3, 2, 1 Countdown: Sequential Digital Triggers

January 2002

Many people see numerical patterns such as 11:11 and look to find a meaning behind these digital sequences.

Our reality is based on:

  • Sacred/Creational Geometry - platonic solids that repeat in patterns
  • Fractals - patterns that repeat in nature to create
  • Chaos
  • Harmonic Tones and Overtones that vibrate to create frequencies of sound, light and color)

    Numbers are linked with:

  • Sacred Geometry
  • The Great Pyramid - Pyramidal energies found in all forms of creation
  • The Pyramid Twins which is the The Hour Glass, The Illusion of Time (12:12 sequence) As Is Above, So is Below, (The duality of who we are)
  • The Merge of the Hour Glass to become the Star of David, which is the spiraling frequency of ascension and
  • The Kabalah (Tree Of Life)
  • The Merkaba, which spirals us - by virtue of our DNA - out of this reality. This also balances our Yin/Yang - duality - polarity - electromagnetic energies.

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    Mathematics is the universal language as it creates all things in this universe.

    In metaphysics we study Numerology to help us better understand the patterns of our lives based on one of two ancient numerical systems.

    For many years people have come to see patterns of numbers - randomly as they go through their lives.

    The most common digits we see as triggers are 10:10, 11:11, 12:12.

    One day our souls tell us to pay attention to these patterns.

    There can be more than one pattern that connects for us.

    We soon learn that these patterns are often linked to digital clocks - Time - Wake-up Messages - for our souls.

    We begin to wonder . . . wake- up for what?

    So we begin to pay a little more attention to the numbers - especially when our little voice tells suddenly reminds us to look at a clock or where the number patterns appear that are linked to our awakening.

    This has been a common theme for many years for many people including myself.

    My numbers are 12:12, 553, and 555.

    This week - January 15-18, something new began in terms of number sequences.

    Wake up codes . . .

    As you know - when we are 'asleep' - in any sense of the word - our conscious awareness is in another place.

    Most of us sleep during the night time hours.

    The number of hours of a person needs varies - but it is important to understand your body to bring balance to your time spent in the physical and the time your soul needs to spend in other realities.

    Most of us come back into our physical bodies - 3D awareness - at about 4 am.

    This might be a time to go to the bathroom or just peek at the clock then get some more ZZZZZ's.

    Tuesday January 15th:

    I woke up at 5:43 and looked at the digital clock. Z told me to make a mental note of the numbers. I asked why and he said it had to do with a countdown!

    Wednesday January 16th:

    I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It read: 4:32. Z asked if I was ready to 'wake up'. I said it I am not ready!. Was Z telling me I wasn't ready for a bigger awakening?

    Friday January 18th:

    I awoke at 1:23 am. Had I missed something? Why were the digits going forward? Again I wasn't ready for this wake-up call and fell back to sleep!

    Saturday January 19:

    This morning I awoke at 3:21 am this time determined to get some answers.

    In the darkness I took my pencil and pad - the one I keep in the end table near my bed to write notes about dreams of importance that wake me up.

    If you don't catch your dream when you wake up - and you sink further in third dimensional consciousness - you forget what you are doing on the other side. The more in 3D your awareness is . . . the more you are actually 'asleep'!

    Okay! I was ready! I closed my eyes and saw these images.

    I saw lightning from the sky come down and move into a pole of some kind - like an electric rod or telephone pole.

    The lightning - electromagnetic energy - moved through the pole as if guided by some sort of intelligence.

    It moved into a tree as if igniting it.

    I could hear the noise of the electricity.

    Then it stopped.

    Standing by the tree was a young girl who I easily recognized.

    She had been the childhood friend of my daughter, Tracy.

    Her name is Dawn.

    Dawn looked as she did when I met her at age six. She is 36 years old now.

    She was a uniquely beautiful child with a loving, compassionate disposition.

    I knew her for years as all of the children grew up and moved on.

    Somewhere in that time, Dawn took a vacation with her family and brought me back a key chain that has the pattern of fibonacci (spiral of consciousness). To this day, this is still my key chain. I have never changed it.

    Dawn went on to become a lawyer and settled with her family in Florida.

    There are many clues here to this sequence of numbers for me . . .

    EM Energies - Enters the Tree Of Life - Dawn (Of a New Creation - The Female - The Child - 6=Star of David) - Keys - Spiral Patterns - Law=Balance Scales - Justice

    555 synchronicities January 2002.

    I came across this Website about Time. The graphs show how you can view spikes on a grid!!