

The one chosen depends on the frequency of the person using it.

As with any crystal - the larger the crystal ball - the stronger the energies - in most cases.

A larger crystal ball will also give a larger area in which the viewer can observe whatever they need to see.

When a psychic chooses a crystal ball - it is no different than choosing a crystal skull - for in truth the shape really doesn't matter. It is what the crystal does for the psychic that is important.

After working with the crystal ball for a while - or just holding it - you begin to share a frequency and feel comfortable.

After the psychic decides on their crystal ball - the ball should be cleaned. I prefer my balls cleaned with mild soap or just water - then dried to a nice shine. (laugh)

Last week - I found that too many finger prints on the crystal balls were annoying and distracting - perhaps it was too much human frequency.

Some psychics allow anyone to touch their crystal ball - while others prefer to have no one touch it but themselves.

I don't use a crystal ball - but I have no problem with anybody holding any of my crystals - unless I really feel that are totally dysfunctional. I can generally hold the crystal in my hand and clear it with my energies when I am finished using it!

As you know it is all about EM energies - and conducting frequencies through the grid patterns of the crystal. Yes - crystals have grids as we are all linked to the same grid program.

A psychic will take the crystal ball in their hands and move it around as they gaze into it.

The energy of the crystal ball should open the third eye - pineal gland - and allow the psychic to see things that aren't in 3D.

Physically it is possible to see shapes in a crystal ball that has inclusions. (Last week a saw many shapes in the crystal ball when I used it).

You stare into the crystal ball . . usually a clear crystal or black shiny ball. You open up and just watch and listen. Viola - you are seeing and hearing.

OK! I make it sound easy . . . as I know . . . few people grasp this without lots of practice.

Naturally - two people looking into the crystal ball at the same time can see different things and hear different messages. It is whatever you tune into - like a radio!

Your mind must be very focused and you must be open to signals - messages from the other side. Now that sounds like something I would have said in a gypsy past life!!

Crystal ball reading is also linked to Scrying. With scrying the crystal ball is either clear or shiny black.

Scrying is divination of distant or future events based on visions seen in a ball of rock crystal. Divination based on an analysis of reflections in water, on polished metal, or on precious stones was practiced by early humans, who probably interpreted these phenomena as a vision of the spirit world. Scrying became widespread by the 5th century AD and was condemned by the medieval Christian church as the work of the devil.

Crystal gazing was a popular pastime in the Victorian era, together with palmistry and astrology, and it involved elaborate rituals for cleaning the crystal ball and for conducting crystal-gazing sessions, which are said to work best when the Sun is at its northernmost declination. Immediately before the appearance of a vision (which may be realistic or a mere wispy swirl), the globe is said to mist up from within.

When working with a crystal ball - it should be cleaned and free of any fingerprints.

Most psychics place the ball on a stand of some kind.

Others hold the crystal ball in their hands - or have the person they are reading hold it with them.

Each person works with divination tools as they are guided by spirit.

If you are placing the crystal ball on a table - it is best if the area below it is clear and free of distractions - especially if you are a beginner.

Interpreting what you see in a crystal ball is like any other form of divination.

Colors of objects seen have meaning.

Images in color - just as with dreams - have greater significance than those that appear in black and white.

Shapes can be recognizable or can be archetypes of something connected to the person you are reading.

The larger the image appears in the crystal ball - the closer the timeline for it to manifest in third dimension - and the more important the information is.

Everything seen or heard should be recorded - on paper or by a tape machine.

Images my be stationary - or may appear to move. They may move around the crystal as if showing a scene.

They may look flat - two dimensional - or be holographic.

I am not sure why I chose crystal balls to write about today. Could it be linked to: EM energies - lightning - using light to move through time - seeing myself igniting photons of twirling light energies that spiraling up around me until I can't see them anymore - my consciousness being the ignition of this energy?

Physics - description of atomic nuclei is - similar to cloudy crystal balls in that, when struck by a beam of particles, they partially absorb the beam, partially scatter it, and partially transmit it in a way analogous to the behavior of light. The nuclear optical model has proved very successful in explaining nuclear reactions in which the incident (striking) particles have energies of about 106 to 109 electron volts.

I wonder where this is supposed to lead me . . . or what it is supposed to trigger for me?

I have owned several crystal balls. All of them were clear and of different sizes.

The first one was a gift from Inez the woman I wrote about linked to my pyramid. She was selling crystals and crystal jewelry at the time. When I fell in love with her huge crystal ball - she gave it to me as a gift. Later I gave it away to a man who felt he needed it.

I never used it in my work.

I purchased my second crystal ball at a crystal store in Manhattan. It was about 10 inches in diameter - also a clear quartz crystal. It was on a stand that had a light underneath which looked very cool in a dark room - but once again the crystal ball did nothing for me psychically. I just enjoyed looking at it.

Currently I have a small crystal ball about 3 inches in diameter - which sits on a shelf. It was given to me by a friend when we traveled to upstate NY some years ago. It looks like the others and seems to serve no purpose except to balance energies in the room. Connie says I'm just not into balls!

Let me gaze into into my crystal ball and tell you what I see . . .

Five minutes later . . .

(Laugh) - I saw a pyramid with my head on the top as a capstone! An open window was above it! Across my chest was a stream of white light!

Now I think I'll try holding my crystal ball with my eyes closed . . .

I see lots of the color Red . . .

I see Alice in Wonderland talking to the caterpillar that was smoking a pipe of some kind. . . (Is that a drug joke?) Caterpillars - transformation

Alice handed me something that turned into one of those magician's flowers that multiply into a bouquet of red roses!

I think the trickster is back toying with me again!

Red represents the Earth plane - the trickster's turf!!

I guess that makes me Alice!. . .

Don't worry! We'll outsmart him and wake up just as Alice did. Is Earth a hole we all fell into?

: : : : : : : : : Ellie closing her eyes : : : : : : : :

Of course . . . the next message has to do with 'Time' or something like that as I see a big rabbit running around with a pocketwatch. Am I the rabbit? That's the Rabbit who's late! He worries about time and checks his pocketwatch! This is a dumb game!

Time to change channels to Ellie's 'channel' -on the other side.

Does this imply I live in 'The Twilight Zone'?

I think I'll stick to my methods of reading as they 'channels' better for me.

Monday I was booked with clients from early morning till late afternoon. They all came to talk to deceased loved ones.

Everyone showed up on all levels and we had fun and reunions.

The best spirit was Jerry the pool playing spirit who died in 1999 of a sudden heart attack at age 55.

His daughter was here. Man! He talked about everything from the family business to her love life! He was quite colorful!

Every time he wanted to make a point he would bang something in the room! It was so funny! He even brought his dead accountant with him to discuss family business! I got the accountant's name towards the end of the reading! (Should I have charged a second fee?)

In my neighborhood they take 'family business' very seriously!

When I do a reading at home I look out of one of the sliding glass doors just across from the table where I work.

Physically what I see are the trees and the Verzzano Bridge.

Psychically - this glass creates a window through which I move my consciousness to see events and souls that will come here - they cross over the bridge from one reality to another.

I know that I have created a portal in my home - at that place in the door as spirits come through and usually tap against the glass or the mirror clock next to the door. First there is a tapping sound then I see spirits enter.

In Manhattan - last week - I had no window of this kind for spirit so I opened my mind and created one! I told spirits to just come in and stand next to the person I was reading - and they did. Maybe the window was just in my mind - but the clients experienced tingling feelings on their back and neck hairs - so I knew the spirits were there.

As I have always worked as an interdimensional gatekeeper I have no problem opening and closing portals.

It's all in a days work . . .

About crystal balls . . . if you connect with one . . and the price is right . . . go for it!

If you can't 'see' anything in it . . . it still brings energies to the room in which it is placed.

The crystal ball is also the sphere in Sacred Geometry. Click on the sphere to read more!