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Ellie's journey . . . synchronicities . . . with Coral Castle . . .

February 6, 2001

This all began when I received an email from a reader who wanted me to do a file on Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida.

As I researched Coral Castle - I learned that it was built in the early 20th century by an eccentric Latvian recluse named Edward Leedskalnin - who supposedly left Latvia when he was rejected by his 16 year old fiance. He would never marry - and would spend 30 years of his life building a Coral Castle - and surrounding buildings - for his supposed 'Sweet Sixteen'. This story doesn't ring true for me.

Coral Castle has so many triggers and metaphors- I find it hard to believe that I overlooked it in my research - yet when I mentioned it to other metaphysical friends they had never heard of it either.

Edward Leedskalnin was a 100 pound - 5 foot tall man - who wound up in Homestead, Florida - on a ten-acre tract of land just south of Miami, Florida - not far from the supposed energies of Atlantean grid portals - the Bermuda Triangle - and a few of my Jewish relatives - supposed Ed had another secret - how to single-handedly lift and maneuver blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each and create not only a castle but other things.

How Edward did his work - has never been discovered - though he labored for 30 years. He worked alone - at night - and seemed to know when he was being watched. On those occasions - he never lifted any of the stones.

Many of the articles claim that he found the same secrets of levitation as those used by the supposed builders of the Pyramids of Egypt - among other megalithic sites around the world whose creation remain unexplained.

Edward Leedskalnin was quoted as saying, "I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!"

In total, Edward quarried over eleven hundred tons of coral rock for his castle, using tools fashioned from wrecking-yard junk, never revealing how he managed to rise, and position, the massive coral blocks that make up the compound. An air of mystery surrounded his two story monolith, known as the tower, which housed his workshop and living quarters which no one was permitted to enter. He was secretive, and almost always worked at night, no one ever saw him.

Leedskalnin was a student of the universe. Within his castle walls, built of coral blocks weighing approximately 15 tons each, he had a 22-ton obelisk, a 22-ton moon block, a 23-ton Jupiter block, a Saturn block, a 9-ton gate, a rocking chair that weighed 3-tons, and numerous puzzles. A huge 30-ton block, which he considered to be his major achievement, he crowned with a gable shaped rock. These personal accomplishments have astounded and surprised many engineers and technologists, who compare them with those achieved by workers handling similar weights in industry today.

As I mulled this over - out of the blue I received an email from a man named John J. Williams complimenting my research on the Great Pyramid and wanted to share his finding about its creation. I read his information - exchanged some email - then posted a link to his site on Ezine.

I had never thought much about who built the pyramids - even when I spoke with John Anthony West in Egypt last December. I tend to see things multidimensionally - not just as 3D creations. One does have to wonder about levitation using sounds and harmonics. I waited for another synchronicity to set off my 'bells and whistles'. An email came from John saying that the energies were strong at Coral Castle but the area was not built based on sacred geometry. I suppose the correlations is about harmonic tones used to levitate large objects within certain grids points / ley lines.

As I read more about Edward Leedskalnin - I concluded that there was so much more to this secretive man. He was guided by a force beyond 3D - just as the pyramid builders - and other major scientists, seers, prophets, in days of old. Whether Edward Leedskalnin knew it or not - I think he did - the information came through higher guidance - most likely an aspect of himself existing in a higher frequency vibration.

Much of the Coral Castle site is calibrated to celestial alignments, including an ingenious thirty ton telescope, towering twenty five feet above the complex, perfectly aligned to the North Star. A working sundial, calibrated to noon of the Winter and Summer Solstice, is so accurate it tells time within two minutes!

Edward Leedskalnin's Celestial Telescope

An area known as the 'moon pond,' comprised of three 18-ton pieces of coral, represents the first quarter, last quarter, and the full moon. Nearby stand Mars (which Ed believed sustained life), and a ringed Saturn - each the size of an automobile. An obelisk taller then the great monolith at Stonehenge, stretches 40' toward the sky, weighing 57,000 pounds! A series of concentric coral circles is said to represent the solar system.

Entrance to Coral Castle is made through a gate
fashioned from a single coral block weighing nine tons.

This miraculous monolith is approximately
80 inches wide, 92 inches tall, and 21 inches thick.

It fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls on either side and pivots through an iron rod resting on an automobile gear.

The enormous block balances so perfectly on its center of gravity that a visitor can easily push it open with one finger.

People who are sensitive to electromagnetic energies fields will sometimes report headaches while standing inside the archway of the nine-ton swinging gate - door - thought to be over a vortex - and a major grid point of the planet.

Another gate, this one a great triangle,
at the opposite wall, weighs three tons.

Is that a triangle . . . as in pyramid energies . . . ?

Seeing this door was another trigger for me. Door opens from one reality to another. I had been 'shone' a pivoting stone door in 1989 when Alexander came to me and I began the first draft of Sarah and Alexander. Sarah would use a key - amulet - inserted in the door to open it. The stone door would pivot open to reveal a cave - chamber - where the history of humanity's current cycle of time - would be found carved on the walls. In the center of the room were two sarcophagi - male and female. Between them was a alter which contained a book - left there by Alexander at the beginning of this cycle of time - to be found by Sarah at the end of this cycle and the beginning of the next cycle of existence. The book would tell Sarah the future destiny of the planet - and her part in it.

Feminine Energies at Coral Castle

There are many crescent moons - feminine -
intuitive energies - flow of creation and the collective unconscious -

Coral Castle's megalithic renderings of planets and moons.

Ed also carved this giant heart.
Was he referencing the heart chakra and feminine energies?

A 5,000 pound heart-shaped coral rock table,
with a red blooming ixora growing from its center,
is believed to be the world's largest valentine,
according to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Inside the courtyard, to the immediate right, rears a broad, square tower, with a flight of stone steps ascending to a single doorway near the top. They lead to the highest point in the area and a small room. This chamber is occupied only by a leather hammock and a crude wooden table piled with primitive tools - chains, saws, many kinds of drills, wedges, hammers, chisels and crowbars. Tools also festoon the walls. This imposing tower was raised with approximately 243 tons of coral cut into cyclopean blocks weighing from four to nine tons each.

Edward Leedskalnin disputed contemporary science and believed all matter consisted of magnets which could produce measurable phenomena, and electricity. Ed would say he had rediscovered the laws of weight, measurement, and leverage" and that these concepts involved the relationship of the Earth to celestial alignments. He claimed to see beads of light which he believed to be the physical presence of nature's magnetism and life force, or what we term today, Chi.

Therefore he too combined physics and metaphysics.

Many people feel he used harmonics - tones - combined with certain grid energies and celestial alignments to do his work. Harmonics can be used to lift objects. Tibetan Monks combine their harmonics to elevate heavy objects.

Synchronicity - An article story by David Childress - 'Tibetan Sound Levitation Of Large Stones Witnessed By Scientist' was posted on the Sightings website today.

Research on planetary harmonics and research on Leedskalnin led me to the work of Bruce Cathie. Synchronicity . . . that day someone sent me a video interview with Bruce Cathie . . .

About Bruce Cathie . . .

Captain Bruce Cathie is an authority on grid dynamics. Bruce Cathie was born in 1930 in Auckland, New Zealand, and was educated at Otahuhu Technical College. On leaving school, he became an engineering apprentice, then joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force to train as a pilot. After completing his flying training, he spent three years in agricultural aviation. It was during that time in 1952, that with a group of friends, he made a prolonged evening sighting of a UFO at Mangere, Auckland. This event led to over 30 years of research and the publication of six books detailing his discoveries.

In 1955, he joined New Zealand's National Airways Corporation and served as Commander on DC3's, Focker Friendship, and Viscount airliners. In March 1977, after the company merged with the overseas airline, Air New Zealand, he was cleared for command on Boeing 737 airliners.

Cathie began his investigation into the world electromagnetic grid system in 1970. He retired from flying in 1981 and now manages a small publishing company where he continues his research and the publication of his findings.

Cathie is the author of many books including Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 695, the UFO and Anti-Gravity Book. When I saw the title of the first book - the grid numbers 33 - bells went off again! Grid 695 doesn't for me - at least not at this time.

I believe the answers are all about grid programs and how they interact through different energy sources - including EM energies at our 3D level - and how they link together. They connect by harmonic frequencies - tones and points of light. Could this be why I was drawn to chant in a specific way when I was in the King's Chamber on December 12th at 12:12?

Cathie's initial interest was sparked by a sighting of a unidentified flying object over one of the local harbors in Auckland,New Zealand. He was immediately aware that there were machines, other than normally known aircraft, moving through our airspace, which appeared to be more highly advanced technically than our own.

As time went on, it became known to him that many other fellow pilots and radar operators around New Zealand were also sighting similar machines which were carrying out maneuvers and flying at speeds that exceeded the capabilities of all known types of aircraft. It became obvious that either our own scientists had very advanced secret knowledge or we were possibly being visited by highly advanced beings from outer space. Later, as more information was received, it appeared that both these answers were possible.

The captain commenced his own research project and plotted sighting positions onto an airways map which covered the New Zealand area and eventually discovered that a definite pattern emerged which indicated that the unknowns were under intelligent control. Several years later a complex geometric grid system was completed which covered the whole world surface. The patterns were eventually broken down into mathematical and geometric coordinates which could then be directly related to gravity, light speeds and the earth's magnetic fields.� From that point on the research developed at a faster pace and culminated in a series of unified equations and sets of unified tables which could be related to all branches of scientific research.

A major breakthrough occurred when it was discovered that the mathematical base, which was harmonic in nature, could be related to the detonation of atomic devices. This fact indicated that all atomic activity was geometric in nature and that an all out atomic war was illogical. All detonation times and places could be pre-calculated by both sides in this type of war which virtually meant, stalemate. It was after this fact was made known that the research activity of Captain Cathie became noticed by certain governments and intelligence agencies. Tests were made of the knowledge held and the harmonic mathematical theories were then admitted to being correct.

The research is ongoing and now, many years later, a computer program has been produced which carries out all the required calculations related to the light,gravity and earth magnetic field values. It has been found that many ancient building sites such as Stonehenge, the Great pyramid, etc, show relationships with this unified harmonic mathematical system which indicates that the knowledge is not new. The civilizations at these times must have had scientific knowledge of a highly advanced nature.

We are now in the process of relearning this lost science. If the discovered harmonic unified equations can eventually be accepted by the scientific community as correct then we may be on the threshold of true space travel which has no barriers. The equations show that light speed is not a constant and that time itself is a variable. Under these conditions there is no place out there in space that we cannot reach. Obviously there is more mathematical knowledge to be discovered but it appears that the code has been broken. Soon, with a bit of luck, we on earth may have the chance to join our neighbors out there in the vast blackness of space.

A complete set of harmonic unified tables which demonstrate the linkage between the gravitational and electromagnetic force, plus the relationship between the matter and antimatter cycles, are published in Bruce Cathie's book, The Harmonic Conquest of Space.

Cathie on Coral Castle - "there exists an all-encompassing global grid with direct harmonic relationship to the speed of light, gravity, magnetics and Earth mass. All major changes of the physical state are brought about by harmonic interactions of these manifestations. The controlled manipulation of these forces would make it possible to instantaneously move mass from one point to another in space-time. Measurements from Coral Castle yield harmonics related to Light and Gravity. The distance between Coral Castle, and Grid Pole A (in the north), dispel any doubt about the site being an ideal position to allow Ed Leedskalnin to erect the huge blocks of coral with relative ease. Measurements indicate the harmonics necessary for the manipulation of anti-gravity."

Bruce Cathie Websites and Articles:

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    Earth Grid Images

    Though Cathie believes that the entire Global Grid was built by the extraterrestrials. I believe that the ET's are other souls aspects of us. The ET groups we feel linked to are other parallel programs where our souls experience and link through grid pinpoints. These programs often exist on higher frequency planes of reality. This is about higher level creation of grid programs in which certain aspects of our souls enter third dimension to interact. The creation is there - we play it out in 3D.

    Cathie theorizes that the extraterrestrials were frantically going around and repairing their grid whenever they could get the chance, desperately trying to balance our electromagnetic and magnetic disturbances from things like underground nuclear testing. Does this in some way connect with those of us in 3D who do grid work - bringing light to the grids to help them balance and align? Is it not all the same?


    Researcher and author, Richard LeFors Clark concurs, and believes the earth grid is made up of a network of '20 magnetic reversal points' along which can be found specific sites of anomaly, known as 'Diamagnetic Vortex Points'.

    In his work Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes, found in the book Anti-Gravity and The World Grid edited by David Hatcher Childress, Clark postulates that the area of South Florida at Coral Castle (considered part of the Bermuda Triangle) is a powerful diamagnetic levitator. Leedskalnin demonstrated magnetism (EM energies), and the mechanism of levitation, by applying the natural Earth Grid principles of diamagnetism. Leedskalnin could levitate huge pieces of coral by using the center of mass for the needed slight, uplift, launching pressure.


    Ed Leedskalnin showed every indication of being a natural geomancer - one who senses the unique telluric forces of the Earth. He was highly intuitive, and knew how to observe nature for signs of anomaly. This ultimately led him to the discovery of vortex energy, and the ability to harness the natural elements of magnetism.

    He understood the critical nature of identifying the most energetic location to erect his massive Castle, and seemed to have known the secrets of anti-gravity, and its relation to cosmic events. Ed proceeded to develop a means of leverage power generated from the geomagnetic grid, and produced a system to generate anti-gravity waves.

    Edward's notebooks are laden with schematics for magnetism, and electrical experiments. Although he possessed only a fourth-grade education, it seems he had discovered a means to reduce the gravitational pull of the earth. He wrote a series of pamphlets which included his theories on magnetism and cosmic force.

    Researchers have speculated that Ed learned the secret of levitation, and one theory in particular caught the imagination of many. The planetary grid hypothesis postulates that the earth is covered by an invisible web of energy, which is concentrated at points of telluric power, the convergence of which create unusual phenomena.

    These telluric grid dynamics played a vital role in the construction of the Castle, according to author Ray Stoner. In his book The Enigma of Coral Castle, Stoner speculates that the complex was originally moved from Florida City to Homestead, not because of privacy issues (as most historians suggest), but because Ed realized he had made a mathematical error in his original positioning, and moved the entire structure to take advantage of an area with greater telluric force. I agree with this conclusion.

    In December of 1951 Ed Leedskalnin at age 64 became ill.

    He put a sign on the door saying 'Going to the Hospital'.

    He took a bus to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

    Three days later he died in his sleep of malnutrition and kidney failure, taking his secrets with him.

    After his death, $3,500 was found in the tower; his life savings, mostly from land sales.


    About the vortexes of energy . . . there is a man I used to work with in England named T. Roy Dutton who I met him through Colin Andrews. Roy who has created a computer program which links these vortex - indwells and outwells of energy - with the physical presence of UFO sightings world wide. These grid point harmonics also link to the formation of crop circles.

    His program was fairly accurate in predicting where UFO's would be sighted and where crop formations would appear.

    This all makes sense to me - as we do live in a grid created reality that really can be mathematically predicted to some degree at the physical level. These are just systems within the program - like Numerology - Astrology, etc.

    I see these vortexes as connection points between grid programs where entities - or whatever - move more freely from one grid program to another at a time when the programs come into certain alignments. My mind see this in the same way I see us connecting and then disconnecting with other aspects of our souls when as the grid programs shift and realign. We click-in - via some sort of calibration - time/clock - wheels in motion - to something - then it is gone - then it returns. As planetary and personal frequency shift to higher vibration - this ability to make these connection becomes more frequency and recognizable by our 3D minds. Again this is a game of 'connect the dots' for me.

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    Time Travel, Light, When Friends Meet Through Time

    In December 2000 - upon a return to NYC from Egypt - synchronicity - I sat next to a physicist and inventor of fiber optics named Sherif. Sherif is an Egyptian who lives and works in Philadelphia. He works with fiber-optics and related technologies that involve electromagnetic energies. We have since become friends and have done some work together. I teach him about metaphysics and he teaches me about physics. We have discovered a connection to my past life as a physicist - before and during World War II -time travel projects ----->an escape to the US ----> then setting up a lab in Philadelphia to complete my work - 1940.

    I see all of these experience as part of various grid programs that intersect at times - point of light. These are the times of deja vu wherein realities collide and we move back and forth between parallel realities and those that appear as past or future timelines of our experience.

    Conclusions based on research with Sherif and my friend Deja:

    Sound is a limited property. It can be used to levitate as it effects grids. Harmonics - sounds - tones - can distort the continuum as it would when moving through water but it cannot be used to time travel or align girds. I guess that's why all that chanting does is send ripples through the grids which can alter them. Eventually the grids go back to their original programming as they can't hold the changed frequency.

    For this we need 'Light' - unlimited frequencies - pinpoints of light that can bend and move at different wavelengths. What I was seeing was once again - grids - each containing pinpoints of light that overlap and connect - just as I described on last week's column about souls who have a mission here to hold frequency of light which will connect with their counterparts in the future.

    Light, or electromagnetic radiation, actually is made up neither of waves nor of particles. Indeed, light is sometimes rather whimsically said to consist of "waveicles". Waves and particles exist in the macroscopic physical reality which is familiar to us as waves on the seashore or as bowling balls or billiard balls rolling on flat surfaces. The Structure of Matter.

    Time travel also involves electromagnetic energies. This which makes sense as we live in a program created by electromagnetic energies grids - and we are EM energy as well. Our physical bodies are created by the patterns of EM energies. Our souls - sparks of light - are experiencing in them physical form.

    There is something about connecting the points of lights between grids - perhaps bending them at specific angles - if you will - that can create a rip in time - a portal. To travel through time you need the correct light frequencies. Somehow this links to Sherif's work with fiber optics though I only understand the basics. I plan to learn as much as I can as it all seems so important. For what? Well . . . since I came into this 3D experience I believe is is to freeze or stop time at the 3D level - create a window through which the souls can finally see the truth about reality. What's that you said? We will never know the true reality? Just cycle around in this illusion? Don't bet your 'light' on that!

    On another note . . . Deja made another interesting point. We know the story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor for the sacred/creational geometry. Deja believes the words Adam represents Atom and Eve represents Evolution. She also sees light as the true answer - which we already know is the flame, torch, all of those metaphors that repeat over and over and over! OK! We are progressing . . .