Since 1991 I have lived in an area of Brooklyn called Bay Ridge.

My home faces the Verrazano Bridge which crosses from Brooklyn to Staten Island.

Most ships sailing into New York Harbor have to pass under the waterway. Some of these ships are ancient vessels that dock in the New York Harbors during special celebration - such as July 4th weekend.

Across from my home is a park that dates to pre-revolutionary New York. It has been named Cannonball Park. It is linked to Fort Hamilton army base which is at the far end of the part.

Many events take place in Cannonball Park. This park is probably one of the best maintained parks in NYC. It is often magical - the energies intense - lots of exotic plants in one section as the park is well landscaped. Since I moved here people often wonder why the trees in the park grow so quickly and so tall. They are pruned every year yet are growing at an unbelievable rate. There is one tree in particular that just is outside the park - that has extended its branches all the way to the other side of the street. Could it be the high energies of the grids? It would be fun if a crop circle appeared in the park one year!! (laugh)

Someone placed an obelisk in the center of the park. (In case I get homesick for my ancient Egyptian roots).

During the summer months there are weekend concerts featuring different types of entertainment.

On Memorial Day and July 4th there are parades which passed by my home on their way to Fort Hamilton. There are generally ceremonies and speeches in the park.

Several hundred years ago the soldiers from Fort Hamilton - used to shoot the black cannon that is in the park - at Staten Island - Fort Totten. Sometimes - in honor of these battles - a boat comes under the bridge and fires cannons in both directions on certain holidays linked to these event. The first time I heard the 'BOOMS' I couldn't image what was going on! I was reading a client at the time. We paused to the cannons being fired from the boats. Just another moment in history!

Movies are often shot in and around the park. There have been many celebrities here in recent years.

Bridal parties come to the park arriving in long white stretch limos - to take wedding pictures as the scenery is unbelievable - the energies strong - and the pull of the four elements encapsulating.

Saturday - May 26, 2001

Speaking of the bridal parties . . . the sun slowly came out in the late afternoon on Sunday. I had been pondering a silly question . . . "Would I ever consider marriage again?"

Along came a synchronicity. . . As I looked out over the park I saw a white horse tied to a bench its image becoming clearer through the mist of clouds. (It had been really rainy and foggy all day.)

I noticed a Cinderella-type white carriage near the horse.

Talk about 'manifesting a synchronicity!' I watched as the fog lifted then could clearly see the horse and carriage. I quickly got my camera, raced downstairs, and over to the park. The horse and carriage had been used by a bridal party that was now in the park taking pictures. The sun came out as I stood there talking to the white horse. The man who had driven the coach was waiting for someone to come and get them and take them back to wherever white horses and coaches come from. I sat in the coach for a while as the man took pictures of me. People passing by all stopped to look. They may have thought we were filming a movie!

Cinderellie! (laugh)