1998 Crop Circle Formations and Research



By Diahann Krishna

August 5, 1998

Japanese Film Crew:

It all started with the Japanese film crew from Nippon TV who descended on Adam's Grave hillfort with cameras and various other bits of equipment to have a weeklong 24 hour surveillance over East Field, near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire.

The objective was to record actual footage of UFO activity within this hotspot of activity for a forthcoming documentary. This particular area within the Pewsey Vale landscape is where the majority of the UFO and crop circle activity is centred here in the UK -- bordered by Knapp Hill, Golden Ball Hill, Woodborough Hill, Pict Hill, and Adam's Grave (Woden's Hill) with East Field nestled in the valley below.

The Project Begins:

The inspiration for "Project Contact" came from an idea to be a part of an interactive experiment where individuals, who had previous experiences with paranormal events (such as UFO encounters), would come together in a group and "send out the signal" in order to get some sort of a response. The opportunity to work underneath the watchful gaze of the TV and infrared cameras was unique, since they could detect and record any anomalies that might be produced as a result of the experiment.

The Meditations:

The meditations, which took place on three separate nights, encouraged each participant to focus on the memories of the paranormal experiences in the past in order to recreate the emotional atmosphere of the event again. This aspect of research is based on the theory that these UFO, crop circle and other anomalous activities occur in the realm of altered states that are outside the experience of our day-to-day thought patterns and experiences. By tuning into the memory, we can access that frequency and shift mentally into the brainwave signal that allow these events to be perceived... like tuning into a particular radio station with a dial.

We started each meditation by connecting as a group to the heart of the Earth with our own hearts by using a column of golden light. Then we put a cone of light around the entire group for psychic protection before going off into our own personal experiences within our minds. The meditations lasted between 1 1/2 to 2 hours each night and a summary of the events is below:

Day 1 - East Field 7-pointed Star formation - Wednesday, July 29th:

[Matthew, Helen, Alex, Diahann = 4]

We arrived at around midnight into the formation and started out by playing Tibetan chants. After some time, we decided to turn it off and instead to tune in without music. We could feel the resonance of the energy in all our hearts and it was a powerful meditation for all. At the end of it, Helen and Matthew were comparing what they had both seen psychically and had amazing similarities. Matthew noted the presence of the Ancient Ones that dwell in the surrounding earthworks and then Helen remarked how they were not only around our group in the circle, but also around the edge of the crop formation. At that moment, Matthew saw a flash of amber light just at the edge of the crop formation.

Afterwards, the crew up on Adam's Grave told us that during the meditation they saw white and orange balls fo light all over East Field. Some were only visible with the camera. We saw other luminous balls of light in the area, such as the silage pit carpark in East Field and around Golden Balls Hill to the East for several hours afterwards. A few of us set out in the car to investigate further, but no lights were visible when we got to the locations.

While driving around, I had quite a coincidence occur. I had mentioned a researcher who has been using the diatonic scale to produce a series of tones that have been played in crop formations in the past with some amazing results. Often times bits are mysteriously added to the formations or missing time has been experienced. I commented during the scouting expedition at 3am that I definitely would phone this person the following day, after many months of not speaking, in order to see if he would be willing to also participate in this experiment.

No more than two minutes later we drove over to the Lockeridge formation carpark only to see a group of people standing there talking. We asked if any of th em had seen any anomalous balls of light and one man spoke for the group. I recognised that voice and couldn't believe when I saw it was the same friend I had intended to contact the next day! Not only that, but the group of them had be en simultaneously meditating at the exact same hours between midnight and 2am in the Lockeridge formation just down the road from our group!

Day 2 - Woodborough Hill - Friday, July 31st:

[Ed, Nikki, Paul (Dr. Who), Tessa, Matthew, Diahann = 6] The first coincidence was that Ed Sherwood had decided already to camp out on Woodborough Hill that night. So, the group met him up there shortly after 10:00pm and we sat in a 6-pointed star, with the three females making the earth triangle and the males forming the cosmic triangle. This represents the alchemical process of creating balance and became the main theme of the meditation.

The atmosphere was peaceful under the clear, starry sky and the meditation quickly took on that feeling of clarity and peace. Earlier that evening we had mentioned having a tape recorder to catch any strange sounds that might happen during the meditation, so we followed the divinely inspired hint and actually took a recorder with us. Not surprisingly towards the end of the meditation we heard a strange "whistling" noise that came closer to our group from a distant location. It is still being analysed to determine what exactly it could have been. Fortunately we had that recorder with us!

Day 3 - East Field 7-pointed Star formation - Sunday, August 2nd: [Matthew, Polly, Jamie, Kerry, Rubin, Vivianna, Steve, Helen, Bernard (?), Diahann = 10] Before it even started, the crew had seen balls of light through the camera over and within the formation a few hours before the meditation was to begin. There were many coincidences that brought this diverse group of individuals together.

We assembled at the silage pit carpark by East Field and entered the formation around 10:30 pm. As we approached the crop formation that there were warm currents hitting us and the formation definitely seemed a few degrees warmer. The two Americans (Rubin and Bernard) were already in the formation and had setup a recorder with the crop circle "trilling" sounds that I'd been trying to get a copy of for the meditation, though without any luck. So, someone else brought it along for us!

It was quite a coincidence to discover that a pattern was forming... after the first two nights we had a balanced number of male and female participants. Also, the number was growing from 4 to 6 and this fit a particular pattern that corresponds with the petals of the chakras as defined by Indian mystics. The root chakra has four and the sacral chakra has six. Therefore, I made a comment to several people the day before that it would be fitting if on the last night we would have 10 people, with a balanced number of males and females, as the next chakra up is the solar plexus which has ten petals.

Sunday Night Events:

On Sunday night, there were many people who said they were coming who didn't and a few who arrived that hadn't been expected.... yet in the end we had exactly 10 with five males and five females! This continued the theme of balance of the male and female principles.

We sat alternating male and female, then began by connecting to the heart of the Earth with our own hearts. Then Polly, the farmer who owns East Field, felt compelled to guide the group through building the cone of light for protection. Helen, supplied Mary Magdalene essence and was guided that the group should sit with their backs together in order to facilitate the energy flow in the centre of the circle with our spines. I mentioned how we were not only send out a signal to the other realms, but it was a two-way connection and They could call us too... when at the precise moment the mobile phone sitting just outside of the group rang once!

We ended with the trilling sounds that have been recorded from past crop circles provided by Rubin, which put everyone into a heightened state just listening to their "familiar" sounds. Then Polly guided the group to take down the cone of light, and amazingly enough many of us felt the chilled air for the first time that night within the formation!

There weren't any anomalous lights seen the Sunday night by the crew up on Adam's Grave, but we all had a sense of magic that we'd shared within that sacred space within East Field. All three of the meditations were experiences that bonded the groups together in some way. Many remarked at how the energies within the East Field area seemed "strange" over the period of that week.

Black Helicopters:

It was interesting to note that on the Monday morning around noon that two black helicopters were spotted flying low over East Field for at least 15 minutes making strange manoeuvres, then buzzed extremely low over Adam's Grave before leaving the area. It intuitively seemed to us that they were detecting something that we couldn't perceive with the naked eye and confirmed our suspicion that something had indeed happened over that area in the course of those few days, though we didn't know exactly what.


Irregardless of the outcome, the coincidences and state of fun & magic made the entire effort highly rewarding to all those who participated. A few have expressed interest in continuing these experiments throughout the year, even without the presence of video cameras watching over the exercise. So it appears that efforts will continue to conduct paranormal research by exploring the realms of subjective, psychic experiences in the future. Who knows what further adventures await... and the worst case scenario is that we will "only" have fun going out to these sacred sites, interacting with each other, and communing with the inner realms of Spirit!

Crop Circle--July 11, 1998:
From Diahann in Wilshire... Just had to let you know that the formation I spent the night in at East Field isn't a star of David, but a 7-pointed star! This is the first time ever any formation has appeared with 7-fold geometry. 5-fold corresponds to carbon-based life (ie. humans), 6-fold to crystals 7-fold to light (as in the 7 rays). As we are evolving, so are the crop circles. They are a mirror.
The formation appeared in the exact spot that I'd driven past a few days before and said that of all the crop circles to appear, I would most believe in the genuineness of one in that part of East Field (closer to Knapp Hill). I've felt it to be a particularly strong earth energy site. In fact, that's what I tune into now. I feel there is something in the earth there.