As the new energies of change surface - onset of spring - creation - new beginnings - old energies will peak - secrets will come to the fore as they must be dealt with - cleared - then released.

The columns of stone that once supported
our house of many mansions

are now collasping.

Columns of new frequencies are coming in supporting new tones of blue and gold. In the universal grid these changing patterns are 'across the board' reflected as spikes in the EM grids. Some of these spikes touch 'columns' in other grid programs allowing us to enter and see other realities. The EM grids supported by six rods return us to Source where new grid columns of blue-white light crystals are moving us to higher conscious awareness.

The changes in the EM grids at this time are causing flux and upheavals in anything with an EM base.

Let's start with the physical planet.

Many earth changes are occurring - and will occur this spring - hitting hardest in areas that are 'out of balance' or carry a negative pattern in the grid.

This includes:

  • unusual weather patterns
  • increase in earthquakes in areas that are active
  • dormant volcanoes coming alive
  • becoming more aware of how celestial influences impact on our daily lives

    As frequeny increases - the vibratory rate escalates - the need to shake loose things that can't work in these new frequencies must come to a head and be dealt with then released.

    In relationships - if something is hidden - it will come to the fore.

    Many people with feel someone they trusted on a personal level - has been deceitful - they have been 'back stabbed'.

    This takes form in all facets of life - personal relationships - business partnerships - communities and even nations.

    The feeling of 'weirdness' and 'disconnectedness' is going to be paramount this spring.

    Yesterday seemed to be a 'peak day' for major weirdness.

    Every day will seem like Mercury Retrograde - patterns repeating to a higher crescendo - that must be resolved.

    Karma has to be dealt with now.

    Human frequency is being forced to face its issues as never before.

    If you allow Spirit to guide you in a positive way - and have always believed that spirit guides your destiny - you will stay in balance.

    Watch the energies of others around you as they release outmoded patterns. Their challenges will now 'hit the fan'.

    Be careful about getting your energies involved in their issues and dramas. The drama players will out in 'full bloom' this spring.

    They need 'columns' to support their dramas. Don't let it be you!

    Columns of Soul Sparks supporting a new cycle of existence. Columns of souls - mirror images balance in the center. Columns support you in third dimension. We are those columns. The manner in which things are occurring at your third dimensional level is reflective of how everything else is manifesting out across the grids on all other levels of your existense. Your spinal column is a 'column' as is your 'kundalini'. This is still within the keeping of 'As is Above So is Below' - which is the Diamond Way shape.

    Close your eyes. See yourself moving within the grid programs - viewing all of the potential paths you can follow at this time to accomplish that which is best for your soul's development. Take your time. The paths may have different colors - densities - lengths - and vibrations. Keep coming back until you are sure where you need to go now. Chose a path with few obstacles and much love. Build new columns to support your ideals and goals.
    Columns - Atoms Messages from Crop Formations