The Changing Self

Reality altered on September 11, 2001 with the attack on the World Trace Center . The first person I spoke to about it was my friend, Sherif. I still remember what he said, "Nothing will ever be the same again." No truer words were ever spoken.

At first I felt a special concern as he is Egyptian - but as we spoke I realized this was about humanity changing from its physical reality into something else. This event signaled a transition of body (cellular), mind (conscious awareness) and soul (we are a spark of light).

On every level of our reality we are rapidly changing - as we always have - but now we are becoming more aware of the changes. If you fear change - this will be a difficult transition for you.

Our sleep patterns are more about merging 3D and sleep time then ever before - or should I say we are more aware of what is occurring in dreamtime as a place t process and release things from the past and things that bother us during the waking hours. We are more aware that decisions are made in sleep time which are processed in 3D after we wake up. Lots of processing going on in dream time if you are not doing it in 3D. It's equivalent to you talking to deceased loved one in dream time when you cannot do it in 3D consciousness.

We are becoming more aware of our abilities us lucid dreamers - knowing that what we are experiencing in sleep state is a dream and changing the content. But are we able to do that in the dream/illusion of our reality here!?

As our cellular structures make rapid changes - we will experience physical discomfort - strange unexplained illnesses and dizziness, problems in the head and chest areas. If you understand what is occurring on all levels you will move through this transition with ease. If your life is one of imbalance nothing will work.

On the emotional level we have moved into FEAR mode - different kinds of terrorism - biological - war - economic decline, etc.

This pattern is part of the breakdown of the illusion of the game. Fear increases as physical reality loses its meaning and we say, "Nothing makes sense anymore. What am I supposed to do?" It is at this point that we change our patterns of thinking as we move into higher frequency.

The ongoing solar storm activity is part of the merging process as the electromagnetic energies fluctuating from Zero to Ten play havoc the planetary frequencies ---> weather patterns ----> our physical bodies-----> emotional upsets. Other celestial activities also affect these changes - lunar - planets in constant motion - etc.

Our 3D conscious minds are becoming more aware of who we are in higher frequency - that which we are returning to. It is as if two aspects of who we are - the mirror image - the matter-anti-matter - the yin/yang - polarity - are merging together before the pole shifts.

Picture a magnetic pole that runs North/South. We are electromagnetic energy fields. Our consciousness is moving from the North and South to the middle. Suddenly the polarity will reverse - as the two parts of your consciousness join. Reality will change in one nano-second that no one will be able to predict - yet all will feel coming on a soul level as we are all connected. Many of us sense this approaching. It is the NOW we have all waiting for - the time of awakening, if you will.

Creation - Sound, Light, and Color - are moving into higher frequency awareness for many of us - as we are now changing our cellular structures. Millions of many people see the new color spectrums and hear the tones. It's all about your level of awareness as these things have always been there.

It's like saying, "Why did I see a UFO over Manhattan when no one else did?" As always the answer is frequency and attunement. You were able to see the UFO as you were on the same frequency as the spacecraft. It is all about our ability to perceive and what we do what those perceptions. It is never correct to doubt what another holds as a truth as anything goes.

As we move through our space-time - we are becoming more and more aware of souls on other levels who seems to move right past us. We sometimes experience them with our peripheral vision - or as splashes of colored lights - or as ghosts - or sometimes we merge our consciousness into their reality for a momentary glance. This helps us understand the changes going on.

For years people have come to me wondering why they can't find partners, why relationships suddenly die, why so many couples who are perfectly healthy are not able to have children, why they wake up one day and discover that life has no meaning so they drop whatever they are doing and follow their soul guidance. The WTC attack has brought most of us into the place of fear, doubt and searching. We are now seekers of the changes that call our to us from a soul level.

This has been, and still is, a painful process for the human spirit - conditioned from the beginning to hang onto old patterns and to their physical bodies.

We have a become a society who recognizes and deals with issues - which is necessary because the history of the human race is about abuse and suffering. We now incorporate healers and psychics into our lifestyles as traditional methods of analysis do not have the answers we seek.

It is not easy to shed the old paradigms - good or bad - as they have always felt safe. We are conditioned to fear the unknown. It's like trying to wear an old set of clothes when you are in a new line of work. Things don't fit.

You can't bring old-style thinking into higher frequency - it doesn't work. Let fear go and move through the illusion.

Look at the world with new eyes. Search for answers in your soul - your heart - not your head - because the mental answers may be in conflict with the soul - and will no longer hold up.