The Black Stone - Dark Matter

The Black Stone Dark Matter

Psychically I have been given a black - navy - purple - stone that once was mine in the time of Atlantis. It was a wedding gift given to me by a man who has now returned to my life.

Things that are 'biblical metaphors' seems to be manifesting in my life - this black stone being one of them.

A comparison has been made between a character in my book named Sarah to the wife of Abraham.

This seems to link to the The Black Stone of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The cube connected for me with the image from the movie Stargate - that I watch over and over again. In that scene Daniel draws a cube - connecting 6 points, Then he extends a line to a 7th point which is the 'point of origin'. (I can't seem to get that out of my mind as if there is something I have to process from that part of the movie. Actually the parts I watch over and over are the beginning where the stargate is found in Egypt and I stop watching when the men go through the stargate and discover another pyramid on the other side.)

I link this with

Metatron's Cube - Sacred Geometry

Metatron's cube and the platonic solids

Please close your eyes. See the stone in front of you. Relax. Take three long deep breaths. Connect with the energies of the stone.

Before I went to bed last night, Connie and i psyched on the black stone.

We asked Z how it related to my work.

All he showed us was darkness and the void. We saw nothing else.

Then Z showed us a flame - his flame - the flame - light - source - of creation.

I always associate Z with the sacred flame as that is the symbol for Zoroaster.

But the flame he showed us last night appeared different.

As it flickered - parts of it faded in and out as if merging into darkness.

I realized that he was equating this with Dark Matter - which comprises most of the known universe.

We are moving to a place where we can 'see' - become consciously aware - of that reality - wherein our perceptions of this reality will fade.

As I see my black stone - it is something not of this Earth plane - that Z holds for me but is now in my frequency. It is a metaphor for knowledge I had in Atlantis and will remember now. It is a symbol of love and union that goes beyond third dimension as is timeless.