Saturday night - July 12th

A friend called to tell me that a crop circle had manifested in Lawrence, New Jersey.

News Article: UPI

"On Wednesday, July 9, 1997, farmer Paul Bryan made an astonishing discovery on his 15-acre oat field in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. Three crop circles had appeared. One large circle, about 100 yards long, appears in the center of Paul Bryan's 15-acre field. To the sides of the circle, two straight lines point to two smaller circles. Crop circles have been quite the rage for several years in New Age circles. Some people believe the circles are formed by the wind, others claim they are created by UFOs and still others say they are created by brief, intense bursts of microwave radiation from outer space. Back in Lawrence Township, Bryan calls the circles nothing but graffiti made by kids. Bryan says whoever or whatever made the crop circles, they cost him a lot of money becuse he will have to buy cattle feed to replace the smashed oats."

As I had never been in a crop circle - the thought of walking in one and experiencing the energies - called to me.

It is not often a crop circle manifests in my area of the US.

I called Chelsea who lived near the formation and asked her about it.

She not only told me about it - but gave me driving directions and her personal experiences in it that day.

Apparently it was real.

I called Anna and Yolanda to see if they wanted to go with me.

They were as excited about the trip as I was . . . And so we made our plans to leave early the next morning!

Sunday 9 AM:

We set off on our crop circle adventure.

The drive wasn't far.

Since sponsoring Colin Andrews at Madison Square Garden in 1995 - I had wanted to experience a crop formation - now I had my chance. I trusted that Chelsea was right when she said that the formation wasn't hoaxed.

10:00 AM - We arrived early - before the heat of the day - which would reach 90 degrees with 90% humidity but the time we left the circle.

We parked on the side of the road near the field.

We took bottled water and cameras in our backpacks and set off the short distance to the 'entrance' of the circle.

The field was empty when we arrived. No one seemed to object to our presence there. There were no trespassing signs.

We had heard stories about farmers in England not wanting anyone to trespass on their property.

There were many ways to enter the field - but we followed a narrow path created by others who had been there since Wednesday. The oats had been trampled down.

The oat stalks were tall as we made our way to the center of the circle.

We hadn't seen any images of the pattern yet so we were in essence wandering aimlessly or as the energies pulled us.

We each walked on as we were guided.

A small plane flew overhead.

The pilot circled the area as if he was checking-up on what was going on.

The formation had a central circle. Yolanda Ellie Anna in central circle. One path led to a sun (male energies). Across from it another path led to a crescent moon - female energies. A crescent moon There were two patterns with crescent moons around the central circle. Anna in one of the crescent moons and Yolanda in the central circle. Close-up of crop


The temperatures varied in each part of the circle.

There were no bugs nor rodents in the field when we were there.

We experienced no specific tones.

It was hard to tell how the pattern originally looked as many people had been there the day before when it was first discovered.

The oat stalks bent at right angles. They weren't broken.

My camcorder was ruined in the crop circle. This may have been due to high electro-magnetic energies in the field.

We met a crop circle researchers who had seen the formation before it had been trampled on. She said the crop had been placed down in overlapping layers and set in a counterclockwise pattern. She did not see how anyone could have hoaxed this pattern. She had returned to collect soil samples for a friend who is a geophysicist.

We met a researcher named Bill. On Saturday Bill had met Linda Moulton Howe in the formation. She told him that she felt the circle was authentic. Linda was my guest on 'The Metahysical Experience' in 1993.

We found two interesting stones. The numbers 555 were written on one of the stones.

I would later learn that the physical Earth is grid 553 - and is supposedly moving to grid 555.

Anna did Qigong - (pronounced Chi Kung)
an ancient Chinese art of moving energies.

Her teacher - Master Lu - goes to the England each
summer to work with the energies of the crop circles.

We collected samples of some of the bent crop.

Anna and Yolanda planned to make tea when they got home.

Two hours later we staggered out exhausted from the heat and the energies.

We went with our new friend Bill, to a local restaurant for some ice cream and conversation about grid points, crop circles, harmonics - as he is a professional musician - and the geometry of our area.

My personal conclusions about the creation of crop circles -

This formation wasn't hoaxed. It is a simple pattern.

I sensed no ET intervention.

Crop formations are to be viewed as interdimensional - not two dimensional patterns.